Best Rene Pierre Foosball Tables for Unbeatable Fun

Rene Pierre is a shining example of a foosball manufacturer with balanced quality and enthusiasm. They have a history of manufacturing exceptionally high-quality tables. 

They give you various choices, from modern, minimalist designs to timeless, traditional ones. There is a Rene Pierre table to suit any taste and budget. Even if you want to play your game outdoors, they have tables you can use in any weather, which is great for fun on a sunny deck or balcony. 

Their commitment to quality does make picking the best Rene Pierre Foosball Table a bit more complicated. So, to help you, we’ve compiled a list of the best 6 Rene Pierre foosball tables so you and your friends can have hours of fun. 

And if you’re looking for the best foosball table experience, you can go for the René Pierre Foosball Table Competition. This table has a great design and a large play area. It’s an excellent choice for people who want aesthetics and functionality in their game rooms. 

Besides this foosball table, we’ll look closely at some great models to help you find the right one for your needs. We have also given a comprehensive buying guide to determine the factors that will make a perfect table according to your desire. 

Best Rene Pierre Foosball Tables Comparison

René Pierre Competition60.24″L x 41.34″W x 36.61″H209 lb.Check Price
René Pierre Leader60.24″L x 41.34″W x 36.61″H250 lb.Check Price
René Pierre Black Match60.24″ L x 41.34″ W x 36.61″ H176.37 lb.Check Price
René Pierre Club60.24″ L x 41.39″ W x 36.61″ H170 lb.Check Price
René Pierre Le Stade60.24″L x 41.34″W x 36.61″H170 lb.Check Price
René Pierre Color Red60.24″L x 41.34″W x 36.61″H170 lb.Check Price
René Pierre Tahiti60″L x 41″W x 36.61″H172 lb.Check Price
René Pierre Bora Bora57.48″L x 42.91″W x 35.83″H110 lb.Check Price

8 Best Rene Pierre Foosball Table

Here is the list of the top 6 Rene Pierre Foosball Tables. This list will help you find the perfect fit for your outdoor gaming needs, no matter your budget or preferences.

1. René Pierre Competition Foosball Table

Competition Foosball Table

René Pierre’s Foosball Table Competition is a stunning classic and modern design blend. A weight of 210 pounds ensures that this table is sturdy and long-lasting.

The table’s cabinet and legs have natural beech wood, which adds to the strength of the table’s construction. Because beech wood is so strong, it stays steady even during the most heated matches.  

The Competition Foosball Table has telescoping stainless steel rods that keep anything from sticking out of the closet that shouldn’t. This feature keeps players safe and enhances the appearance of your game area. These rods are easy to use and fun to play with because they have comfy round handles and end stops with Teflon rings.

Its playing space is well thought out and can fit two teams of solid diecast aluminum players and a goalie for each team. These players, who are spaced out and firmly attached to the rods, help keep the game running smoothly. Under them is a linoleum surface that makes it easy for the ball to move and adds a new energy level to your games.

The built-in abacus-style scoring units at each end of the table make it easy to keep track of points and add to the atmosphere of competition. 


  • The table material makes it robust even during intense matches.
  • The telescopic rods prevent accidental extensions outside the cabinet, ensuring a safe gaming experience.
  • Round grips and Teflon rings on the rods make every game fun and safe.
  • The linoleum playing area allows smooth ball movement.


  • The table weighs 210 pounds, which may make it hard to move and set up without help.

Final Verdict

René Pierre Competition Foosball Table is a sturdy and visually appealing option. Its weight, carefully crafted from genuine beechwood, ensures stability during gameplay. This blend of tradition and innovation provides long-lasting excitement, making it an excellent addition to any gaming environment.

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2. Leader Foosball Table  

Leader Foosball Table

This model is a great option for people looking for a good mix of price and long-term use. Crafted from dense fiber wood, it can stand up to countless matches, ensuring longevity. 

With measurements of 60.24 L x 41.34 W x 36.61 H Inches, it has plenty of room for exciting games, and its weight of 250 pounds ensures it stays stable during intense games.

The chrome-plated steel telescopic rods ensure nothing sticks out of the cabinet and make sure that the game is safe for players of all ages. The ergonomically designed round handles and the end stop with the Teflon ring provide a fun time.

