5 Best Eastpoint Foosball Tables for Relaxed Gaming Sessions

EastPoint Sports is a trusted name in the game equipment industry. Instead of focusing on the professional game, their tables are more for casual games or being the main attraction of the game nights or parties.

Whether you’re a homeowner seeking to upgrade your game room, a business owner aiming to entertain patrons, or a company looking to enhance your recreational areas, EastPoint has got you covered. This brand might not meet the mark for those passionate about intense foosball battles due to its lack of stability; however, for fun game nights, these are countable!

Severe or seasonal, EastPoint’s foosball tables are designed to elevate each table soccer player’s game to new heights. 

Since Eastpoint has a great collection of foosball tables, picking one that meets your requirements can take time and effort. 

That’s where we come in. 

We’ve carefully chosen the best 5 EastPoint foosball tables, keeping homeowners, business persons, and foosball lovers in mind. Here, we will review these products based on key factors like durability, features, playability, and design.  

We’ll also include a buying guide at the end of the review section to inform you of the factors to consider before purchasing the right foosball table. 

So, let’s find the perfect EastPoint Foosball table that blends quality and fun!

Best EastPoint Foosball Table Comparison

TablesSizeSuitable ForPrice
EastPoint Torino56-inchCasual and friendly playCheck Price
EastPoint 48-inch48-inchAll-age casual playersCheck Price
EastPoint Biltmore54-inchFriendly matchesCheck Price
EastPoint Coffee55-inchCasual play at homeCheck Price
EastPoint MultiGame54-inchVarious indoor gamesCheck Price

Dive into EastPoint’s Foosball Collection

Each of these 5 tables offers something appealing, ensuring a perfect match for every foosball enthusiast. So, let’s learn about the products, align your needs, and select the right foosball table for you!

1. EastPoint Sports Torino Foosball Table

EastPoint Sports Torino Foosball Table

The EastPoint Sports Torino Foosball Table is a full-sized model that combines functionality and aesthetics in a package.

This 56-inch table is spacious enough for casual and friendly matches. You can comfortably play with multiple players without feeling congested. 

Torino is well-built with solid wood and features steel rods. It’s a durable and sturdy choice for regular light-hearted matches. But if you plan to play high-voltage matches, this is insufficient.

It also has leg-levelers, so you can play with full force on any surface without facing any shaking. 

The traditional soccer-style players of this table are counter-weighted and mounted on hollow steel rods. So you get to enjoy a smooth and fast gameplay. The table also comes with sliding manual bead-style scoring units and end ball returns, contributing to its playability. The comfort grip handles are made of hollow steel rods, so you can spin quickly without feeling any pressure in the grips.

Since Torino has pre-assembled player rods and quick snap-in bearings, you can quickly set up this attractive table and start scoring.

Along with good features, Torino Foosball Table blends classic and modern. The wooden finish makes it classy, while the chrome and black borders around the edge define the design. 


  • Full-size table
  • Easy setup with assembled player rods
  • Counter-balanced players
  • It has adjustable leg levelers that enhance playability
  • Attractive design with wood look exterior and chrome and black accents


  • Not suitable for professional tournaments or intense games

Final Verdict

The EastPoint Sports Torino Foosball Table is an excellent choice for casual players or hobbyists who value aesthetics and functionality. Its full size, easy setup, and appealing design make it an exclusive addition to any game room, whether it’s your home or office. 

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2. EastPoint Sports 48-inch Foosball Table with LED Scoring

EastPoint Sports 48 inch Foosball Table with LED Scoring

The EastPoint Sports 48-inch Foosball Table is an excellent option to light up your table soccer experience. This table is a handy size that fits perfectly in a corner. At the same time, it’s lightweight, so you can move it around your business place, home, or anywhere else. 

It is sturdy and well-built enough to withstand casual and recreational play. Players fond of competitive foosball rounds may skip this one as it’s not stable enough against intense games.

What makes this table unique is its LED scoring system. This feature adds a funky, modern touch to the table and ensures fair play by accurately tracking scores and game actions. The lights run on batteries, so whether you’re having a game night in your basement or enjoying in the bar, it ensures nonstop performance throughout your games.

To enhance playability, it comes with adjustable legs. Utilizing this, you can easily adjust the table to a comfortable height for both short and tall players.

