10 Best Soft Tip Dart Boards for Ultimate Darting Fun in 2024

Electronic dart boards have significantly changed the game of darts for the better. It has become the first choice for those new to darting or uncomfortable with traditional bristle and steel tip dart boards. These boards are paired with soft tip darts, making the game enjoyable, easy to learn, and safer for everyone, including kids.

But there are so many options in the market with different features; if you are unfamiliar with such boards, you may end up wasting money.

We have stepped ahead to help you by reviewing the 10 best electronic dart boards. Also, there is a buying guide at the end of this article so that the next time you don’t get confused while choosing the best electronic dart board.

10 Best Soft-Tip Dart Boards to Make Your Game Exciting

1. Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard 

Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 Electronic Dartboard

With multiple advanced features, Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 is an electronic dart board any serious dart player will wish for! This electronic dart board has a 15.5” target area similar to the usual competition surface.

It’s designed with a NylonTough surface for improved playability. It’s strong and durable even when you’re making powerful throws. Arachnid is called a tournament-quality dart board, and because of its multiplayer option, you can enjoy your homely matches with friends too. The scores are displayed on a LED screen.

The fine and thin segment dividers reduce bounce, another plus point to note. Not only expert players, but this dartboard also has various offerings for all skill levels. It has 39 pre-loaded games, including seven cricket games with 179 variations to enjoy. 

Another thing that we love about Arachnid cricket pro 800 is that it comes with some accessories. You’ll get six soft-tip darts, extra tips, an AC adapter, and mounting hardware with the dart board.


  • Durable nylon surface
  • Micro-thin segment dividers to prevent bounce
  • Multiplayer option for up to eight people  
  • LED display
  • 39 pre-loaded games


  • No battery power option. It is limited to wall-mounted setup.
  • No dartboard cabinet

Final Verdict: The Arachnid Cricket Pro 800 electronic dartboard is your pick if you are a dart professional and frequently attend tournaments.

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2. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard with Cabinet

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic Dartboard with Cabinet

Fat cat mercury electronic dartboard is a premium dartboard with a durable 13.5” target area designed with concave segment holes to lock your shots. To make your scoring experience much better and reduce bounce rate, this electronic dart board includes an Ultra-thin spider and extended catch ring. In addition, it records all your throws, meaning no single shot is missed!

In this dartboard, you can enjoy 28 pre-loaded games apart from regular ones. Moreover, you can play alone or with eight more people at max as it offers the multi-player option. We also liked the sound feature of this board. However, it is too loud sometimes and can’t be adjusted.

This board has a sleek cabinet and built-in storage, one of its most excellent features. You can mount it on your wall, store the dart set and keep it organized.  The extra large illuminated cricket display is another good thing to mention about this dartboard. Besides, it includes accessories like six drats, extra tips, mounting hardware, and an Ac power supply.


  • Durable target surface
  • Comes with a cabinet
  • 28 pre-loaded games
  • Multiplayer option for up to 8 people
  • Ultra-thin spider and catch ring for better scoring and preventing bounce
  • Has three illuminated displays


  • The material could have been better.
  • The sound level is not adjustable.
  • Darts aren’t durable.
  • No battery power option.

Final Verdict: This Fat cat mercury electronic dartboard is an excellent choice if you want a simple dart setup at home and love to play in groups.

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3. WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

WIN.MAX Electronic Dartboard Review

Win Max has been producing quality dart equipment for a long and their dart boards aren’t exceptional. 

This dartboard has a 13.5 target face and an ultra-thin net feature that reduces bounces, so you’ll experience the taste of traditional boards while its modern technology will keep the score for you.

Win max electronic dart board has around 21 games with 65 variations to make darting exciting. So you will not feel bored playing in the same pattern. 

This board has LCD, which we agree is not the best display. But your gaming experience won’t feel less exciting with its sound and voice announcer feature.

8 people can play together on this dartboard due to its multi-player option.

It has both Ac and battery power options. So it’s portable and can be played anywhere. While placed on the wall, the wide catch ring will prevent wall damage even if you play random shots. 

This dartboard from win max doesn’t have any cabinet but comes with 12 darts and 100 extra tips, so you can start playing immediately.

However, it could have been a better win max production if they concentrated on the surface face size, display quality, and the number of pre-loaded games.