The linoleum-covered playing field has hand-painted foosball players and a single goalie for each team. It allows the ball to move quickly, and ramped corners help keep it moving.

With the side ball return strategically placed in the middle of the table, players can easily retrieve the ball and get back into the game without interrupting the flow. 

On both sides of the table, built-in abacus scoring units help you keep track of your points. The package comes with a guide that makes it easy to put together. 


  • Both ends have built-in abacus score units
  • A linoleum-covered pitch makes it easier for the ball to move,
  • The chrome-plated, steel telescopic rods reduce the risk of sticking out. 
  • The round handles and Teflon-coated end provide a pleasant and safe grip for an engaging gaming experience.


  • Users complained that the Rene Pierre foosball table’s telescoping rods weren’t smooth.

Final Verdict:

The Leader Foosball Table delivers quality play, affordability, and style. While its weight and size may require consideration, you can enjoy hours of competitive fun with family and friends with its thoughtful design and features.

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3. René Pierre Foosball Table – Black Match

Rene Pierre Foosball Table-Black Match

Rene Pierre Black Match Foosball table is made of thick fiber wood; it can take solid hits and last long. 

With dimensions of 60.24 L x 41.34 W x 36.61 H inches, and it weighs 176.37 pounds. It is the perfect size and weight for portability.

Its strong legs stand at a 45-degree angle to provide steady support, and the black color gives your game room a touch of style.

The telescoping rods move in and out without any risk of sticking out, so you can play without worrying.

The Black Match has a lot of great features. It has built-in abacus score units, die-cast metal players, two cork foosballs that are 1.38 inches in diameter, and an instruction manual for hassle-free assembly.


  • Durable construction
  • Its legs are at a 45-degree angle, providing stability.
  • The abacus score-counting method is the same on both tracks, making things easier for players.


  • The handles are small. 

Final Verdict:

The Black Match Foosball Table is an excellent addition to any game room. You can play freehand strokes and strike fast, yet the table’s quality will remain the same for years. 

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4. Club Foosball Table

Club Foosball Table

Rene Pierre Foosball Table Club is made of a 0.75-inch thick cabinet, ensuring maximum stability during intense plays. The best part is this Club Table can work well indoors and outdoors because of its weather-friendly beech wood.

This sturdy football table is 60.24 x 41.39 x 36.61 inches and weighs 170 pounds, making it a great addition to any game area. Its reinforced, angled, solid base provides strong support while adding elegance to any game area. 

The linoleum-covered playing area makes it easy for the foosballs to move, which makes every game more exciting. With telescoping rods that slide in and out smoothly, you won’t accidentally bump into anything. The easy-to-hold round handles and closing rings on the ends of the rods make playing more fun and easy.

The easy 1-man goalie configuration and side ball return improve gameplay, making this table an excellent choice for home entertainment.

The score is always easy to see, thanks to the built-in abacus marking units. And the two 1.38-inch cork table soccer balls keep things moving. 


  • You can play it outdoors easily because of its beechwood material 
  • Easy to keep track of the score
  • Detailed die-cast metal players for realistic and exciting matches
  • Its angled solid base offers robust support.


  • The handles are small.

Final Verdict

The Club model is a standout table that combines a high-quality build with features that look like they came from Europe. Every part is carefully made, from the curved legs and telescopic rods to the hand-painted players and side ball return. The rounded handles are easy to hold and give you exact control over how the player and ball move. Without question, this table has competition-level quality, making it the best choice for people who want a professional addition to their home.

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5. René Pierre Foosball Table – Le Stade

Rene Pierre Foosball Table-Le Stade

The “Le Stade” table is crafted from dense fiber wood, ensuring longevity against rough play. The ergonomic play handles are positioned to keep the rods from wobbling, even in the most intense competitions.

Its stunning white and oak combination makes it a visual appeal. Measuring 60.24 L x 41.39 W x 36.61 H inches and weighing 170 pounds strikes the optimum balance between size and performance.

The linoleum-covered playing field ensures that the foosballs move easily, keeping the game interesting. This table also has built-in abacus score units, two 1.38-inch cork table soccer balls, and metal players for each team made from die-cast metal.

