5 Best Barrington Foosball Tables to Level Up Your Leisure Time

Barrington is a reliable name for choosing the best foosball table. 

This brand is ruling in the foosball industry for years with versatile and advanced designed foosball tables. This prestigious brand provides a satisfying playing experience with its high-quality products.

Just like you, Barrington foosball tables are on almost every player’s wishlist. 

Barrington offers a range of foosball table options to suit every purpose, whether you need one for your home, workplace, game room, or pub’s game corner. 

From multiple options, choosing the perfect Barrington foosball table that meets your expectations can feel overwhelming. Also, it’s important to consider factors like size, construction, design, features, and price, which might create confusion. 

We understand the pain of putting your hard-earned money on a foosball table that fails to meet expectations. and that’s why we’ve researched and come up with the 5 best foosball tables from your favorite brand. 

Here you’ll find detailed reviews and specifications that can assist you in making an informed decision. Also, we’ve added a buying guide to guide you toward your ideal choice with ease, where we talked about what you should consider when purchasing a foosball table.

So, say goodbye to confusion and effortlessly discover your perfect match from our list!

5 Best Barrington Foosball Tables Comparison

Barrington Richmond58″L x 30″W x 34″H100.3 lb.Check Price
Barrington Allendale56″L x 29″W x 34″H126.5 lb.Check Price
Barrington Arcade54″L x 30″W x 34″H117 lb.Check Price
Barrington Brooks‎52.76″L x 27.95″W x 5.12″H‎79.4 lb.Check Price
Barrington Coffee28″L x 42″W x 20″HCheck Price

Best 5 Barrington Foosball Tables

Unleash your foosball potential with Our top 5 Barrington Foosball tables, crafted for exceptional gameplay and unmatched quality. 

1. Barrington Richmond foosball table

Barrington Richmond foosball table

Barrington Richmond foosball table is a fine combination of classic appearnace and modern features. It’s perfect for serious foosball players who only want the best.

This is a 58-inch large foosball table with a firm and sturdy construction. It has reinforced aprons and top rails around the playing field, making it extra durable. 

This table has leg levelers that let you enjoy a fair game on an uneven surface.

The playing rods of Barrington Richmond are solid steel. These are strong and heavy, if you want more speed, you may find it slow. But you can spin the rods smoothly when playing a casual match.

This table features ergonomic handles for a comfortable grip and better ball control. 

Barrington foosball table is a classy piece with a wooden finish and steel rods, while the robotic players add. a modern touch. So the price of this table is justified. 


  • Durable enough for a regular and competitive game
  • Has leg levelers that help when playing on an uneven surface
  • Features ergonomic handle for comfortable grip
  • Solid steel rods that won’t break or bend 


  • The handles are slippery; users may face trouble holding

Final Verdict: 

Barrington Richmond is a durable option that withstands regular, aggressive games. This is a suitable choice if you are a foosball lover who won’t stop after one or two games. 

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2. Barrington Allendale Foosball Table 

Barrington Allendale Foosball Table

Barrington Allendale is a 56” foosball table with a premium appearance and captivating features.

Built with high-quality components, this model from Barrington won’t disappoint you regarding sturdiness or durability.

Barrington Allendale is designed with A- style metal legs to ensure the table can withstand the excitement of the game. It’s stable and doesn’t move when the players are in intense competition. 

You can adjust it on an uneven surface with its hidden leg levelers to ensure a fair game. 

The oak wood veneer on the top rails and aprons strengthens the playing area and gives it a stylish look that attracts attention.

You’ll love the speed of your game when playing on this table, as the surface of this table has a smooth finish.

The rods are steel-made and easy to rotate. This also includes bead scorers and bronze fixtures, making it stylish.  


  • Alluring vintage design
  • Has strong steel rods
  • Includes leg levelers to even the playing surface


  • Assembly takes a lot of time due to the complex instruction guide.

Final Verdict: 

Barrington Allendale is an expensive foosball table with an eye-catchy design. It is an exceptional choice if you are a casual player still learning foosball and fond of sleek designs. We recommend this one if you have no budget issues.

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3. Barrington Arcade Foosball Soccer Table

Barrington Arcade Foosball Soccer Table

Whether you are a foosball enthusiast or a pub owner with a heavy crowd around the game corner, the Barrington Arcade foosball soccer table is an exceptional choice for your budget.

This 54” table is well-built and boasts a sleek and modern design that seamlessly blends into any game room, pub, or bar, providing entertainment for the entire crowd. Its solid construction, and sturdy components make it durable enough to try. 