  • Includes 21 pre-installed games
  • Runs on both AC power and battery. 
  • Accommodate eight players
  • Has sound and voice feature
  • Ultra-thin net prevents bounce.


  • It has an LCD which is not clear to read many times
  • A limited number of games compared to other boards.

Final Verdict: If you are a beginner looking for a dartboard that will give you the taste of traditional darts and can be played anywhere, you can consider Win. max electronic dart board.

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4. Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Set

Franklin Sports Electronic Dart Board Set

Franklin sports electronic dart board is an excellent addition to the darts world. It has multiple features and facilities, making us keep it on the list.

This electronic dart board has 15.5 inches target surface, spacious enough to play and learn at home. Besides, the surface holds the dart tip quite strongly, so you’ll face less bounce and score higher. 

It has a built-in scoreboard with an LED display. Thus the visuals are clear and sharp to notice even from an 8 feet distance. Also, this dartboard has sound effects that will keep you energetic through the game by reading the score aloud and playing gaming sounds. 

There are 65 pre-loaded games to keep variations and engage new dart players. You will love to play on it without feeling monotonous.

The cherry on top is the storage cabinet that comes with this dartboard. They also provide six soft nylon tip darts and extra tips; you can keep it all organized in storage.


  • Spacious target surface
  • Has LED display
  • Includes voice and sound feature
  • 65 pre-installed games
  • It comes with a storage cabinet and accessories


  • Darts are not the best quality.
  • The battery cover pops out frequently, ruining the game’s vibe.

Final Verdict: Franklin Electronic Sports dartboard is the right choice if you are new to dart and want to continue it learning.

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5. Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper Neptune Electronic Dartboard

Viper Neptune electronic dartboard combines tradition and technology. It’s a complete dartboard set with a  luxurious appearance. 

This board has a 15.5 inches regulated nylon-made target face with top-quality segments to reduce bounce rates. The large catch ring around the target face ensures you don’t miss any throw and protect the wall. 

This durable dartboard is designed to take any throw, beginner or expert, so one board goes a long way.

It offers a multi-player option that lets 16 players play together. Besides, You can play against the computer to some level and let the large screen scoreboard keep the score.

Viper Neptune has arrangements for people who don’t play darts a lot. In addition, it has 57 other pre-loaded games to keep you entertained in many ways. 

Apart from its feature, the design and appearance of Viper Neptune are also praise-worthy. It has a traditional-looking wood cabinet with a dart holder that seamlessly fits your home decor. You get extra darts and an Ac adapter as well with the set.

The downside of this dartboard is the LCD display. It’s dull and lacks sharpness. Also, it doesn’t include any battery option, so you cannot play it on the go. 


  • Durable
  • Multi-player option up to 16 players 
  • Less bounce rate due to ultra-thin segments
  • 57 pre-loaded games
  • It comes with an attractive dart cabinet and storage


  • It has an LCD that lacks color and sharpness.
  • No battery power option. 

Final Verdict: Whether you are a beginner or an expert, Viper Neptune will not disappoint you. You may shortlist this one if you’re into classy looks and want to learn different playing styles with or without a group.

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6. OLI Electronic Dart Board

OLI Electronic Dart Board

Whether you want to play dart casually or want it at your home parties, Oli electronic dart board is perfect for both cases. 

It is designed with five difficulty levels for different types of players. So that you can play according to your skill and level, kids over 12 years, too, can play on this.

The target face of this board is surrounded by 15.8 inches wide ring catch to protect the walls from inappropriate throws. However, the board isn’t in standard size, which we didn’t like.

Like other electronic dart boards, it also displays scores on an LED screen that is clearer and brighter. The LED display also saves energy, so you don’t have to worry about the electricity cost. 

It also has an adjustable sound feature to make the gaming environment lively, competitive and exciting. You don’t even need to look at the scoreboard frequently, as it says the score loudly.

On this dartboard, you can play with multiple players, up to 8 people, so undoubtedly best for playing with a group or family. It is loaded with 27 built-in games with 173 game options. It is great indoor gaming equipment as you will always enjoy playing.

This dartboard includes 12 colorful soft-tip darts, extra tips, shafts, and an AC adapter. In addition, the board has built-in slots for darts; You can start playing with the provided equipment right after buying this board and keep the darts organized in the slots. 

