How to Play Foosball: Rules and Tactics

Foosball, the name of a popular and traditional game, played by all over the world. If you are trying to learn to play foosball, then you are in the right place.This article will tell you how to play foosball. First of all, you may want to know what foosball is all about.

The foosball game helps people improve their thinking, entertains and keeps them active. Anyone can play if they want but it takes practice and skill to play very well and participate in competitions. Here are all the things you need to know to get a clear idea of ​​what foosball is and how to play it. Let’s find out.


What is Foosball?

Foosball is an indoor game. It is known to many as a soccer based game. This is a table based game because it is played on a table. Separate tables are made for playing foosball where there are some fixed rods. A fixed number of plastic male dolls are attached to the rods. The ball is driven by the plastic male doll players attached to the rod and they score goals wherever there is a hole in the opponent’s side.

History of Foosball

No one can say for sure who invented the foosball game. According to several opinions, the game was invented between 1923 and 1937 in three different countries simultaneously. The countries are United Kingdom, France and Spain. The game was invented to help needy children, and their families. Source foosballzone.

Foosball is known by different names in different countries. Such as in United States, it is called “foosball”. In France, it is called “baby-foot” game and in Germany, it is called “kick”.

How to Play Foosball

First, you need to know the basic things of the foosball game. The rules of the foosball game are very simple. Let’s learn how to play foosball.

The main purpose of playing foosball is to score a goal with the ball in the goal holed towards the opponent. In this game, there are two players on each side of a table. These two players have to handle four foosball rods. A tournament can be played with a total to 9 rounds. The team that scores the first five goals wins.

Foosball basics diagram

Foosball basics diagram

Do not think it is easy to play this game like other table games. You have to give enough effort like you give effort in cricket, football and golf. Just buying a foosball table, learning the rules of the game and mastering the game will not make it all flame. There are many things in it that take time to develop the mentality and skills to be a good player. Again, learning to play without a table becomes difficult.

Choose a good foosball table

A good quality table is needed to learn the game well. Decide in advance on the foosball table you are choosing for your family, for the kids, for the tournament. There are several tables in the market that you can get at low price. So, you have to be careful in choosing your game table.

Types of game

The game of foosball consists of two teams and those who play at one table. There are eight rods on the foosball table.

This game can have two or four players. There may be more players, depending on the type of table.There are two teams in each game. If there are four players in one match, each team consists of two players. And if there are two players in one match, each team has one player. But each team has to control four rods. These four rods have thirteen plastic male dolls. These are controlled by the player pulling the rods and turning them. A total of nine balls have to be played in the tournament.

How to score in a foosball game

score in a foosball game

n the game of foosball, there is a scoring system. Which helps each team to know who scored how many goals. Be aware that scores will not be caught without the touch of a player (plastic male doll) on the table. So, in the end the team that gets the goal after touching the player will get the points.

How to start the game

Most tournaments start with a coin toss to determine which team will play first. The team that wins by tossing the coin gets the chance to serve the ball first. The other team will have a chance to serve after scoring a goal for the first time or when the ball goes out of play. If the ball goes off the table it is called a dead ball. If it happens, then you tell the nearest player or who runs last will be able to serve again.

The ball hits the playing field first and then the player has to hit. You can get about 10 seconds to pass the ball. Your goal will always be how you put the ball into the goal hole. When the ball is under your rod, try to push it towards the goal hole by gently pressing the foot of the plastic male doll. Remember, you control the rod while playing.

How to grip the handle

You need to know how to hold the handle of the rod of the foosball table and how to turn your hand while playing. Because if you can use the handle of the rod properly then your performance is more likely to be good. Your speed will basically affect on your rod handle shots. Hold the handle loose and increase your speed. Do not hold too tight. You can use gloves to make the handle easier to hold.

The foosball game has two main grips. One is the traditional shot grip and the other is the open handed grip. Let’s know about these grips:

Traditional shot grip

Most standard foosball shots fall into the traditional shot group. Pool shots, push shots, snake shots, these are usually taken as standard.

The rule for giving a pool shot is that when you run the ball, you bring the player behind the ball and move it forward again.

The push shot is to move the ball to the other side without taking it towards you.

Snake shots is taken to change the grip quickly and efficiently by placing the ball in the right place. Adjust the grip so that you can control the rod with your wrist.

Open handed grip

If you try to roll over the rod, it is called open-handed grip. And this grip will instruct you that the foosball player with the rod will lean forward.

How to serve the foosball

Officially if you want to play foosball then no rules of the game can be broken. So, as a rule, the opponent team that gets the chance to serve the ball first, you will try to control the ball after they serve the ball. When you get a chance to serve the ball again, your ball will spin to the rod that has five players attached to it. Try to keep the ball in front of the rod you hold in your right hand and try to keep the goal hole covered by the players on the rod in your left hand.

How to shoot the foosball

Hold the handles lightly so you can easily change the pole. Do not wrap your arms around the handle completely. But if you leave a little space between the index finger of the hand, you can get better speed while shooting. If you can keep your hands on the rod and turn your hand, there is a possibility of taking a very good shot and you can also score a goal through these.

But keep in mind that if you shot a running ball, your ball may go to your opponent and stop. So, before giving a shot, try to stop the ball in front of your player and then give the shot. It is more likely to succeed. Giving a very good shot depends on your hand. Your goal will be to keep the ball in your line, save the ball from the opponent and shoot towards the goal hole.

Basic Offense

Your first goal will be to take the ball to the rod where you have 3 players through the opponent’s rod with five players. So, you first put the ball to your player, then slowly hit the player’s leg and move forward to score.

Basic Defense

Your purpose here will be to defend the ball from being shot by your opponent. Then try to bring the ball under your control. Always try to keep your players in front of the ball when your opponent is playing and keep an eye on where the ball is coming from. You never intentionally throw the ball off the table. Try to keep the ball in the middle of your player to control your game.


The main aim of any game is to win. The game of foosball not only entertains but also keeps your hands and eyes as well as the body active by verifying the skills of a good player. The game is not a boring game. You can improve the game by knowing the rules of the shots, and practicing.

Written by Zach Barnes

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