It also features sturdy handles with a comfortable grip, ensuring you can easily control your players during the game. 

The design of the EastPoint Sports 48-inch Foosball Table is sleek and modern. You keep it at any corner, and it’ll blend in smoothly. 

With the table, you’ll get two foosballs to start playing immediately. However, due to mismatched screws, this table is a bit complicated to assemble, which can be considered a downside. 


  • LED scoring system for fair play
  • Adjustable legs for any height players
  • Sturdy handles with a comfortable grip
  • Easy to move


  • Not durable for competitive games
  • Complicated to assemble

Final Verdict

The EastPoint Sports 48-inch Foosball Table with LED Scoring is an excellent choice at home or in bars and restaurants. Its compact size, adjustable legs, and LED scoring system make it a versatile option for all-age casual players.

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3. EastPoint Sports Biltmore Foosball Table

EastPoint Sports Biltmore Foosball Table

The EastPoint Sports Biltmore Foosball Table is another gem from the brand’s table soccer collection. 

It’s slightly smaller than the full-size design but perfect for playing friendly matches and casual rounds. The table’s construction is robust. It’s strong and durable since made of quality Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). Moreover, it has a solid wood apron over the table that resists wear and tear. 

So, regarding longevity, Biltmore is a reliable option for playing with friends and family.

This table features high-performance player rod bushings. It helps the rods slide and spin smoothly, making the game more enjoyable. The hollow steel rods and robot-style players make this table suitable for friendly competitions. 

The table has got leg levers to make it comfortable for all heights. It also has a bead-style scoring system, which conveniently keeps track of the score. 

Coming to its design, this one has a beautiful wooden finish that gives it an elegant and expensive look.

In comparison, the price of this one is not too much! However, you may find it irritating as assembly can be time-consuming.


  • Elegant wood finish for a stylish look
  • High-performance player rod bushings for smooth play
  • Bead style scoring system for easy score tracking
  • Includes leg levelers


  • Assembly can be time-consuming
  • It might not be ideal for super-fast play or Tournaments

Final Verdict

The EastPoint Sports Biltmore Foosball Table is perfect for foosball lovers who play friendly matches frequently. It has a balance of style and performance, so it is an excellent choice to keep in game rooms in public places.

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4. EastPoint Sports 55-Inch Coffee Table Soccer Foosball Game Table

EastPoint Sports 55 Inch Coffee Table Soccer Foosball Game Table

If you like to play indoor games while sipping coffee, the EastPoint Foosball Coffee Table is an option you may go for. It is a multi-purpose table with a sleek and functional design. 

This 55-inch table is a decent pick for casual games, doubling as a functional coffee table. While it’s a good size to keep at a coffee shop, professional or tournament players may find it too small.

The EastPoint brand is known for its quality construction; this foosball coffee table is no exception. It is made of solid wood, thus durable for foosball enthusiasts to play back-to-back casual or friendly matches. 

However, it’s heavier to move than the other EastPoint foosball models, which can be a bit of trouble if you often move the table or redecorate your place. But if you have a specific spot for keeping game equipment, the weight won’t matter.

You’ll enjoy a smooth game as the rods and players are well-designed. It also has three-person goali e setups, so better coverage and scoring possibilities exist. 

This foosball coffee table has a sheeny and lush wooden polish. It’s covered in the middle with tempered glass that can prevent regular wear and tear. The glass top provides a sleek surface for your coffee cups or magazines while allowing a clear view of the ongoing game beneath. 

While this table has dual functionality, it has compromised some aspects of gameplay; for example, you’ll get no leg levelers coming with this. 


  • Dual functionality
  • Stylish and attractive design
  • The glass on top is tempered and thus scratch-resistant.


  • The table size is smaller for professional games
  • It’s heavier than other models
  • It lacks leg levelers

Final Verdict

EastPoint Foosball Coffee Table is an excellent addition for casual players wanting to add a touch of fun to their living room. It’s also suitable for business owners looking for fancy foosball tables but doesn’t have space for a full-sized table.

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5. EastPoint Sports 54″ 4in1 MultiGame Game Room Table

EastPoint Sports 54 inch 4in1 MultiGame Game Room Table

For players fond of various indoor games, including foosball, this MultiGame Table is a superb choice. This table is a fantastic blend of four classic games: Pool, Foosball, Table Tennis, and Air Hockey, offering various entertainment options for kids and adults.

