Best Halex Foosball Tables: Beyond the Ordinary

Halex, a reputable gaming equipment brand, has carved a niche by delivering high-quality products, and their foosball or table soccer tables are no exception. 

Halex has multiple options for every skill level to meet your requirements and overall expectations. With their extensive range of designs and prices, you can be confident in finding the best Halex foosball table to suit your preferences and budget.

Since choosing the perfect foosball table is an important decision, and unthinkingly selecting one can be costly. That’s why we’ve done the work for you. We have carefully selected the finest Halex foosball tables and reviewed those in detail.

When selecting the best tables for this indoor game, we considered the size, playability, design, and price and discussed them briefly in our buying guide section.

Now armed with a buying guide and reliable reviews of the best 6 foosball tables, you can confidently navigate the world of Halex foosball tables and choose the right one.

Let’s not waste time and get ready to create memorable moments of foosball excitement and friendly competition with our best 6 halex foosball tables!

Best Halex Foosball Tables Comparison

Halex Pillar Wood56.5″L x 36″W x 35″H95 lb.Check Price
Halex Monterey57.25″L x 31″W x 34″HCheck Price
Halex Galaxy54″L x 29″W x 33.75″H25Check Price
Halex Defender57″L x 39.63″W x 8″H176 lb.Check Price
Halex Championship‎57.88″L x 33 “Wx 9.88″H166 lb.Check Price

6 Top-Rated Halex Football Tables to Buy in 2023

Upgrade your foosball experience with our handpicked selection of the top 10 Halex football tables. With exceptional quality, durability, and precise gameplay, these will take your foosball experience to new heights.

1. Halex Pillar Wood Foosball Table

Halex Pillar Wood Foosball Table

This 56.5 inches Pillar wood model is a large, spacious foosball table with ample space for exciting gameplay. If you have a small space, this may not excite you, but for prominent places like game rooms in pubs or bars or recreational houses in offices, Pillar Wood can be a perfect option.

Crafted with wood laminate pillar legs and frame, since made of heavy wood, this one is more durable also; it’s a bit heavy actually to move and shift. 

But it ensures sturdy support, withstanding even the most vigorous play sessions.

Designed for optimal playability, this foosball table features chrome-plated hollow rods. The hollow rods let you push, pull and spin it with ease.

It also has unique Black Hard grips that let you hold it comfortably. 

Apart from its features, you’ll love its classic wooden design. Moreover, it includes a soccer scorer on each end and four included balls to keep the action going without interruption. 


  • Well constructed with heavy wood
  • Features hollow rods that offer easy usage
  • Includes soccer scores and balls
  • Suitable for vigorous play sessions.


  • Heavy, so it cannot be moved easily
  • It lacks leg levers and thus offers less stability.

Final Verdict:

With its sturdy construction, exciting features, and eye-catching design, this foosball table can be a centerpiece in your game room. This table is ideal if you plan intense matches at bars or pubs with friends.

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2. Halex Monterey Foosball Soccer Table

Halex Monterey Foosball Soccer Table

Halex Monterey is a perfect addition for anyone looking for an elegant piece. 

Manufactured with quality wood, this table impresses with its robust build, ensuring durability and stability during intense play. 

For exciting gameplay, it features 5/8″ nickel-plated solid steel foosball rods with wooden, stained handles, ensuring a comfortable grip for hours of play. The side ball returns add to the convenience of gameplay. Also, the counterbalanced burgundy robot-weighted foosball players enhance precision and scoring opportunities.

Though no leg levelers exist, the sturdy square foosball table legs with oak finish provide ample support, making it a solid choice for passionate foosball enthusiasts. 

The design and appearnace of this one are breathtaking. It has an oak wood veneer finish with engraved details that make the table a stunning piece of art. Even if you aren’t attracted to its features, you can’t say no to the look. 


  • Eye-catchy design with a smooth finish
  • Well-built and durable
  • It has nickel-plated solid steel rods for better control
  • Offers scoring opportunities with robot-weighted foosball players


  • No leg levers, which may affect when playing aggressive matches
  • Expensive

Final Verdict:

This one is an excellent combination of an impressive look and sturdy construction. If you seek a classic and captivating foosball table that delivers an exhilarating gaming experience, the Halex Monterey Foosball table is a must-have for your playroom.

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3. Halex Galaxy Foosball Table

Halex Galaxy Foosball Table

The Galaxy is a 54-inch composite-made foosball table. This table is of the perfect medium size, has a sturdy construction, and offers a stable playing experience to beginners. You may not find it suitable for intense matches if you are more advanced.

While not intended for championship-level play, this Halex model offers an exhilarating foosball experience.Despite being a regular table Galaxy, this one is featured with solid steel legs, which gives a higher level of control, just like tournament tables. 

