Winmau MVG Darts Reviewed: How Do They Stack Against Others?

Want to start playing darts or searching for the perfect gift for a dart lover? You’re in the right spot! Whether you’re overwhelmed by the many darts options or just looking for the best value, the Michael Van Gerwen MvG gift set stands out as an excellent option.

This review brings out the details about MvG gift dart sets. From the sleek design to the precise weight distribution, we discussed what makes these sets stand out. Plus, we compare them to other models to help you make an informed choice. 

Winmau MVG Darts Review


Overview of winmau mvg darts

When it comes to darts, Winmau stands out as a blend of quality and innovation. Renowned for crafting gear that champions use, Winmau has carved its name into the heart of the darts community. Their dedication to excellence makes their product not just a tool, but a treasure for both the beginners and the seasoned pro. It’s this legacy that the Michael Van Gerwen (MvG) gift sets belong to.

Made from 100% Polyamide, these sets offer a sleek finish, ensuring that every throw feels good. The dimensions are compact and practical, which is ideal for easy handling and aiming, providing a comfortable grip for players of different levels.  

What’s Included in the Set?

The Winmau Michael Van Gerwen MvG gift set is a comprehensive solution for darts enthusiasts, packing an impressive array of tools and accessories to enhance your game. Let’s see what you are getting here.

What's Included in winmau mvg darts

Set of 3 x 20g Winmau MvG Design Steel Tip Darts

These are the stars of the set. Each dart is meticulously crafted with a precise 20g weight. They are designed to offer a balanced throw and optimal accuracy, making them one of the best steel tip darts. The MvG design pays homage to darts legend Michael Van Gerwen, reflecting a standard of excellence that aspiring and seasoned players alike can appreciate. 

What’s more attractive is that they offer the option to choose a soft tip dart set for your electronic dartboard as well. In that case, you need to pay slightly more and will get 3 x 18g Winmau MvG design soft tip darts instead of steel tip ones.

4 Sets of Winmau MvG Mega Standard Flights

As you already know, dart flights are crucial for the dart’s flight path. And these MvG Mega standard flights ensure stability and precision. The included 4 sets allow for customization and replacement to keep your darts in top condition.

2 Sets of Winmau Prism Shafts

The Prism shafts are known for their strength and lightweight design, contributing to the dart’s overall aerodynamics. 2 sets provide options for personal preference or replacement needs.

1 Set MvG Signature Nylon Shafts and 1 Set Winmau Black Nylon Shafts

Offering a variety in dart shaft material, these nylon options present a different feel and flexibility. The MvG Signature set adds a personal touch from the champion himself, while the black nylon shafts offer a sleek, professional look.

Additional Accessories: The set rounds off with essential accessories that every darts player needs:

  • 4 Sets of Flightsavers: These protect the flights from damage during play, extending their life and performance.
  • 1 Winmau Point Protector: A simple yet vital tool for keeping your dart points sharp, ensuring they’re always game-ready.
  • 3 Sets of Shaft Rings: These rings secure the shafts to the darts, preventing loosening during play. A small but crucial detail for maintaining your darts.
  • 1 Winmau Case: A durable case to keep your darts and accessories organized and protected, perfect for storage or travel.
  • 1 MvG Checkout Card: A handy reference tool for calculating finishes, this card can help improve your game strategy and checkout efficiency.

Each item in the set has been carefully selected to offer a comprehensive toolkit for the darts player, combining variety, and the endorsement of a darts legend. Whether you’re practicing with your darboard at home, competing in a league, or simply enjoying a casual game with friends, the Winmau MvG gift sets provide everything you need to elevate your game.

Design and Functionality

This gift set is not just a collection of darts and accessories; they are thoughtfully constructed to enhance every aspect of your darts experience.

Design and Functionality of winmau mvg darts

Design Aspects

100% Polyamide Construction: The darts are crafted from quality polyamide, a synthetic polymer known for resistance to wear and tear. This material choice makes the darts look stylish and professional. They also help to withstand regular use. The polyamide construction contributes to a stable flight path and consistent performance, making these darts a reliable choice.

Aesthetic and Ergonomic Design: Beyond their technical specifications, the darts boast an aesthetic appeal with the MvG branding and a sleek steel tip color. The ergonomic design makes it comfortable to hold the darts, allowing players to throw with precision and confidence. The balance between aesthetics and ergonomics demonstrates Winmau’s commitment to providing a product that is as pleasing to the eye as it is effective in play.

Functionality and Performance Benefits

Performance of winmau mvg darts

Variety of Flights and Shafts: The inclusion of different sets of flights and shafts allows players to customize their darts to suit their throwing style and preferences. This customization is key to optimizing flight paths and achieving greater accuracy.

