10 Best Dart Flights to Enhance Your Throw Like a Pro in 2024

Are you tired of practicing darts without seeing any improvement? The culprit might be your dart flights. These seemingly insignificant pieces of equipment can make or break your game. But worry not, because we’ve got your back.

In this article, we’ve done the research for you and handpicked the 10 best dart flights that will take your skills to new heights. We’ll provide detailed reviews of each flight, highlighting both the pros and cons, making it easier for you to choose the right one.

But that’s not all. We’ll also guide you through the different types of dart flights, simplifying the selection process. You’ll learn how dart flights impact your game and gain valuable insights into what to consider when purchasing them.

This guide is designed to meet your needs. Say goodbye to frustration and hello to improved performance on the dartboard. It’s time to upgrade your equipment and unleash your true dart-throwing potential. Let’s dive in and discover the 10 best dart flights that will revolutionize your game.

10 Best Dart Flights Review

1: Best overall  IgnatGames Dart Flights

IgnatGames Dart Flights

If you’re in the market for top-quality dart flights, look no further than IgnatGames. As a well-known name in the world of darts, IgnatGames not only offers a range of exceptional darts but also manufactures top-notch dart equipment, including flights and shafts. After conducting extensive research, we can confidently say that IgnatGames dart flights are the best overall flights available today.

One of the standout features of the IgnatGames flight set is its incredible variety of shapes. With options like ear, Vortex, Fantail, and Shield shapes, you have the opportunity to explore different flight configurations, catering to both steel and soft-tip darts. This versatility allows you to customize your dart setup based on your playing style and preferences.

When you purchase this set, you’ll receive a generous pack of 30 flight pieces. What’s more, these flights come in a range of thicknesses, ranging from 100 microns to 280µM. This ensures that you can select the perfect thickness that suits your throwing technique and dart setup.

But that’s not all! IgnatGames goes the extra mile by including additional accessories in this flight set. Alongside the diverse dart flights, you’ll also receive 2 aluminum dart shafts, 6 shafts O-rings, 6 flight protectors, and a handy tool to keep your dart set in optimal condition.

With IgnatGames dart flights, you’re not just investing in exceptional quality; you’re investing in a comprehensive package that enhances your dart-playing experience. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to elevate your game with the best dart flights on the market.


  • Has different shapes
  • Perfect thickness
  • Durable
  • 10 sets of flights 
  • Includes many accessories
  • Good price


  • No noticeable downsides found

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2: Best standard dart flights RED DRAGON Hardcore Black Extra Thick Standard Dart Flights

RED DRAGON Hardcore Black Extra Thick Standard Dart Flights

When it comes to thick dart flights, the top contender on our list is the Hardcore Black Extra Thick Standard dart flights from Red Dragon. Known for their exceptional quality, Red Dragon is a brand that resonates with dart players worldwide, and this particular flight is one of their best-sellers.

The Red Dragon Hardcore Black flight features a standard shape and boasts a thickness of 100 microns. The standard shape is immensely popular among players of all skill levels, offering stability and consistency in your dart game. With this flight, you can maintain accuracy, especially when aiming for arched shots.

What sets this flight apart is its perfect balance of thickness. It provides the strength and durability you need for intense gameplay, while still being easy to fit onto your darts. Each pack of the RED DRAGON Hardcore Black Extra Thick Standard Dart Flights contains five flights, giving you ample replacements for extended play.

Now, it’s worth noting that some may find the black color and basic designs of these flights less appealing. However, when you consider the other factors, such as their exceptional performance and the reasonable price point, the Red Dragon Hardcore Black flight stands out as the best choice for standard-shaped flights.

If you’re seeking a thick flight that delivers on both quality and value, look no further than the RED DRAGON Hardcore Black Extra Thick Standard Dart Flights. Elevate your game with this reliable and durable flight option from Red Dragon. 


