Best Steel Tip Dartboards That’ll Change Your Game in 2024

Finding the perfect dartboard, however, is easier said than done. Why? Simply because the market is teeming with options. 

There are countless brands, sizes, and styles, each boasting unique features. And let’s not even get started on the factors like durability, longevity, size, and clarity of scoring areas that one needs to consider. It’s like trying to hit a bullseye in a whirlwind of choices – overwhelming!

But not anymore. We’ve rolled up our sleeves, researched numerous options, and listed the 10 best steel tip dartboards. 

This comprehensive guide will offer you insights into why and how these dartboards made it into our top 10.  Also, you’ll get the essential details to consider, for example, the material, size, wiring, etc, when you’re ready to purchase.

So, whether you’re an experienced player or a professional fond of competitive dart games, we got your back. 

Even if you’re a seasonal player looking to up your game, or a pub owner eager to furnish your game room with a top-notch dartboard, we’ve got something for everyone. 

So let’s dive into the exciting world of steel-tip dartboards and find the perfect one for you. Let’s play!

Our Pick for The Top 10 Best Steel Tip Dartboard

The best steel tip dartboards are bristle dartboards. Besides, there are paper-made, wooden, and cork-made dartboards that you can use to play with steel tips. 

However, for the best outcome and game experience, it’s wise to go for the best material. 

1. WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard

WINMAU Diamond Plus Tournament Bristle Dartboard

The Winmau Diamond Plus Bristle dartboard is a true masterpiece in the world of steel-tip dartboards. If you want to own the best high-quality dartboard at any cost, you must consider this gem from WINMAU.

This premium dartboard is made from the best material – tightly bound, self-healing sisal fibers. Your darts will penetrate the dartboard surface smoothly, ensuring no bounce or fall-off and without any visible damage.

Thanks to its maximum durability, even after frequent rounds of darts over months, this dartboard will stick around for the long haul, game after game.No wonder why the British Dart Organization endorses it as perfect for steel-tips. 

With a 17.75-inch regulation size, the Winmau Diamond Plus Bristle dartboard makes a solid, attractive presence that’s just the right size for a competitive game of darts. Even if you are just casually playing, the size and playing space won’t disappoint you. 

This Diamond Plus dartboard is designed with a removable number ring – a smart feature that lets you rotate the board for extended play life.

Apart from everything, the angled divider wire makes this board stand out. You’ll experience no more bounce-outs that ruin the fun. This dartboard ensures higher and more accurate scores, making your game smoother and more enjoyable.


  • Made of self-healing sisal fibers
  • Endorsed by the British Darts Organization
  • Angled divider wire
  • Removable number ring
  • Durable


  • Quite expensive

The Winmau Diamond Plus Bristle dartboard is a top-notch choice for those who want to enjoy the perfect dart game. If you have no budget issues and looking for the best overall steel tip dartboard, this is your pick.

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2. IgnatGames Steel tip Dart Board Professional Set

IgnatGames Steel tip Dart Board Professional Set

If you’re someone who appreciates uncompromising quality and is willing to invest in the best, this dartboard is your perfect match!

IgnatGames Steel tip dart board is made of premium Kenyan sisal, ensuring durability and rapid self-healing. 

Due to the effective self-healing mechanism, this dartboard can withstand countless dart strikes.You can play game after game and will wittness no holes and dents after a while.

The 17.75 inch regulation size makes it a perfect dartboard for competetions. Whether you are occasional player seeking the best equipment, a begginer trying to develop your skills or a professional, this dartboard is suitbale for all. 

What truly sets this dartboard apart is its the innovative rotating laser-cut metallic number ring. This feature adds a touch of sophistication while enabling easy scoreboard navigation. You can rotate the number ring to decrease the number of holes in one specefic section.

Plus, you get more space to aim and score with its staple-free strike zone. Which means more room for that coveted bullseye.

If we talk about precision and accuracy, IgnatGames steel tip dartboard is unbeatable. This dartboard is architectured with ultra-thin wires that minimize bounce-outs. Your darts will hit the target accuratley blessing you with optimal scoring and ultimate satisfaction.

While making this industry-leading quality dartboard, IgnatGames didn’t overlook the design and appearnace. With vibrant colors that pop, it’s a visually stunning piece. Truly a stylish addition to any game room.


  • Premium Material
  • Staple-free strike zone
  • Has ultra-thin wires
  • Stylish
  • Durable


  • Expensive 

IgnatGames steel tip dartnboard proffesional set is a all skill-level gear. It may come with a higher price tag, but rest assured, it’s worth every penny for a dartboard that guarantees 100% satisfaction.