However, a dart cabinet could have been a great addition. Also, it’s not portable as runs on AC power only.


  • Suitable for everyone to play indoors.
  • LED display for the scoreboard
  • It has an adjustable sound feature
  • Can accommodate up to 8 players
  • 27 built-in games
  • It comes with soft-tip darts and dart slots


  • The board size is small
  • No dart cabinet
  • Fewer game options

Final Verdict: OLI electronic dartboard is perfect if you love colorful gaming equipment and enjoy playing darts at parties or get-togethers . 

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7. Biange Electronic Dart Board

Biange Electronic Dart Board

This digital dartboard with 13.5 inches thermoplastic surface is an excellent option for adults and kids; You can flexibly play and practice on this board as it perfectly captures every throw. 

The ultra-thin segments lower the bounce rate so near to no missed shots.

To taste your skills, this dartboard also allows you to play against the computer. 

And when bored with the dart, you can choose from the 243 variations of 27 built-in games and continue having fun.

Biange electronic dartboard has multiplayer option and up to 16 players can play together. It shows scores in four LEDs, letting everyone have a clear glance at the screen.

It doesn’t come with any cabinet, but there isis dart storage. And you’ll also get 12 premium darts and extra tips to continue your game. Since it has battery and AC power options, you can set it up at home or take it for an outdoor match.


  • Suitable for both adults and kids
  • Can be used indoors and outdoors with AC power and battery.
  • 27 built-in games
  • Four bright LED screen
  • Multiplayer option for up to 16 people
  • It comes with darts and dart storage slots


  • Small target surface
  • No cabinet
  • Less gaming option.

Final Verdict: If you love to play darts with all your friends or are planning a dart tournament at home, possibly Biange electronic board is your pick. It can also be a good option if you plan to introduce kids to darts.

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8. Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

Viper Ion Electronic Dartboard

Viper ion electronic dartboard is a fancy one to keep at home. It’s unique in its extra bright LED lights that can easily brighten your gaming environment. 

This regulated-sized board’s 15.5” target area is 100% nylon. Thus, it is durable and can take any type of throw. The target area used segment holes. Thanks to its ultra-thin spider, you can get a spacious scoring space.

What is most loved about this ion dart board is it shines through segments and makes your game interesting. With the help of the Ion technology, you can easily aim and throw and score higher. Because of this innovative feature, Viper ion electronic dart board can be your best friend at a party or a homely dart tournament. 

It also has built-in LED lights to display scores. This board’s bright and clear display allows you to read scores from your throwing position. 

Viper ion electronic dart board has 48 pre-installed games for the players. You can enjoy illuminated gaming while having the classic taste of darts. Having the multiplayer option, Viper Ion can accommodate up to 8 players who can play together simultaneously against a cyber player.

Viper ion dartboard includes six starter darts mounting hardware, but no dart cabinet is provided, which can be considered a weak point. Also. the darts are very sticky and require much effort to remove from the surface.


  • Standard-size dart board with durable nylon surface
  • Designed with ultra-thin spider and segment locks
  • Built-in LED lights for illuminated gameplay
  • Bright display
  • 48 pre-loaded games
  • Allows up to 8 players


  • Darts are low-quality
  • No dart cabinets provided
  • Expensive comparing other dartboards with similar configurations.

Final Verdict: If you want fancy part dart boards that perform decently, you can go for this one.

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9. Turnart Electronic Dart Board

Turnart Electronic Dart Board

Turnout can be called an alternative to Viper ion dart board at a reasonable price. 

This electronic dartboard also has illuminated segments to make the dart game exciting and fun. It’s best for playing in the dark as the board lits up and gives a party vibe. 

This 13 inches light-based electronic dart board has a sleek and simple design. It can accommodate eight players, so there is no need to feel left out while playing with a group. 

It has 48 games with 313 variations, 17 even engineered with special lighting effects to keep you engaged. 

It also includes six good-quality soft-tip darts, and after the game, there is dart storage to keep your dart set organized. It can be used with power or battery, not limited to your home only.

The price is also less than many other brands, for example, Viper Ion. 


  • Illuminated segments
  • Have 48 games installed
  • Multi-player option for up to 8 people
  • It comes with extra darts and built-in dart storage
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor


  • The board is small in size
  • The darts are sticky and hard to remove
  • Dart holders don’t hold the darts properly.