The well-connected components ensure a stable playing surface for casual gameplay.  It also includes manual scoring beads to keep track of the action-packed matches.

When it comes to design, a galaxy foosball table is unbeatable. Indulge in elegance; this foosball table is styled with black handles and a sleek Butcher Black Finish Table Cabinet. The red-blue players on the grass-looking field make it an attractive piece to own. Considering the premium and exclusive design, the high price can be overlooked. 


  • Exclusive design
  • Complete Butcher Block Table Cabinet
  • Solid Steel handles


  • Not durable for competitive games
  • No leg levelers included

Final verdict:

Whether you’re a beginner or want to elevate your gaming room’s aesthetics, this higher-end Halex foosball table is an exquisite choice to enhance your foosball journey.

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4. Halex Defender Foosball Table

Halex Defender Foosball Table

The Defender 56-inch foosball table is a fantastic addition to any home or game room, offering endless fun for true table football enthusiasts. 

It is manufactured with solid wood. Though heavy, it is capable of withstanding vigorous play. Since it’s a full-size table, you’ll get ample room for immersive gameplay. Its solid wood construction ensures sturdiness and durability.

The handlebars are constructed with stainless steel rods, providing a comfortable grip for precise and enjoyable play. This also includes sturdy leg levelers with rounded legs, each coupled with a support bar. So you get enhanced stability and balance when playing intense matches. The play area boasts a sleek surface and white outline, letting you experience a professional soccer field vibe. 

With its shiny Black Graphite Laminate Finish and Silver Trim, this table exudes sleekness and elegance. For its quality, the price of this Halex foosball table is reasonable, making it a wise investment for foosball enthusiasts.


  • Full-size table for a comfortable playing experience
  • Sturdy and durable, thus great for vigorous play
  • It has leg levers that offer a smooth surface


  • Not suitable for mid-size or small areas like cafes.
  • Havey in weight, so not suitable for moving.

Final Verdict:

This foosball table is ideal for those seeking a full-sized, sturdy one with a sleek and attractive design at a reasonable price. If you have similar requirements, grab Halex Defender and defend your game like a pro!

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5. Halex Championship Foosball Table Game

Halex Championship Foosball Table Game

The Charcoal Gray foosball table with black trim is an exceptional full-size model from the renowned Halex brand.

This 56-inch table is sturdy and designed with T-molding on top rails, ensuring durability. 

It includes two panels between the front and back legs to offer stability. So it can withstand challenging and intense foosball matches. Also, you get to rest a bit with the legroom. 

For a better playing experience, chrome-plated hollow rods and comfortable black handles. The hollow rods make it to operate the table efficiently while letting you learn foosball with better control.  It also has adjustable leg levelers—the finest feature so you can set the height and surface level to ensure a flat playing surface.

Now coming to its design and style, Championship is a simple yet classic beauty with charcoal grey polishing. This table combines authenticity with functionality with its smooth grass-green playing surface and acrylic side walls. However, the other model has a better design. 

With four additional balls and the side ball return feature, this one adds convenience and excitement to gameplay.


  • Full-size table that can occupy many players 
  • Very durable with heavy construction and two extra panels
  • Includes leg levers to play on any surface
  • Has legroom for comfort


  • The design is quite dull and may not suit every room

Final Verdict:

The full-size Charcoal Gray Halex model is perfect for enjoying with friends and family. Its unique physique, classic beauty, and sturdy design make it a remarkable choice for those looking for a premium foosball table for competitive matches. 

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6. Halex Titan Foosball Table 

Halex Titan Foosball Table

The Titan foosball table is Halex’s most extensive and heaviest offering, providing a stable and robust playing experience. Its unique cabinet size ensures stability, making it ideal for intense games.

In terms of size, this foosball table is the largest and heaviest in Halex’s lineup. You’ll get a spacious surface to play with friends and family. While you might find it difficult to move and carry in places, it’s a perfect addition to large game rooms.

Helex Titan is equipped with adjustable leg levelers. You can play on this table anywhere, even uneven surfaces, without worrying about wobbling. 

This table has cup holders, which we found pretty versatile, to let you enjoy foosball and coffee simultaneously. The price of this one is also affordable comparing the bigger size.


  • Spacious playing surface
  • Well-built and suitable for intense games
  • It has leg levers that offer even game surface


  • Lacks advanced features
  • Too big, thus heavier than other models
  • Not suitable for expert players

Final Verdict:

The Titan foosball table from Halex balances size, stability, and affordability. It’s not well-featured, but it can be an option for casual players looking for a solid, enjoyable foosball experience. 

Things to Consider When Buying Halex Football Tables

Halex foosball tables are famous for eye-catchy designs and multiple-size options. While these aren’t the best foosball tables for intense foosball rounds or back-to-back tournaments, you’ll find these quite comfortable for casual use or learning. 