Players on this table are carefully hand-painted, giving your game an artistic touch. With its telescoping rods, the Le Stade Foosball Table puts safety first. These rods flow smoothly in and out of the cabinet, reducing the danger of accidents caused by rods.  


  • Made of dense fiber wood for long-term durability.
  • The linoleum-covered playfield enables smooth ball movement.
  • Telescoping rods with ergonomic grips for safe and enjoyable play.


  • Not suitable for outdoor use 

Final Verdict

The Rene Pierre Le Stade foosball table combines strength, aesthetics, and safety. It is made with care by French artisans and can withstand intense gameplay. It is a stunning and user-friendly addition to any game room. Its extensive feature set, including built-in scoring and quality players, provides infinite hours of pleasant gameplay for both beginners and pros.

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6. René Pierre Foosball Table – Color Red

Rene Pierre Foosball Table-Color Red

The Rene Pierre Colour foosball table comes in different colors. You can find it in red, orange, mademoiselle, and white.

It’s just like every other Rene Pierre model in terms of features.

This table has a touch of bright red laminate. It has a strong MDF cabinet and a linoleum playing surface that gives your footballs a smooth, easy-to-slide surface. It is 60.24 inches long, 41.34 inches wide, and 36.61 inches high, weighing 170 pounds. 

You cannot accidentally hit an opponent with the unique telescopic playing rods. These rods’ outer and inner rings are smartly designed to grease themselves automatically. It means that they should work without any maintenance. Conversely, the ergonomic handles give you ease, better foosball ball control, and an edge in every game.

This table has a built-in abacus scoring system, making it easy to track points. The game is further enhanced by adding two teams of eye-catching blue and red metallic foosball players, each with its single goaltender for increased intensity. 

With clear assembly instructions, setting up an immersive game experience has never been easier.


  • Heavy-duty wooden cabinet with reinforced legs 
  • Telescoping rods reduce the risk of accidents.
  • Auto-greased rings on rods that don’t need any maintenance.
  • Ergonomic handles make movement easy and accurate.
  • With the included instructions, installation is easy.


  • Handles may be challenging to grip because of their size.

Final Verdict:

Rene Pierre’s brilliant red foosball table will take your love of the game to the next level. This expertly made game table promises fun and makes a statement in your game area. The design provides a sophisticated touch to any area. Its strong structure offers consistent stability in even the most intense matches. 

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7. René Pierre Outdoor Foosball Table – Tahiti

Rene Pierre Outdoor Foosball Table-Tahiti

Designed to endure the most demanding outdoor conditions, it was meticulously crafted by skilled French artisans. This foosball table is made of high-density polyethylene, a material resistant to humidity, heat, water, UV rays, and even bugs. Its robust frame means it can handle the wear and tear of outdoor play.

This foosball table is 60 inches long, 41 inches wide, and 36.61 inches high, weighing 172 pounds. It is a good size and stable for playing outside. Its sturdy metal base supports it, ensuring that gaming is stable and fun.

It has telescoping rods that are made so they don’t go all the way through the cabinet. This makes it less likely that you will bump into your opponent by mistake. The metal foosball players are fastened to the rods with screws so they won’t fall off during a tough game.

This foosball table has hand-painted, die-cast metal foosball players, and each team has a single goalie. It also has two abacus scoring units built to make keeping score easy.

What makes the Tahiti really stand out is that it can be used outside. Most foosball tables are meant to be used inside, but this one is made to be used outside. 

But it’s important to remember that even though the Tahiti is made for outdoor use, it needs to be taken care of properly to stay in good shape. To keep it looking good and working well, you need to clean it regularly and protect it from bad weather, especially rain.


  • They are designed to endure various weather conditions, ensuring a longer lifespan.
  • The handles of the rods are molded for better carrying.
  • This table comes with an abacus-style scoring system. 
  • They can be used in outdoor places such as patios, decks, and gardens


  • There are no end-ball returns

Final Verdict

The Tahiti foosball table is a great choice for people who like to play games outside. Crafted from the toughest wood and stainless steel, it offers unmatched durability so that you can play without fear of damage. It has a smooth playing surface and stable legs that make it safe to play in any weather and an excellent choice for people who like to be mobile.

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8. René Pierre Outdoor Foosball Table – Bora Bora

Rene Pierre Outdoor Foosball Table-Bora Bora

With its sturdy construction from treated and laminated wood, this game table is a great addition to any outdoor living area.