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3. Viper by GLD Products Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard 

Viper by GLD Products Shot King Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

If you’re browsing stores for a versatile steel tip dartboard, you must check out the Viper Shot King Regulation Dartboard by GLD Products. It’s the best possible deal that you can own right now!

Viper Shot King dartboard is made of compressed sisal fibers, the best steel-tip dartboard material. This dartboard is much more durable, so even if you play darts frequently, it won’t matter.

The Sisal fibers used in this board have this cool self-healing feature. It’s like magic; they gradually recover the surface after each game.

The Viper Shot King dartboard has a 17.75” diameter regulation size and is designed with galvanized steel spider wire and a staple-free bullseye. So there are less of those annoying bounce-outs and deflections. As a result, you’ll get more accurate shots and higher scores.

One of the best features is its detachable number ring. The number ring can be rotated as you want. You can take it off, flip the board around, and extend the lifespan of the dartboard.

With this Shot, King bristles steel tip dartboard, you can start dating immediately! Because it includes extra accessories, and most importantly, you’ll get the mounting hardware for easy hanging. 


  • Durable board
  • Has Self- healing mechanism
  • Compatible with steel & soft-tips
  • Has a rotatable number ring


  • Often comes without mounting hardware

The Viper Shot King Regulation Dartboard is an investment worth making. If you don’t mind paying a higher price for the best overall playing experience, this is what you should go for.

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4. Trademark Gameroom Darts and Dartboard Sets

Trademark Gameroom Darts and Dartboard Sets

Are you a casual player looking to add some excitement to your game room? Look no further than the Trademark Gameroom dartboard set!

Trademark Gameroom steel-tip dartboard is made with high-quality self-healing paper wound fiber. This board will withstand frequent shots of your steel tip without any visible damage. So time to say goodbye to those holes!

It comes in the standard size, 18-inch diameter. The perfect size and staple-free surface reduce bounce-outs and maximize the scoring potential while developing playability. So even if you play occasionally, you will be a fan of it!

It can be a perfect addition to your game corner as the dartboard comes as a complete set, including a nicely finished wooden cabinet. The cabinet is decorative enough to add a touch of elegance to your game room and will also provide a convenient storage solution for your dart accessories. 

Plus, with its wall mounting hardware hanging this dartboard is very easy. 


  • Durable enough for a casual game
  • Standard size dartboard
  • staple -free
  • Comes as a complete dart set
  • Includes a good quality mounting hardware


  • The paint of the dartboard comes off easily

Comparing the price you’ll pay, it can be a good gift option for a casual dart player. Also this can be a great deal for players who wish to own a game room for occasional dart fun!

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5. Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 Dartboard

Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 Dartboard

The Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 is an iconic choice for serious players and tournament participants. It’s often used in various competitive dart games and is thus quite reliable.

Manufactured from the finest grade “A” sisal, the Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2 is built to last, withstand heavy play, and even self-heal over time. It is a great pick if you are looking for a durable dartboard to use your steel tips on.

What makes this dartboard stand out is the clean playing area. Thanks to its very thin bullseye and Spider2 radial wires, you can play on 14% more space. Not only that, Unicorn has even managed to up the “25” ring’s playing area by 2%! Impressive! Isn’t it?

We also liked how the metal number ring is painted with high-contrast paint. It increases the ease of visibility so you can effortlessly throw the dart. The included mounting system ‘unilock’ is also very convenient for hanging the dartboard and playing regularly.


  • Grade A sisal
  • Spacious and clean playing area
  • Super thin bullseye


  • The long screws supplied with the board often damage the bullseye
  • It has a weird foul smell

Those searching for a tournament-level dartboard can select the Unicorn Eclipse Pro 2. It is a professional-grade board and great for elevating dart games. 

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6. Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

Viper League Pro Regulation Bristle Steel Tip Dartboard

Another beauty from Viper, The Viper League Pro Regulation steel tip bristle dartboard is a fantastic choice for professionals and tournament players.

This beauty is crafted from compressed sisal bristle fibers, offering unmatched durability. It will surely withstand those long dart-throwing sessions with sharpened steel tips.

This tournament-size board, measuring 18″ in diameter, is designed carefully with a staple-free bullseye. This feature eliminates frustrating bounce-outs and lets you enjoy the game fully. 

Top over that, it has a rotatable number ring that gifts the dartboard a longer lifespan. 

The cherry on top,  its thin, rounded galvanized wires, will gently guide your darts into the target area, making your game smoother and your scores higher.

With the versatile design Viper League Pro is a great companion for both steel tip and soft tip darts. So buying this is a safer choice whether you are a steel tip lover or the opposite. 

