Red Dragon Javelin Darts Review: Bullseye Choice

Looking to up your darts game but not sure where to start? You’ve come to the right place. In this Red Dragon Javelin darts review, we’re providing details on what makes these one of the best darts

But we understand buying darts can be tricky. You want something that feels right in your hand and flies true to the dartboard. So, we’ll break down the specs, share what other players are saying, and compare these darts to others in the Red Dragon lineup. If you’ve been looking for darts that match your style without breaking the bank, keep reading. It’s going to make your decision a whole lot easier.

Red Dragon Javelin Darts Reviewed


Specifications of red dragon javelin darts

The Javelin darts set stands out in the world of darts for its balance of quality and design, aimed at players who demand precision and consistency in their game. Each set has three darts, available in weights of 20g, 22g, and 24g, catering to a wide range of preferences and throwing styles.

These darts are constructed from over 80% premium quality Red Dragon tungsten, a material known for its durability and density. This high tungsten content allows for a slimmer dart, providing tighter grouping and higher scoring potential.

Included in the set are Red Dragon stems and flights, components that complement the tungsten barrels perfectly. The stems are designed to offer a secure fit, minimizing wobble and ensuring a smooth flight path. The flights, made from 100 micron extra thick material, not only endure the rigors of play but also assist in stabilizing the dart’s trajectory.

A standout feature of these darts is their performance and grip. The Javelin series has been crafted for grip and balance, offering an extended barrel for those who prefer a longer dart. This design enhances control and precision, making each throw consistent.

The attention to detail extends to the weight accuracy of these darts. Red Dragon guarantees that each dart in the set is match weighed to within 0.1 of a gram. This precision ensures that players can rely on the uniformity of their darts, a crucial factor in achieving consistent performance.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or new to the darting world, understanding these specifications is key to selecting the right darts for your game. The Red Dragon Javelin darts are not just tools but companions in your quest for darting excellence.

Key Features and Benefits

Each of the key features – the durable flights, the meticulously designed shafts, and the high-density tungsten construction – come together to create a set of darts that offer unparalleled benefits. Let’s know how these features impact the performance.

Key Features of red dragon javelin darts

100 Micron Extra Thick Dart Flights: Durability Meets Precision

The Javelin darts are equipped with 100 micron extra thick flights, a feature that sets them apart in terms of durability and performance. This thickness ensures that the flights withstand the impact of repeated throws, maintaining their shape and stability over time.

The added durability does not compromise the darts’ flight path; instead, it enhances stability through the air, ensuring that each dart lands exactly where you aimed. This level of precision and reliability is why top-class professionals often choose these flights. Their endorsement underscores the flights’ quality, promising amateur and seasoned players alike a competitive edge.

Red Dragon Dart Shafts: The Foundation of Feel

Central to the Javelin darts’ appeal is the design and construction of the Red Dragon dart shafts. These shafts play an important role in how the dart feels from the moment it’s released until it hits the dartboard.

The careful balance between flexibility ensures a smooth trajectory, minimizing any wobble and enhancing the player’s control over each throw. This optimized “feel” is crucial for players who rely on consistent performance and tactile feedback to refine their technique and improve their game.

The Significance of 85% Premium Quality Tungsten

A major attraction of Red Dragon Javelin darts is their 85% premium quality tungsten construction. Tungsten is celebrated in the darting community for its superior density compared to other materials, allowing tungsten darts to have a slimmer profile that can still maintain the desired weight.

This slim profile facilitates tighter groupings and, consequently, higher scoring potential during play. The choice of such a high percentage of tungsten is proof of Red Dragon’s commitment to providing players with the best possible tools for their game. It’s this focus on quality materials that contributes to the darts’ outstanding performance.


  • Great Value for Money: Players appreciated the combination of quality and affordability, making these darts a great purchase for their price.
  • Quality Construction: The darts are praised for their nicely machined barrel and the use of over 80% tungsten, which contributes to their overall good build quality.
  • Grippy Barrel: The barrel design is mentioned to have a good grip, making it easier to hold the darts and throw accurately.
  • Weight Accuracy: The darts have great match weight accuracy, with sets matched within .01g, enhancing the consistency of throws.


  • Flimsy Shafts: The shafts, particularly those made of plastic, are too flimsy and prone to breaking, requiring replacements.
  • Potential for Deflections: Due to the sharp and deep grooves on the darts, some users experienced more deflections and bounce-outs when the dart’s grip contacts another dart’s flight.

These insights are from user feedback to provide a balanced view of the Red Dragon Javelin tungsten darts, highlighting their value and quality alongside some areas that could be improved, particularly concerning the durability of the shafts.

Comparison with Other Red Dragon Darts

Red Dragon darts offers a wide range of high-quality darts, each designed to meet the diverse needs of dart players worldwide. The Javelin series, however, stands out for several reasons, particularly when compared to other models in the Red Dragon lineup.

Seamless Design and Affordability

Seamless Design of red dragon javelin darts

One of the Javelin’s most notable features is its seamless design. This design ensures a smooth transition between the dart’s barrel, shaft, and flight, minimizing disruption in airflow and enhancing aerodynamic efficiency.

Such attention to detail contributes to more consistent flight paths and, ultimately, better scoring potential. Additionally, despite these premium features, the Javelin darts are surprisingly affordable. This combination of high-quality design and cost-effectiveness makes them an attractive option for both new players and seasoned enthusiasts looking for exceptional value without compromising on performance.

Grip, Quality, and Value Comparison

Grip is a critical factor in dart selection, influencing control and consistency. The Javelin series offers a unique grip that caters to players seeking a firm hold without the risk of slippage. This grip feature compares favorably with other Red Dragon darts, many of which also offer excellent grip options but may vary in texture and pattern to suit different preferences.

In terms of quality, Javelin darts are constructed from 85% premium quality tungsten, a common feature among high-end Red Dragon darts. What sets the Javelin apart is how this quality material is utilized within its design to maximize performance and durability.

When evaluating value, it’s essential to consider both the upfront cost and the long-term benefits. The Javelin series, with its affordable price point, durable construction, and performance-enhancing features, offers exceptional value. This makes them not only a wise choice for players looking to improve their game without breaking the bank but also a solid investment in terms of longevity and sustained performance.

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In wrapping up our review of the Red Dragon Javelin darts, it’s clear that their seamless design, superior grip, and the exceptional value make them a standout choice. Whether you’re just starting your darting journey or you’re a seasoned player looking to refine your game, the Javelin series deliver both performance and affordability.

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