It ensures stability during intense gameplay with reinforced aprons, sturdy legs, and oversized 5-inch legs with levelers. We love these extra touches that make this one a must-have!

It also has chrome-plated premium steel rods that enhance its visual appeal, making it reliable for an intense game round. 

For clear visibility, it has a bright blue playing surface that lets you focus on the game during fast-paced gaming sessions, whether playing foosball or table soccer. 


  • Heavily built, it can withstand intense matches
  • Features leg levelers to play on an uneven surface
  • Includes reinforced aprons
  • Has Sturdy legs that offer more strength
  • Designed with Chrome-plated rods


  • A bit tough to assemble
  • The playing surface often causes ball returns.

Final Verdict: 

The Barrington arcade foosball soccer table is durable, appealing, and offers excellent playability. It’s a crowd-pleaser, perfect for pubs, bars, or game rooms.  It’s one of the most affordable options for a game table without compromising quality. 

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4. Barrington Billiards Brooks foosball table

Barrington Billiards Brooks foosball table

Barrington Billiards Brooks is a 48” foosball table and a billiard table with durable construction. This ‘not-so-big size’ makes this table a perfect addition to any game room, whether it’s your office or recreational center.

The structure of this foosball table is mostly wood and includes PVC and plastic in some parts. Billiards Brooks can stand strong against regular foosball rounds with the perfect combination of high-quality materials. 

It features reinforced steel aprons that make it sturdy and long-lasting. The metal legs of it add extra strength to the table, while the light-brown finish gives it a subtle look. It also has leg levelers that prevent the table from shaking on an uneven surface and lets you enjoy a fair game.

It has 8 steel rods. The rods are strong and resist breaking and bending but can be rotated easily for the game’s sake. The handles of these tables are also perfectly placed. You won’t feel uncomfortable holding those at all!  

With an easy-to-understand guide and limited parts, you can assemble this one sooner and start playing. 


  • Sleek and unique design 
  • Includes leg levelers for a fair game
  • Features reinforced steel aprons
  • Cheaper than other models


  • Not much durable to play heavy matches regularly

Final Verdict: 

With attractive features and a soothing design, this is a fantastic choice for casual players who don’t want to spend on a high-end Barrington table. With a limited budget, you can go for Barrington Billiards Brooks if you prefer minimum features and a unique design. 

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5. Barrington Foosball coffee table

Barrington Foosball coffee table

Barrington foosball coffee table is a 42-inch compact-size table. It’s constructed with solid wood, which makes it strong and durable. The legs of this table are adjusted tightly and don’t shake at all, offering you a smooth playing experience. 

Top over that, it is coated with a smooth and shiny dark brown finish. The finishing is praise-worthy and gives the coffee foosball table a classy, eye-pleasing look. 

It contains three chrome-plated steel rods on both sides. The rods are sturdy and less likely to bend or break, perfect for regular use. The handles of this foosball coffee table are wooden and kept traditional to match the wooden finish.

The tempered glass top is one of the finest features of this masterpiece. This 3/8-inch heat-treated tempered glass is thick and long-lasting. Playing foosball on this is convenient whether you’re playing at the coffee shop or with family members at home. No fear of spilling coffee on the game!

Another feature that we admire is the storage shelf underneath the playing area. You can use it to keep necessary things like a regular coffee table. 

This one comes at a higher price. But the price is worth comparing the classy design and playability it offers. Moreover, you can quickly assemble it since it takes less time than other models.  


  • Well-built and durable enough for casual and competitive matches
  • It has a tempered glass top that runs the game faster
  • Compact size for any room
  • Offers extra storage space 
  • Looks elegant on any interior


  • A little pricy than the other options
  • The glass top often blocks the edge view of the playing field, requiring the player to lean forward a lot.

Final verdict: 

This is a suitable option to keep at your small cozy coffee shop. If you are willing to spend a lot on a versatile foosball table or looking for a decorative foosball table for your home or shop, you can go for a Barrington foosball coffee table. 

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Buying Guide for Barrington Foosball Table

Barrington foosball tables are one of the best foosball tables in the market. These are designed with the best features and are thus expensive. That’s why before paying the price, it’s important to know the things to consider when choosing a foosball table. 

So you don’t waste your hard-earned money on the wrong table. 

Learn about the Types of Foosball Tables

Barrington’s Foosball tables come in various types and versions. In its collection, you’ll find combination tables, tournament tables, multi-game tables, etc. Each is used for a different place and purpose. From competitive to casual, this brand has it all.