It has 57.48 inches of length, 42.91 inches of width, and 35.83 inches of height, so it has plenty of room to play. Despite its durability, it is extremely light, weighing only 110 pounds.

It has zinc-coated and resin-treated metallic rectangular legs with leg levelers to ensure stability even on uneven ground. 

The glass table top ensures a consistent playing experience, enhancing your gaming experience. The heavy-duty solid steel rods are triple chrome-plated and have non-slip handles for continuous enjoyment and accurate control.

With telescopic rods that easily move in and out of the cabinet without posing any danger of poking through the other side, preventing accidents during play. 


  • A protective coating is put on the playfield to avoid scratches. 
  • The outdoor foosball table is intended for use in the backyard or patio.
  • It has a side ball return method that makes it easy to get the ball back after each goal.
  • With telescoping rods, it provides smooth gameplay while improving safety by preventing rod protrusions.


  • This table has small handles that could impact the gameplay experience.

Final Verdict:

This outdoor foosball table combines durability, style, and safety seamlessly. Its wood construction, glass playing surface, and sturdy metallic legs make it a standout choice for outdoor entertainment. Whether you’re a casual player or a foosball enthusiast, this table offers hours of fun in the great outdoors.

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About René Pierre

About Rene Pierre
About Rene Pierre

René Pierre has been a name that stands for quality in the world of foosball and pool table-making for over 70 years. This business has roots in France and has always made elegant game tables that fit the European style of play.

Its story began in 1952 when M. René Pierre opened a business in Ranchot, France, which is in the famously wooded area of Jura. The demand for their high-quality work grew from a small garage, and workers from France, Europe, and North America came to work for them. In the 1990s, the company made a big change by switching to selling directly to consumers.

Their product lines changed over time to meet the needs of their customers as they changed. Pool tables were changed so that they could be used as other types of furniture. Smaller tables were made for smaller rooms, and foosball tables got new forms, colors, and even female players. Both pool and foosball tables were made for use outside, focusing on being fun in any setting.

René Pierre’s dedication to both new and old ideas has turned pool and foosball tables into family games that bring joy to kids and adults worldwide. The traditional skills of billiard manufacturers and the creativity of furniture designers came together to make these tables. The result is a unique line of goods that stands out in the industry.

René Pierre’s influence is still going strong. The company gets ideas from its long history and ensures that every piece has great gameplay and style. 

Factors to Consider Before Buying Rene Pierre Foosball Table

When buying a Rene Pierre foosball table, several factors must be considered. We’ll go over everything you need to know about tables and how to pick the perfect one for your space.  

Choose the correct dimension.

When purchasing a René Pierre foosball table, remember they are all the same size: 60.24 inches long, 41.39 inches wide, and 36.61 inches tall. So ensure that you have adequate space for it to fit comfortably without overwhelming your space.

Consider the goalie setup.

When researching Rene Pierre foosball tables, keep the goalie setup in mind. 

Unlike American-style tables with three goalies, these European-style tables only have one goalie per team. It can change how you play; you must plan and act quickly. 

The goaltender is often located in the center of the rod, but specific models, like the René Pierre Leader, place it to the side for improved goal coverage. This one-of-a-kind feature adds excitement and complexity to the game, so consider your style of play before selecting a Rene Pierre table. 

Intended use of the table:

Before you buy a Rene Pierre foosball table, you need to know if you will use it inside or outside. Rene Pierre manufactures various types that you can use indoors, while some are designed for outdoor use. If you want to put the table outside, choose one that can withstand the weather to ensure it lasts and works well, such as the club foosball table.

On the other hand, if the table is inside, you can choose from various options without worrying about weather-related wear and tear, such as the competition, le stade, and leader table. 


When buying a foosball table, a good player knows the importance of quality. Everyone wants to avoid wasting time and money on goods that aren’t up to par and don’t meet their needs. 

This is where Rene Pierre comes in. These best rene pierre foosball tables combine style and function seamlessly. Whether you are a beginner or a pro, this selection has the perfect table for you.

And what’s great about Rene Pierre foosball tables is how easy it is to control the rods. They move smoothly and are easy to control, so people of all ages can play with them without worrying about mishaps. 

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