Viper League Pro Regulation steel tip bristle dartboard comes with a cricket scoreboard with chalk and eraser, steel tip darts, and most importantly, easy-to-install mounting hardware. 


  • Standard size
  • Staple-free construction
  • It can be used with both steel tip & soft-tip darts
  • Fewer bounce-outs


  • Not much self-healing
  • The darts are fragile.

Viper League Pro Regulation Dartboard is a durable choice if you’re preparing for tournaments and practicing regularly. Experts and professionals too can go for this dartboard without any doubt.

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7. EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Sets

EastPoint Sports Bristle Dartboard and Cabinet Sets

EastPoint Sports bristle dartboard is an exceptional choice for serious players seeking a standdard steel tip dartboard to level up their game.

This dartboad is desgned with tightly-packed sisal fiber.You can throw shot after shot, without worrying about visible holes.  Top over that, it’s crafted with a heavy-duty steel spider frame for durability. 

Measuring 18 inches, this official tournament size dartboard is designed to meet the standards of professional darts. It will refine your throwing technique and precision, while helping you to adapt to tournament conditions.

EastPoint Sports bristle dartboard features staple free bullseye that will let you focus on hitting those perfect shots, without any bounce-outs.Your scoring experience wiil be much better with its rotating and painted steel number ring. 

What we appriate is this steel tip dartboard comes with a cabinet that includes two chalk dart scoreboards and built-in dart holders.You can set it at home for practising and create your own dart corner.

Additionally, it includes a very good mounting template and hardware for easy-hanging. 


  • Durable
  • Can self-heal
  • Standard & tournament size
  • Rotatable number ring
  • Easy to mount
  • Comes with a cabinet and accessories


  • Included darts don’t stick and often bend
  • The chalk scoreboard is hard to write on

The EastPoint Sports bristle dartboard is the perfect choice for serious players looking for a standard steel tip dartboard to take their game to the next level. Whether you’re a professional or looking to develop skills, this dartboard will refine your skills and provide countless hours of enjoyable gameplay.

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8. Hey! Play!Bristle Dart Board

Hey! Play!Bristle Dart Board

Hey! Play! Bristle dartboard is a fantastic choice for adults and teenagers. Especially if you’re a pub or game room owner looking for a dartboard to keep your clients entertained for hours.

Hey! Play! dartboard is made of an enhanced self-healing bristle construction that can withstand the impact of steel tips. It’s quite durable and built to last, which is exactly what you need in a busy pub or game room environment.

The dartboard is 18’ in size, the standard for casual play or practice. It is designed to score higher with a staple-free frame, bull’s eye, and spider wire dividers. It increases th scoring advantages by reducing dart deflection and preventing bounce-outs.

Your clients will love the challenge and precision this dartboard offers. 

This dartboard features a vibrant, colorful, easy-to-read number ring scoring system for clear visibility and better playability.

Coming to the exciting part—the multiple games! This dartboard offers a wide array of your favorite bar games, including cricket, Shanghai, Around the Clock, and more. It doesn’t matter if your customers are beginners or advanced players; this board will surely entertain them.


  • Durable bristle construction
  • Scoring advantages
  • Fewer bounce outs due to ultra slim spider wire 
  • Multiple games facilities


  • The number ring isn’t rotatable
  • Self-healing doesn’t work well

Hey!Play! Bristle dartboard is a top-notch choice for pub or game room owners to offer some fun dart hours to their clients. It’s also good for teenagers who want to have a fun time with friends. 

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9. Seydrey Staple-Free Bristle Tournament Dart Board 

Seydrey Staple Free Bristle Tournament Dart Board

Seydrey staple-free bristle dartboard is a tournament-size dartboard with an exclusive design.

This dartboard will enhance your dart experience with a touch of style, and at the same time,  it’s perfect for unleashing your darting skills. 

The sisal fibers on the Seydrey dart board are very tight and have incredible tensile strength consequently. Manufactured with the best material, this 17.5-inch dartboard is a durable one to use in tournaments.

What we loved most is this dartboard from Seydrey has a complete setup to prevent bounce-outs and smoothen your darting experience. It features high tensile dynamic Sector wiring that improves playability. The perfect depth and density of sisal help darts penetrate the dartboard and reduce bouncing. 

Also, with its staple-free bullseye that keeps your darts right on target, you cannot but say goodbye to bounce-outs.

To ensure a top-notch playing experience, this dartboard’s seamless playing surface offers balanced play. The board uses eco-friendly ink that enhances visibility and allows you to aim properly.