This table is 54 inches, smaller than full-size ones, but can be used comfortably for playing casually with 3-4 people. It’s built with durable plastic, ensuring it can withstand casual and competitive play.

The assembly is straightforward and requires no tools, which is a significant plus for those who dread complicated setups.

What makes this one unique is its easy conversion system. You can switch between games in minutes, keeping the competition fresh and exciting. You can even carry it to different destinations and enjoy foosball with friends and family.

The table has a clean, straightforward design. The ashy structure and the black and white players make a great combination to fit into any game place. 


  • Multi-game facilities
  • Can be easily conversed
  • Portable
  • Suitable for young and casual players


  • Cannot withstand intense match
  • It is pretty expensive compared to its foosball features 

Final Verdict

The EastPoint Multigame foosball table is an excellent option if you are looking for one that lets you enjoy other indoor games. We think for recreational purposes it’s a good deal.

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About Eastpoint

Eastpoint Logo

EastPoint Sports, a leading indoor and outdoor recreational game brand, has a rich history of growth and innovation. Owned by Mason Wells Buyout Fund IV, a private equity firm, the brand has earned a broad fan base with its quality gaming equipment.

The North American company EastPoint Sports started with a focus on indoor and outdoor games, and it has since broadened its product range to include tailgate games, lawn games, darts, and air hockey, among others. 

A significant milestone in EastPoint Sports’ growth journey was its collaboration with Buffalo Games on January 31, 2023. The merger was seen as a significant opportunity for growth, bringing together two companies with a strong presence in the retail and e-commerce channels.

Among all the manufactured items, EastPoint Sports’ foosball tables are noteworthy. These are known for their excellent design, durability, and innovative features. The tables are designed with the table soccer player in mind, offering a superior gaming experience. Most EastPoint tables include beneficial features like reinforced aprons, ergonomic handles, traditional bead scoring systems, etc., for a better tabletop foosball experience. 

Reflecting on EastPoint Sports’ journey, it’s clear that the brand has carved a niche in the indoor and outdoor recreational games industry. Their diverse product range shows their commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. 

Looking ahead, EastPoint Sports is set to keep growing and influence the future of recreational games with its creative products. 

Things to Consider Before Buying Eastpoint Foosball Table

Each table from EastPoint is different. The size, structure, material, design, color, equipment, assembly process, etc., are the factors that are responsible for the difference you see in each model. Considering these aspects, you can decide which EastPoint Foosball Table is the right fit for you.

Skill Level and Usage

In EastPoint’s collection, you’ll mostly get tables for casual and recreational games. These can be used in different places based on size, weight, and functions. Consider your skill and use case when buying foosball tables from this brand. Also, decide if you’ll keep it at home or in public places like bars, game centers, and restaurants.


EastPoint offers various sizes, from full-size to compact. You’ll find a 55’ coffee table, a 48’ table, a full-size Biltmore, and many more options of different measurements. Based on your purpose and available space, choose the right size. 

Special Features

Look for advanced table features that can enhance playability and make the game more enjoyable. EastPoint may not produce professional-style foosball tables, but there are some additions to its tables that you’ll love. 

Manual bead-style scoring unitLED scoring system, adjustable legs, leg levelers, or multigame options are some standard features EastPoint includes.

Along with these, don’t forget to consider the assembly process of each table as a complicated procedure can ruin your mood and delay the game.


This is something almost all table soccer player loves about this brand. Its designs are simple yet attractive. And this is a factor you shouldn’t overlook when buying tables from EastPoint because your chosen model reflects your persona.

Whether you need it for a commercial area or your home, there are various designs, from classic wood finishes to modern looks. 

So you can choose based on your aesthetic preference and where the table will be placed.


The EastPoint Foosball Table is ideal for a foosball table with great aesthetics and minimum features for laid-back games and fun evenings. 

While EastPoint is not the top choice for the pros, the 5 tables we’ve checked out are fantastic for casual and recreational games. 

You may need to explore other tables to play championship matches, but these are solid picks for quality without breaking the bank. Its simple and classic design makes it an accessible option for those new to the game or looking for a basic table.

If you’re in the market for light, recreational foosball fun without breaking the bank, these tables from EastPoint are worth considering. So, have you decided your pick yet?

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