For example, Barrington has Arcade foosball soccer table and Barrington Richmond for intense foosball rounds. The Arcade foosball soccer table is a multi-game table as well. Wheres its foosball coffee table is also perfect for restaurants, coffee shops, and pubs. Besides, you’ll find sleek and compact tables like the Billiards Brooks to keep at home for seasonal play. 

Foosball Table Size 

Barrington Foosball Table Size

Considering the size of the table is an important step to ensure a comfortable playing experience.

Foosball tables come in various sizes, from tabletop versions to full-size tournament tables. An oversized table may not fit in the limited space of your house, whereas a small one is inappropriate if you want to keep it in a public place. So measure the available space, whether your home, office, or any public area, and decide the suitable size.

In Barrington’s foosball table range, you’ll find the Richmond foosball table in 58″ diameter, the Allendale table in 56″ diameter, and even compact sizes like the 42”  foosball coffee table and more.

It’s important to realize which size fits your space and purpose before buying a foosball table.

Look for sturdy Construction

You must pay attention to its construction to use a foosball table longer and enjoy intense foosball rounds. 

Before you decide on a product, check the material, reinforcements, thickness, weight, and finishing of the foosball table to ensure it is well-built and durable. 


Foosball tables are commonly constructed with solid wood, particle board, and composite materials. There are plastic-made foosball tables available as well. 

Foosball tables made of solid wood, such as oak or maple, and high-quality composites are often preferred due to their strength and durability. Especially high-quality composites are loved by foosball players as a durable material. However, the quality can vary depending on the specific grade and thickness of the composite material used.

Both these materials offer good durability and stability while providing a solid playing surface. 

Thus, solid wood or composite-built tables last longer even when regularly used for intense play. These foosball tables also offer eye-catching aesthetics with their classy and premium look. However, these foosball tables are usually more expensive than other materials.

Foosball tables are also made of particle board and plastic. These tables are lightweight and quite budget-friendly. While particle tables may not offer the same level of durability and stability as their wooden counterparts, these are suitable if you’re a casual or a younger player not into too intense foosball games. 

Plastic foosball tables aren’t much popular since they are less stable and sturdy. But you can use these for outdoor games since they are portable. 


Check if the foosball table has additional reinforcements in important areas. 

These reinforcements can include metal brackets, crossbars, or support beams. These parts play a role in enhancing the overall stability and durability of the table. 

Reinforcements help prevent the table from wobbling or warping over time. These help maintain the table’s integrity over time, even with regular and vigorous gameplay.


Consider the thickness of the playing surface and side walls. Thicker surfaces and walls can prevent damage done by aggressive play. A thicker playing surface also helps to provide more consistent gameplay.


Look for a foosball table with a high-quality finish and protective coating. A smooth and even finish enhances the table’s appearance and protects it from scratches, moisture, and other potential damage.

Legs & Table Levelers

Legs & Table Levelers

The legs and leg levelers or table levelers are important foosball table features. When exploring foosball tables, check if the legs are well-built and strongly attached. If the leg material isn’t good, or the legs aren’t properly attached, the table will move a lot when playing. In the worst case, it might break or collapse during the game.

Another thing that must be ensured in a foosball table to enjoy a fair game is leg levelers. Leg levelers let you adjust the table according to the base or floor when you’re playing on an uneven surface.

Consider Adjustable Legs

This is an amazing feature for buying a foosball table for a public space or enjoying it with family and friends. The standard height of a foosball table is 36 inches, which may not be suitable for all, especially kids. But having a foosball table with adjustable legs can ease the issue as you change the table height according to your need. 

These legs have multiple preset height options that can be adjusted to accommodate players of different heights or preferences. Adjustable legs ensure that players can find a comfortable playing position. 

Ensure a Smooth Table Surface

The surface of a foosball table can impact your game. You need to ensure a smooth surface for a smooth game experience. 

When buying, go for a laminated table surface over stick-ons, as the sticker will gradually peel off, interrupting the game. Apart from the laminated surface, you can also pick ones with tempered glass. Laminated and tempered glass, both playing fields are hard, smooth, and run the game faster. If you are an expert, these are great for your game. 

However, if you are learning and want to take the game slowly, you can choose wood or particle surface in the foosball table. 

Observe the Table Rods and Handles

The rods and handles of the foosball table have to take a lot during the game, so the chances of bending and breaking are always there if the material isn’t the best. 

