How to Play Golf Darts: A Step-by-Step Guide for Beginners

In this unique fusion of sports, golf darts captures the essence of traditional golf while adding its own creative spin. Picture yourself standing in front of a dartboard, honing your aim and precision as you strategically launch darts towards specific target points.

Just like in a game of golf, the objective is to achieve the lowest score by using the fewest number of darts possible. It’s a thrilling challenge that will have you hooked from the very first swing.

So, are you ready to delve into the fascinating world of golf darts? Let’s dive in and uncover the rules, strategies, and secrets that will propel you to victory and ensure hours of exhilarating gameplay. Get your darts ready, and let’s tee off on this incredible journey together!

How to Play Golf Dart?

Here, we’ll share a few steps of playing golf darts. Following these simple steps can make you the master of this very interesting dart game. 

Step 1: Determine how many rounds you’re going to play. It can be 9 or 18 rounds depending on the number of players. In this guide, we’ll explain the playing steps considering an 18-round game.

Step 2: Deciding the playing order is the next thing players should do. In dart golf, the player who throws last has the advantage of observing what other players has thrown. So either by the ‘Bulls-eye method’ or a coin toss, you’ll decide who will go last in this game. 

Step 3: Target the number 1 section or 1st hole in the first round.’ You have to hit this hole within 3 throws if the par is set 3. Depending on the difficulty of hitting a number the par and chances of throwing a dart can vary.

Back to the game,if your darts hit the number 1, you don’t have to throw the other darts. But if you miss the target, you can throw the other darts. 

Step 4:The next players will try the same once you decide your turn is over. Once all players have completed the round, you move on to the next hole (number) and start again. You have to follow this sequence till round 18. In the end, after the score is totaled, if you have got the lowest stroke, you win!

If you still have any doubt or finding it difficult to absorb the playing method only by reading, you can watch this video.

Rules of Golf Dart 

Dart golf is a really fun game. It’s like playing darts and golf at the same time. It’s similar to another game called Dart 501. The cool thing is, there are no strict rules. People make their own rules when they play, just like when you play a game in your backyard.

But don’t worry if you are a beginner golfer or if you are already good at it. This game is fun for everyone because it’s a mix of a challenge and enjoyment. To help you understand it better, we will stick to the most common rules of the game.

1. Golf dart is played with at least 2 players and more. Usually, people play golf dart in 9 or 18 rounds. If it’s a large  group, 9 rounds are enough. 18 rounds are good for playing with a smaller group. 

2. Each round is focused on a specific number. Usually, golf dart is played in numerical order. So in the first round, players will focus on the number 1 of the dartboard, then on number 2, and it continues accordingly as per the round.

3. The objective of golf dart is to complete the ‘holes’ or numbers in the fewest ‘strokes’. This game requires a traditional dartboard with the usual numbering and a few sets of darts.

4. The 9/18 numbers of a standard dartboard represent the 9/18 holes of a golf course. 

5. Whatever number or segment you target on the dartboard, players must set a ‘par.’ Here the term ‘par’ is brought from traditional golf. Golfers use par as the expected number of strokes to complete one hole. Similarly, in golf, dart players must determine ‘par’ for each segment/number to determine the ideal number of darts to hit the target. For example, if your target is double 20 and the par is 3, you should hit the double 20 in three darts. Usually players set par 3 for each hole.

6. During each round, each player can throw up to three darts. Players can choose to stop throwing their darts at any time during their turn. For example, if a player throws the first dart and not satisfied with the score, he can throw the other darts for a better result. And if the first dart hits the desired number, the player may not throw the remaining darts. Whether a player throws one dart or all three, the last dart thrown will be added to the scoreboard and make the final decision.

7. Players can proceed to the next hole once all the team payers have completed their rounds.

Scoring of Golf Dart

Scoring of Golf Dart

If you know how to keep score in golf, you will find the golf dart scoring similar to the stroke play method where the goal is to complete each hole with the fewest number of throws. Here’s how the scoring typically works:

  • Here, scoring is termed as strokes just like in a regular game of golf
  • Each hole on the golf dartboard corresponds to a specific numbered section. For example, hole 1 corresponds to the section marked “1” on the dartboard, hole 2 corresponds to the section marked “2,” and so on.
  • The scoring is usually determined by the number of throws it takes to hit the target section. For example, if it takes a player three throws to hit the designated section for hole 1, their score for that hole would be three.
  • A missed dart is worth 5 strokes.It’s also known as ‘double-bogey in golf.’
  • The larger singles section between the double and triple is worth 4 strokes.
  • The smaller singles section between the triple and the bullseye is worth 4 strokes.
  • The triple is worth 3 strokes. It’s known as ‘birdie’
  • The double is a hole in one

Keeping track of the scores is important in this dart golf game to determine the winner and know your performance. Again, there is no official method for recording the scores.

You can write the players’ names on the top of the scoring board and then write down the numbers of the round you will play in the left column.

Golf Darts Score Board

During the game, mark each player’s score beside their name, and at the end of the game, sum it up to know the final score. Many players like to make two different columns for scoring. One is to mark the score of the running around, and another is to keep track of the total score. 

Golf Dart Tips & Strategies

Golf darts can freshen your dart schedule.This classic game makes darting fancier and of course more thrilling. Also, it’s a good way to practice doubles and engage your brain in strategic planning. Dart golf requires a lot of practice. But it becomes easy if you follow a few tips and strategies. 

Here are 4 tips and strategies that can affect your game and turn it in your favor.

  • Try to hit a double on your first throw. It will create chances for the lowest possible score as double the value of that target will be deducted in one throw. 
  • While throwing the second dart, try to follow the previous one and get a double. You can also try for a single depending on your skill or accuracy level. But according to experts, a smart player also tries for a double on his second shot.
  • Use the first two darts for lower scoring and keep the last one as a chance to redeem your position in the game. It’s better to take risky attempts in the earlier shots.
  • Observe others’ games and score. It will help you to understand where you stand in the game and plan further steps. For example, if you are quite ahead in the game, avoid risky shots and if you are lagging, take, attempt to go for the hole-in-one.

Master Your Dart Skills

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player looking to perfect your game, we have resources tailored just for you. Our detailed guides will help you improve every aspect of your dart-playing technique:

Invest time in mastering these skills, and you’ll soon notice an improvement in your performance in Darts 301 and other dart games.

Summing up

Golf dart is an entertaining game that combines elements of golf and dart.It lets you experience the accuracy of darts and the golf strategy on a dart board, with or without a large group of players. It’s a game that won’t make you feel monotonous when playing darts as the scoring is quite unique.

Golf dart is more fun when you win the rounds with glory and make heads turn. So keep practicing according to the rules we mentioned. Also, don’t forget to apply the tips and strategies when needed.

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