Final Verdict: This electronic dart board is an excellent selection if you want a fancy one to play anywhere. It’s the best reasonable dart board to light your game night, so consider it if you want to have fun on a budget.

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10. Street walk Kids Board

Street walk Kids Board 2

Street walk magnetic dart board is a decent option if you prefer magnetic dart boards over electronic ones.

This magnetic dart board from Street Walk is double-sided. So if you are bored playing on one side, you can switch sides for a fresh start. The double-sided board also ensures durability, as you can keep playing on the same board for a long time, even if one side is damaged.

However, street Walk has used premium-quality magnets to design this board, so you don’t have to worry about the magnets’ strength.

You can play on this indoors and outdoors since it’s portable. The light weight of this magnetic board lets you carry it and mount it anywhere. 

Street Walk magnetic dart board is suitable for both kids and adults. Because of its colorful and bright appearance, young dart players find it appealing. Adults also can enjoy darts in this game casually.

The board comes with 12 soft magnetic darts in four different colors that you can start i

immediately playing with it.


  • Double-sided dart board
  • Suitable for both kids and Adults
  • Portable
  • Strong magnets
  • Reasonable


  • The plastic board detaches after some time

Final Verdict: Street walk magnetic dart board can be a good option if you want a soft tip non-electronic dart board to enjoy with kids. 

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11. Joovon Soft Dart Board

Joovon Soft Dart Board

Not electronic or magnetic, Joovon presents you with a user-friendly plastic dart board to play with your soft-tip darts.

Joovon soft tip dart board is a standard-size board to play dart safely at home. The board is made with high-strength plastic. It’s strong and more durable than many other soft tip dart boards, so great for your family to spend the weekends on. 

About the size, it is a16 inches, standard-size dart board. The tip holes are engineered with a Honeycomb Block that grasps the darts tight and reduces chances of bounce or miss-shots.

Its strong surface with honeycomb Block holes are quite supportive if you are planning to develop your skills at home.

We love how this basic design board has dart storage and good set-up facilities. It also includes some soft-tip darts.


  • Made of high-strength plastic
  • Standard size board
  • It can be set up on the wall or any desk top
  • Designed with  Honeycomb Block Tip Hole
  • Built-in dart storage


  • The soft tips wear off soon

Final Verdict: If you need a basic dartboard to practice flexibly or have kids to teach darts, Joovon, soft tip dart board might fulfill your requirement. 

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12. Yuhum Magnetic Dart Board

Yuhum Magnetic Dart Board 2

Yuhum magnetic dartboard can be your pick if you want a dart board for your kids. This board is considered very flexible for kids to use and learn darts.

Coming to its features, Yuhum magnetic dart board is made with high-quality material that can hold the magnetic darts in place. It’s designed in a way so the darts don’t fall off when you ht the board. As a result, the board is quite durable and can be placed indoors and outdoors easily. 

This magnetic board includes 12 colorful needleless soft darts. The darts are lightweight and safe for kids to learn dart.


  • Great for learning darts and playing casually
  • Attractive design
  • Strong and Durable board
  • Good for kids


  • The darts lose the magnetic strength too early.

Final Verdict: You can buy Yuhum magnetic dart board for your kid’s learning purposes. Not just kids, this dartboard is suitable for adults too if you sometimes play darts. 

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13. Fungenix Magneic Dart Board

Fungenix Magneic Dart Board

You may not play darts a lot but don’t mind playing once a week with friends. In such case you can choose Fungenix Magnetic dartboard. 

This dartboard needs no electric power to play, and neither you have to struggle with the darts to stick on. It’s magnetic and quite satisfying to play with.

Fungenix dartboard uses metal plates in its boards to make the magnetism work strongly. Its extra powerful magnetic board allows the darts to stick firmly without excessive force.

We found this dartboard lightweight and quite portable, so you can take it to parties, get-togethers, or picnics. As it contains 6 to 12 darts, you can play with multiple people.

This board has a reversible mode to make darting interesting and less monotonous. That means you get two exciting dart games on one board.


  • Good for casual play
  • Portable
  • Lightweight
  • Reversible board


  • The plastic top frame is flimsy
  • A bit pricy

Final Verdict: This dartboard from Fungenix can be a good selection if you play darts occasionally or love to carat a board outdoors when enjoying picnics or get-togethers. 