But to pick the right Halex foosball table, you must know what things you need to observe or what to consider. The answer is below here.


Foosball tables are designed to fit in every room. So there are full-size tournaments, medium-sized ones, and compact ones. The size dimension is kept from 42 inches to 58’ inches.

Halex offers a range of sizes to accommodate different spaces and player preferences. It has Championship and Defender models in full size and a Galaxy foosball table in 54” size.

Consider the space in your home or game room to ensure a comfortable playing experience. 


The material of a foosball table is an essential factor to consider when purchasing. The choice of material can significantly impact the table’s durability, gameplay experience, and overall quality. 

Generally, foosball tables are manufactured with wood, composite, particle board, and sometimes metal. Wooden tables are loved for their classic and timeless appeal. These are best regarding sturdiness, durability, and aesthetic charm. You’ll get a premium playing experience, but they are generally more expensive than tables of other materials. 

Halex commonly uses wood and composite to construct tables like The pillar wood, Galaxy, and  Defender models.


The features included in a foosball table can make or break your game. How well you can perform or how easily you can learn the game depends on what features a foosball has to offer you. When buying a foosball table, the essential features to look for are leg levelers, rods, and grips.

Leg levelers let you play a fair game by making the surface even and smooth. You can also adjust the table height with this feature. Not all but a few models -the Championship, Defender has leg levers.

Rods, solid steel or hollow ones, can decide how much control you can have over the game. Solid steel rods are heavy but give more control when playing hard matches. It’s suitable for experts. On the other hand, steel and hollow rods are light and easy to handle. These are better to learn the game and improve it slowly.

Halex foosball table models have solid and hollow rods so that you will have plenty of options according to your skill level.

There is little to look at in grips. Make sure those are easy to hold and comfortable, which you’ll get in Halex models.


The design adds personality to your foosball experience. A good foosball table is a combination of smooth playability and attractive design. What style do you choose? 

Halex foosball tables come in various styles, from classic to contemporary, allowing you to find one that matches your aesthetic preferences. Depending on the price and features, you’ll get sleek, modern-style tables, traditional wooden-style stables, tables with vintage vibes, minimal design, and more options. 

A few collections concentrate on the playing area, keeping the playing surface or the players colorful. You’ll be astonished by the touch of colors amid the dark wooden or metal finish. 

Whether you prefer a sleek and modern look or a vintage-inspired design, Halex has options to suit your taste.

Price Range

Price is an important consideration when investing in a foosball table.

The price you’ll pay for a foosball table can determine your choice.

There are multiple products in the market, and the price varies from brand to brand depending on its features, offerings, and playability.

Halex brand has foosball tables in two price ranges, mid-range and higher. Its mid-range tables are suitable for casual use. For competitive games, Halex’s tournament-style tables are an ideal choice. 

Comparing different foosball table manufacturing brands, we found Halex foosball tables starting from a lower price. So the price won’t be a great deal for you in this case.

If you want one to keep at home for seasonal use, go for their $400-$600 price tables. You’ll get minimal features with moderate durability. And if you want something more substantial or a higher price range, you’ll find options ranging from $700 to $900. It all depends on what you are looking for.

About the Halex Brand

About the Halex Brand

Halex is a famous indoor game equipment brand with a rich establishment and history in the gaming industry. 

Founded in the early 1900s, it was previously owned by Regent Sports, a renowned company known for manufacturing various gaming and sports equipment ranging from baseball gear to darts. Halex is currently working as a subsidiary of Hedstrom, a giant company famous for manufacturing sporting goods.

Halex came into the limelight with its table tennis (ping pong) equipment. However, it swiftly expanded its offerings to other home gaming products like electronic dartboards, table games, and board games. 

Apart from its other table game stuff, Halex foosball tables are known for their affordability and ease of assembly. Its tables are suitable for casual players who have a limited budget. 

Halex has been introducing new table models and expanding its product range. 

Over the years, they have also tried to enhance the quality of their offerings, incorporating high-quality materials and design improvements. It is noticeable that Halex is working to solidify its position as a top provider of top-notch gaming products.


Halex foosball tables offer delightful options for enthusiasts seeking thrilling gameplay and memorable moments. Halex has everything to offer you whether you need one for your home or looking to furnish the game room of your office, restaurant, or pub.

From the elegant Halex Monterey Foosball Table to the robust Titan Foosball Table, each model offers diverse options for your preferences and budget.

Our detailed reviews and comprehensive buying guide ensure you find the perfect match for your gaming needs, whether you’re an avid player or a casual enthusiast.

Don’t wait! Click now to explore the best 6 Halex foosball tables and experience unparalleled foosball excitement!

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