Playing on this dartboard, you’ll not have to worry about your favorite aiming sector, as the rotatable number ring prevents wear and tear and extends the lifespan of your board. 

Along with the superb performance of the Seydrey dartboard, we bet from the moment you see it you can’t help but be captivated by its elegance. Top over that, you will get several accessories in the package to dominate the game.


  • Exclusive design
  • Prevents bounce outs
  • Rotatable number ring 
  • Comes as a complete setup


  • The mounting hardware isn’t good as it frequently falls.

Whether it’s for gift purposes or you need a sleek and enchanting dartboard to play with your steel tip darts, you can go for the Seydrey Staple-Free Bullseye-Bristle dartboard, perfect for both scenarios. 

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10. ONE80 Gladiator II Dartboard

ONE80 Gladiator II Dartboard

Last but not least, the Gladiator II dartboard from One80!

The Gladiator II dartboard is a reliable and high-quality option for dart enthusiasts. 

This dartboard is made with 1st-grade Kenyan sisal and offers a dense, durable playing surface. Its 17.8-inch tournament size is ideal for competitive play and skill development.

The wiring on the Gladiator II features One80’s signature ‘sword-edged’ spider wires, ensuring zero bounce-outs and a spacious scoring area. The staple-free wire structure enhances the board’s performance.

You won’t face any visibility issues when throwing a dart from the right distance as the number rings on this dartboard are coated in a matt grey hard chrome. It has a rotatable number ring that extends the lifespan of the board’s surface and allows for regular play.

The mounting facility of the Gladiator II is noteworthy, thanks to its unique ferrule design. It enables easy and damage-free mounting of the dartboard. Overall, the Gladiator II dartboard offers durability, performance, and convenience for players looking to enhance their dart game.


  • Durable
  • Rotatable number ring
  • Bright and clear appearnace 
  • Unique ferrule for mounting


  • Darts often don’t stick firmly compared to other dartboards
  • Doesn’t always “self-heal” well

If you’re looking for a durable tournament dartboard that will nourish your skills, you can get this Gladiator II dartboard from One80.

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Your Complete Buying Guide for The Best Steel Tip Dartboard

The right dartboard is essential to learn the game and perform better. That’s why the selection process should be done carefully and wisely.

There are several factors you need to consider when buying a steel tip dartboard. Here we’ve covered the key factors you must remember when buying the best steel tip dart according to your need.  

Consider material Quality 

A dartboard’s durability and overall performance depend largely on its material. To get the best dartboard, you must choose the best material.

Steel tip dartboards are made with sisal fiber, plastic, paper, wood, and cork.

Among all these materials, sisal fiber is highly regarded in the dart industry due to its resilience and self-healing ability. 

Sisal is a fiber from an agave plant. The density of the sisal fibers allows the dartboard to self-heal. That means the small dart holes made by the steel tip darts will gradually close up over time. 

Bristle boards are made of sisal fibers. These dartboards are durable enough to stand the impact of steel tips. Also, bristle boards give an authentic vibe of dart.

There are also paper-made, wooden and cork-made dartboards where you can play with steel tips, but these materials aren’t strong and may not improve your skills in the long run.

Sisal-made ones can give you an authentic dart experience while making the game competitive and more enjoyable. So when selecting, prefer high-quality bristle boards. 

Select the size wisely

Considering the size of the dartboard is an important factor when purchasing a steel-tip dartboard. 

You must know that the standard size of a dartboard is 18 inches in diameter. This is what is most professional and competitive players prefer. 

But there are also smaller-sized dartboards available. You’ll get  15 inches or 16 inches compact sizes as well. These smaller dartboards are suitable for smaller spaces or beginners who prefer a target with a larger surface area. 

When selecting the dartboard size, get enough idea of your space for the dartboard setup and your skill level, and consider factors like throwing distance and safety clearance.

Check the Wiring

The wiring of a dartboard determines the different scoring areas of the board. Your performance depends a lot on the type of wiring a dartboard has.

The wiring, also known as the spider wire is what divides the dartboard in different segments You’ll find thre types of wiring – rounded,ultra-thin or razor-wire and triangular. 

Rounded wires are the thickest and increase the chnaces of bounce-outs. Triangular wire is neither too thick or thin.

And the last one is the thinnest, it’s known as razor wire. Razor wired boards have the most surface area thus prevents bounce outs the most. 

Thick wirings increase the chance of bounce-outs and a lesser chance of hitting the target.

Dartboards with thin wire are the highest quality dartboards. Thin wiring reduces bounce-out chances, as darts are less likely to hit the wire and deflect off the board. It also provides more surface area for darts to land on, increasing the scoring potential. 