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14. Magno Dart Magnetic Dart Board 

Magno Dart Magnetic Dart Board

Magno Dart magnetic dar board is a perfect gift material for dart lovers. 

This dartboard comes in a compact size, 14.5 inches. Perfect for setting up in a corner.

Designed with strong magnets and quality material, the Magno Dart Magnetic dart board is good for any skill level and age.

Even though it’s small, you will love the magnetic strength of the board.

Interestingly, it has an innovative scoring design. The board has a small number written to keep track of your score. For young dart players, this design will surely improve their math skills.

Magno Dart Magnetic dart board includes 12 magnetic darts. If you are a novice player, you may not need to buy extra darts for now. But the darts seemed a little sharp, so we’d suggest playing it outdoors, not around kids.

This dartboard’s packaging and size make it a nice present for your friends and family. Also, the price is quite affordable.


  • Innovative design
  • Compact Size
  • Perfect for present
  • Very reasonable price


  • The darts aren’t safe for walls or furniture.
  • Not suitable for kids 

Final Verdict: You may like Magno magnetic dartboard as a present for a dart lover, friend, or family member. This can also be your pick if you need a dartboard to play occasionally outdoors.

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Guide to Choosing the Best Soft Tip Dartboard!

Soft tip dart boards have several advantages that attract players to own one. 

It’s safer than traditional boards requiring sharp steel tip darts. Soft-tip dartboards such as electronic dart boards, magnetic dart boards or basic plastic ones are played with soft tip, needleless darts. So people who want to play with their kids or are at the initial stage of learning darts choose soft-tip dartboards.

Electronic dartboards can keep the score for you, display it, and some of the advanced models even say the score loud. It has made darting comfortable and easy to play. Many electronic dart boards let multiple players play together. So you can use it in the tournament or at home to play with friends and family. 

In addition, some of the dart boards are portable since they allow battery power. Besides, some electronic dart boards come with pre-installed games, extra accessories, and dart cabinets to make this game organized.

Magnetic and plastic dart boards are affordable versions of soft tip dart boards. Whether you’re tight on a budget or looking for a dartboard to play occasionally, you can choose a magnetic dartboard or a plastic dartboard. These are easy to carry and perfect for taking out on a picnic on the hills. 

Amazed by the benefits of soft tip dart boards, you may be interested in buying the best one to level up your dart game.  

We have listed the best ten soft tip dart boards above. But you may ask how we made it to the top ten list or what factors we considered while finding the best soft-tip dart boards.

To find your best suit, you need to decide your purpose first. 

After that, the size, material, durability, pre-programmed games, the number of players, display, power supply, and other features should be considered. Well, that is what we followed to reach the verdict.

Determine the purpose of the game: 

You will not need an expensive advanced featured soft-tip dart board if you only play darts once a year or sometimes casually with friends and family. You may not like to spend a lot on an electronic dartboard if your goal can be fulfilled with a magnetic or plastic dartboard. 

Similarly, your goal is to improve at darts and prepare yourself for complicated challenges. In that case, you will require a professional level soft tip dar board., the latest electronic ones with advanced features.

So you can see how your objective towards the game manipulates your need.

In short, you must first decide why you want to play darts to pick the board that suits your purpose.  

Consider the size, material, and durability: 

The ideal size for soft-tip dart boards is 15.5 inches. However, according to your playing space and concern, you can buy any size from 13.5 to 25.5 inches.

About material, Soft tip dart boards use thermoplastic, plastic, or moderate-quality plastic for the dart board face. The magnetic ones use high-strength magnets on the scoring areas.

Those who play darts frequently or experts who are likely to throw darts with force are suggested to buy the ones made of thermoplastic. These boards are durable. Plastic or moderate-plastic-made soft-tip dart boards are a good deal for those who play darts casually or are beginners. Magnetic ones are great for leveling up your skill from a novice to a moderate player.

You should also check the surface material to ensure there is barely any bounce when you throw darts. According to our observation, the dartboard surface is made of high-quality nylon and divided into micro-thin segments to prevent bounces.

Look for pre-programmed games: 

One major reason people love soft-tip electronic dart boards is the pre-loaded game mechanism. This feature keeps players hooked as you can play different games from the boards’ options. In addition, you can play other games when bored with one.