You’ll find 3 types of rod used in foosball tables- hollowed out, solid, and telescoping.

Solid steel rods are heavier. These can make the game slower, while hollowed steel rods are good if you love to play faster. Both these rods are extremely durable and can act against bending or breaking. So you can select whatever suits your playing style and skill level. 

And if safety is your number one concern, you can choose telescoping rods. These fit within the table without extending out the ends. However, telescoping rods are more expensive but aren’t durable like the other two.

Observe the Table Rods and Handles

For handles, you can choose traditional wood. These are durable, can withstand heavy use, and looks good. 

Octagonal-shaped, ergonomic handles are also very hyped as these are intended to provide comfort and improve the gameplay experience for the players. These are shaped and contoured to fit comfortably in the hands, allowing players to maintain a secure grip while maneuvering the foosball rods. 

If you aren’t a serious player or have a limited budget, you can also choose plastic or rubber handles. These are quite comfortable to play. 

Check the Safety Features

Ensuring everyone’s safety while playing your favorite game is crucial. If you own a game venue, it’s important to prevent any injuries caused by your foosball table, as it can be risky for your business. Or even if you’re buying tone for yourself, you surely don’t want to get hurt when playing. 

That’s where the safety concern comes in.

you should check if anything in the table can be a safety threat. For example, sharp edges, too extended rods, broken glass tops, etc. 

Consider owning a foosball table with telescopic rods if you have kids or pets. Make sure your chosen table isn’t shaky, has leg levelers, and is made of durable material. 

Fix a Budget

Before exploring different options, determine your budget for purchasing a foosball table. You’ll find Barrington Billiard foosball table worth 300$ and 800$ as well. Since prices can vary significantly, a fixed amount can help you to finalize your decision easily. 

To narrow your options, fix a budget and look for a table within the price range that meets your needs. You don’t have to pay the highest for the best table.  Barrington has different foosball tables in different price ranges, and all are great. So you can have options according to your budget and don’t overspend on the wrong table. 

About the Barrington Billiard Company

About the Barrington Billiard Company

Barrington, by Prime Reach Ltd, is a renowned brand in the world of gaming and recreational products. 

Previously owned by Medal Sports (Taiwan) Corporation, this brand is not as old as some other well-established indoor gaming and recreational companies. While it may not have the same extensive history as some other companies, Barrington has established itself as a reputable brand in the industry. 

This brand caught attention with its superb billiard game-playing equipment and related products. Gradually, it started working with other gaming equipment as well. In this brand’s collection, you’ll find premium foosball tables, table tennis tables, dart games, dart boards, and indoor arcade games. 

Especially its foosball tables have earned positive reviews and a growing customer base. With a commitment to craftsmanship and exceptional design, Barrington offers a range of foosball tables that cater to players of all skill levels.


Do Barrington foosball tables come fully assembled?

No, Barrington foosball tables do not come fully assembled. They are delivered in multiple pieces packed in boxes. You need to assemble those parts following the provided instruction guide, which may take an hour or more, depending on the parts. However, we found Barrington Foosball Coffee Table relatively easy and time-saving to assemble.

Does a Barrington foosball table come with adjustable leg levelers?

Yes, a few models of Barrington foosball tables come with adjustable leg levelers. For example, Barrington Richmond foosball table and Barrington Allendale foosball tables. These foosball tables are designed with leg levelers that help to adjust the playing surface while preventing wobbling on an uneven platform. 

Are the Barrington foosball tables suitable for both casual and competitive play?

Yes, Barrington foosball tables are suitable for both casual and competitive play. The brand has high-quality foosball tables, like the Richmond table or Arcade Soccer foosball table, suitable for vigorous gameplay. Also, you’ll find well-built tables for regular or casual use with minimal features, like the Barrington foosball coffee table and Barrington Allendale. 


Whether it’s the Barrington Richmond, Barrington Allendale, or the Barrington Billiards Brooks, you cannot tag any one product as the best Barrington foosball table because each of these foosball tables is unique in its features and tailored to different requirements. There is no one-size-fits-all choice.

So the best Barrington foosball table for you is the one that suits your purpose, needs, and, of course, budget. However, we’ve hand-picked the top 5 foosball tables from Barrington to ease your choice. 

Take control of your decision-making and seize the opportunity to own the ultimate Barrington foosball table today! 

Go through the reviews, compare and match the features with your demand and grab the best Barrington foosball table ASAP!

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