Moreover, if you choose thin wiring, you’ll get a cleaner and clearer target area to aim and hit specific segments on the dartboard.

So when inspecting a dartboard, go for the thinnest wiring possible. 

Another thing to consider when observing wiring is whether it uses staples or its staple-free. Staples occupy space and can increase  bounce outs. So always go for staple-free dartboards for a better dart experience. 

Pay attention to the number ring

Pay attention to the number ring

The number ring of a dartboard requires a quick check before you finalize your choice.

Observe the design of the number ring of the dartboard and whether the numbers are visible from the right distance. Certainly, a vibrant and clear scoring area makes the game easier!

Also, ensure the number ring is securely attached to the board and rotates smoothly. A rotating number ring prevents certain areas from wearing out faster than others.

If you want extra benefits, look for removable number rings. You can remove the ring whenever needed in such boards and attach it back to make the dartboard last longer. 

Look for mounting options 

You’ll need to hang the dartboard somewhere for a proper setup. 

So before buying, check if the dartboard has a mounting bracket or hardware. Observe the quality and avoid mounting templates or hardware that’ are made of cheap plastic or fragile materials. 

Also, you should consider whether you want a dartboard that can be hung on a wall or one that can be mounted on a dartboard stand. 

Whatever you choose, check the strength and durability of the mounting hardware to ensure it doesn’t fall off after a few games. 

Consider your budget

Steel tip dartboards are available in different price ranges, from very expensive to affordable.

It depends on your purpose and budget and how much you can invest in a dartboard. Thta’s why it’s important to set a budget and match your needs with that.

You dpn’t need to spend a grand on a high-range dartboard if you’re a casual player or only play darts for recreational purposes. There are many good steel tip dartboards available within 40$ to 60$ range. Combining your requirements and budget, you’ll find many good options at affordable prices. 

But if you’re a serious player, professional or own pubs or game corners, we suggest investing in a high-quality dartboard. A good steel tip dartboard from a reputed brand may cost around 90$ or more but can last years serving the best. 

Moreover, a high-quality dartboard can improve your game and satisfy your customer with the dartboard you stocked up in the game corner. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What makes a steel tip dart board better than others?

Durable built quality and authentic playing experience make a steel tip dartboard better than others. Besides, The small target areas and thin wire dividers add challenge and demand precision, making the game more engaging and competitive. Its high-quality construction ensures longevity and provides an authentic dart game experience. 

A steel-tip dartboard is made with top-grade sisal fibers, which offer longevity and self-sustaining attributes. Whereas plastic, cork, or paper dartboards are more prone to wear and tear. 
Steel tip dartboards also give an authentic game experience The sisal fibers used in these boards provide a dense and resilient surface that closely resembles the feel of playing on a professional dartboard. Other dartboards, for example soft tip dartboards are good as well but lack the taste of traditional dart. 

Which materials are commonly used for steel tip dart boards?

Sisal fiber, paper and cork are commonly used for steel tip dart boards. Sisal fiber is the most popular choice among all these, especially for steel-tip bristle dartboards, due to its high durability, self-healing mechanism and authentic game experience.
While paper or cork-made steel tip dartboards are not widely used for competitive or serious gameplay, they are often preferred by players for casual or recreational purposes.

How can I prevent bounce-outs while playing with steel tip darts?

To prevent bounce-outs, you can use a slim profile, a well-sharpened dart, and a properly maintained dartboard. Additionally, throwing the dart perpendicular angle and following the right dartboard setup can help the dart to avoid contacting wires, so the bounce out can be reduced.

A high-quality dartboard is required for the best experience when playing with steel-tip darts. It has to be designed with thin wires to avoid bounce-outs. Loosen wire and fractures has to be removed and only be played if in good quality. Sharpened steel tips are less likely to bounce out, and slim profile minimum grooves darts minimize the chances of falling.


Choosing the best steel-tip dartboard leads to selecting a board that offers durability, great playability, and excellent value for your money.

Whether you’re playing at home,looking to furnish your game room or getting prepared for a tournament,  a high-quality steel tip dartboard is your ticket to honing your skills and achieving pinpoint accuracy. 

Just to ensure you don’t settle for anything less than the best,we’ve listed the top steel tip dartboards.Our detailed reviews have highlighted the standout features of each dartboard, helping you understand their strengths and weaknesses.

Go through the reviews, take help of the buying guide and invest in the best steel tip dartboard to witness your game reach new heights. So what are you waiting for?Upgrade to the best steel-tip dartboard now.

If you’re also interested in other types of dartboards, don’t miss our article on the “best dart boards” for a complete darting experience!

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