Usually, 50 to 300 games are loaded in most electronic soft-tip dart boards. You can play cricket, shanghai, all five, high score and many more. Thus you are always interested in more than one single game. 

Some soft-tip dart boards have pre-loaded games in stock, and some advanced ones keep updating their game hive so that you can enjoy new exciting games more often.

But if you aren’t interested in these games, we encourage you to skip this feature and spend less on the other electronic or soft tip dart boards.

Check whether it has a multi-player option: 

This option is essential if you love to play with a large team or plan to use it at parties. Many soft-tip dart boards, specifically the electronic ones, have a multi-player option, and 4 to 8 people can play on it together. But if you play alone, you can go for magnetic dart boards or plastic bristle dart boards.

Prioritize a good display: 

Display is essential in soft-tip electronic dart boards as you can check the score and other details. Soft-tip electronic dart boards are designed with two types of display-LCD and LED. In LED displays, the colors are more vibrant, and the detailing is sharp and clear even from a long throwing distance. 

LCD display is dull and faded in color presentation. It needs more visibility and sharpness too. But LCD can be a good deal for an electronic dart board on a tight budget as it will not deprive you of showing the score and other information. 

Check the power supply: 

Where and how you will set up the soft tip dart board relies on the power supply system in an electronic dart board. If you want to carry the dart board with you or if your dart corner has no power source, choose the ones that run on battery.

And if you want to set it up, go for a soft tip dart board with AC power so you can always have the board running fixed on a place. Some of the electronic dart board has both Ac power and battered. Those are very good if you don’t want the game to be paused. 

Think about portability: 

If you plan to play darts in the garden on a nice sunny day, we would say go for lighter dart boards. By which we mean soft tip magnetic dart boards or plastic dartboards. These are very light in weight and can be easily carried. The cost of these boards ar also cheap.

You don’t even have to worry about power supply or battery. Just hang it on a tree and start playing. Just make sure the boards have proper mounting instruments or tools to hang it somewhere. 

Focus on advanced features and accessories: 

While choosing your soft tip dart board, focus more on its advanced features and facilities. Especially if you take the game seriously and plan to improve your skills, many soft-tip dart boards now come with sound systems that give you applause, read the score for you, and keep informing your progress aloud.

If you’re buying plastic dart boards, check if those come with extra darts. Also notice the dart holes and their strength to hold a dart. For magnetic dart boards observing the dart tip is a must. 

Besides, many dart players prefer dart boards that come with dart cabinets. Dart cabinets are great additions as they protect your wall, and you also get built-in storage. People who want the dart corners to be organized and feel more professional might consider this before choosing a dart board. Cased in dart board cabinets, some dart boards come with extra soft tip darts and tips, so you don’t have to buy these separately.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are soft-tip dart boards good?

Soft tip dart boards are ideal for playing at home or in a relaxed environment. They are good choices if you are learning darts and trying to be more skilled. These dartboards have exciting features. Playing on soft tip dart boards is safer, easier, and more fun whether you are playing competitively or casually.
Soft tip dart boards can be electronic and non-electronic. Both types are suitable for playing at home or at a party with many people. Soft tip darts boards can be played around kids, too, as they are played with soft point darts . You can enjoy many advanced feature playing on a soft tip dart board that makes your dart journey exciting. 

What grams are best for soft tip darts?

20-22 grams are considered the best weight for soft-tip darts. However, the perfect weight for soft-tip darts depends on the player and their skills. For beginners, 16-18 gram darts are more suitable, while experts prefer darts that weigh 22 grams at least. 

Soft tip darts can be 16 grams to 25 grams heavy. The best weight is determined by a player’s playing style and skill, so there is no written rule for the soft tip dart’s best weight. But darts around 20 to 22 grams are manageable for all players, so it’s considered an ideal weight for soft-tip darts.


Dart becomes most exciting when you use the best dart board. Choosing the best electronic dartboard depends on you mainly. Why you play darts or how you love to play this indoor game can determine the best picks for you.

Having said that, we believe our review can be a helpful option for new players or players trying electronic dart boards for the first time. You can also go through our buying guide to get more precise ideas. 

And finally, when you are convinced, we hope you get the best electronic dartboard out there!

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