Mega Standard Flights: They stabilize the dart’s flight, offering a consistent trajectory towards the dartboard. Their standard size provides a balance between speed and control, suitable for players who prefer a traditional throw.

Prism Shafts: The Prism shafts, known for their lightweight design, contribute to the dart’s overall aerodynamics. The material used in these shafts offers a blend of flexibility and strength, reducing drag and allowing for smoother throws.

Nylon Shafts: The nylon shafts, including the MvG Signature and Winmau black nylon shafts, offer a different feel and flexibility level. Nylon is a material that absorbs some of the impact energy, potentially reducing bounce-outs and improving grip.

Accessories for Enhanced Performance: The additional accessories, such as the flightsavers and shaft rings, play a critical role in maintaining the darts’ condition and performance. 

Overall, the design and functionality of the Winmau Michael Van Gerwen MvG gift sets reflect a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of darts players. From the choice of materials to the inclusion of customizable components and protective accessories, every detail has been considered to enhance performance and enjoyment of the game.


  • Great Value: This set offers a  great value as it comes with all the necessary pieces and parts at a good price.
  • Perfect for Casual Play: They are perfect for casual play, especially when just spending time with family and friends.
  • Quality: Users have praised the darts for their quality, highlighting that they are among the best soft tip darts they’ve used.
  • Ideal for All Levels: The dart set is mentioned as being perfect for players of all levels, making it a versatile choice.
  • Satisfactory Weight and Flight: The weight and flight of the darts contribute positively to the game performance.
  • Comprehensive Kit: The kit is appreciated for being nicely packed and containing everything needed for a good game of darts.


  • Durability Issues: There are concerns about the durability and overall quality of the darts, with tips breaking and shafts breaking after minimal use.

These insights are to provide a balanced view of strengths and weaknesses as shared by those who have purchased and used the dart set.

Comparison with Other Models

The darts world is rich with options, each tailored to suit different styles and preferences. Among these, the Winmau Michael Van Gerwen (MvG) darts series stands out for its quality and variety. Let’s compare the darts included in the MvG gift sets with two other popular models from the same lineage: the Winmau Exact 21.5g Darts and the MVG Trilogy 21.5g Darts. This comparison will focus on design, grip, and weight distribution, offering insights into how each model caters to different player needs.

Design Differences

MvG Gift Sets Darts: The darts in the gift set are characterized by their sleek, polyamide construction and the iconic MvG design. The focus is on a balanced, aerodynamic shape that suits a wide range of throwing styles. The steel tip color and branding are visually striking. They are mainly for those looking for an affordable and comprehensive set.

Winmau Exact 21.5g Darts: The Exact model features a more traditional design, emphasizing precision and consistency. These darts are designed with a specific focus on achieving a precise balance and weight distribution, tailored for players who value accuracy above all else.

MVG Trilogy 21.5g Darts: The Trilogy darts boast a unique, three-part construction that offers a distinct grip and weight distribution. This model includes a scalloped grip near the front, a smooth central section, and a rear section designed for enhanced control. The Trilogy is for players looking for a sophisticated grip and a versatile throwing experience.

Grip Variations

MvG Gift Sets Darts: The grip on these darts is designed to be versatile, accommodating a wide range of players. The focus is on providing a comfortable, secure grip that allows for consistent throws.

Winmau Exact 21.5g Darts: The Exact darts feature a ring grip, optimized for players who prefer a firmer hold. This grip style is beneficial for those who rely on tactile feedback to maintain consistency in their throw.

MVG Trilogy 21.5g Darts: The Trilogy darts are notable for their innovative grip design. The scalloped grip in the front provides a tactile reference point, while the varied texture across the dart allows players to customize their hold according to their preference.

Weight Distribution

MvG Gift Sets Darts: These darts are designed with a balanced weight distribution, making them suitable for a broad audience. The aim is to provide a dart that is easy to control, regardless of the player’s experience level.

Winmau Exact 21.5g Darts: The Exact darts have a weight distribution that emphasizes stability and precision. This design is particularly beneficial for players who have a very controlled throw and are looking for darts that complement this precision.

MVG Trilogy 21.5g Darts: The Trilogy darts offer a unique weight distribution that enhances the dart’s aerodynamics. The three-part construction allows for subtle adjustments in grip and throwing style, catering to players who enjoy experimenting with their technique to find the perfect throw.

While all these models share the excellence and precision that Winmau and Michael Van Gerwen are known for, they cater to different preferences and styles. Whether you prioritize versatility, precision, or innovative grip and weight distribution, there’s a Winmau MvG dart model designed to meet your needs.

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We have come through the world of Winmau’s Michael Van Gerwen (MvG) gift sets, exploring their design, functionality, and how they stack up against other models. Remember, the right darts can not only improve your game but also increase the enjoyment you get from each throw.

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