  • Standard shaped flights
  • Ensures consistency and accuracy
  • Perfect thickness 
  • A value pack of 5 pieces of flights
  • Reasonable price


  • Not much durable
  • Plain design

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3: Best professional dart flights Niubixx Standard Dart Flights 

Niubixx Standard Dart Flights

For avid dart players who love to explore and experience the game to the fullest, we proudly present the Niubixx Standard Dart Flights as the ultimate choice for expert and professional players. This flight set is designed to cater to the needs of discerning players, offering a wide range of flights with unique shapes and sizes, some of which are specifically customized to meet the requirements of expert players.

Crafted from durable PET material, these flights are built to last. With their robust construction, they can withstand frequent use and even the occasional loss of flights, ensuring uninterrupted gameplay. In fact, this set includes a whopping 90 pieces of flights, providing you with an extensive backup supply. So, whether you’re a frequent player or prone to losing flights, you can rest assured that your game won’t be hindered.

Versatility is another highlight of the Niubixx Standard Dart Flights. They can be used with both steel tip and soft-tip darts, accommodating different playing preferences. Additionally, these flights are compatible with both nylon and aluminum shafts, offering flexibility in customization.

What sets these flights apart is the perfect combination of quantity and quality. You not only receive an abundant supply of flights but also enjoy consistent and improved throwings during your games. The Niubixx Standard Dart Flights are designed to provide you with the necessary stability and accuracy to enhance your performance on the dartboard.

If you’re a professional dart player seeking the perfect balance between quantity and quality, look no further than the Niubixx Standard Dart Flights. Elevate your game with this exceptional flight set that offers variety, durability, and improved consistency in your throws.


  • Offers different shapes and sizes
  • Durable 
  • Good for heavy games
  • Includes 90 pieces of flights
  • Variety of designs and colors


  • It could have been thicker

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4: Best slim dart flights Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights

Harrows Retina Black Dart Flights

If you’re a fan of slim dart flights, the Harrows Retina Black Dart flight is an absolute game-changer. Its sleek and slender design not only looks stylish but also has a significant impact on your gameplay. With a thickness of 100 microns, these flights are incredibly convenient to use.

The standard thickness of the Harrows Retina Black flights allows you to improve your throwing speed, especially when paired with soft-tip darts. Additionally, these flights are well-suited for achieving tight grouping, giving you enhanced accuracy on the dartboard.

Don’t let their slim shape fool you; the Harrows Retina Black Dart flights are impressively durable. They are designed to resist bending, shape loss, and breakage even with prolonged use. What’s more, the outer display of these flights is laminated, creating a dual-layer construction that adds strength and provides a protective layer over the flight.

The translucent center of the Harrows Retina Black Dart flight offers a distinct advantage. It allows for faster release, helping you maintain consistency in your throws. This flight is undoubtedly a performance booster with its slim profile and sleek all-black design, adding a touch of style to your darts setup.

Each set of the Harrows Retina Black Dart flights includes five flights, offering great value for your money. You’ll be pleased to know that these high-quality flights come at a super reasonable price, making them accessible to players of all levels.

If you’re seeking slim flights that combine style, durability, and performance, look no further than the Harrows Retina Black Dart flights. Elevate your game and achieve precision with these impressive flights that are sure to make a statement on the dartboard.


  • Slim
  • Durable
  • Appealing design
  • Super cheap price


  • Usage is limited to soft-tip darts only.
  • Not flexible enough, which might bother some players

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5: Pentathlon X180  Super Thick Standard Dart Flights

Pentathlon X180 Super Thick Standard Dart Flights

When it comes to thick dart flights, the Pentathlon X180 Super Thick Standard dart flight truly stands out. With a thickness of 180 microns, these flights surpass the standard thickness of regular dart flights, offering you exceptional stability and improved performance on the dartboard.

One of the key advantages of the Pentathlon X180 flights is their outstanding durability. Made with high-quality materials, these flights can withstand regular play and even the occasional bounce or fall-off without losing their shape or size. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting to learn darts, you can rely on these flights to maintain their integrity over time.

However, it’s worth noting that the extra thickness of these flights can sometimes pose challenges when fitting them into different shafts. The heavier weight of the flights may cause some damage to lighter shafts. But fear not, using a heavier shaft will ensure a better match and mitigate any potential regrets.

The Pentathlon X180 flights feature a standard shape, providing your dart with a nice lift and maintaining stability during flight. This enhances your throwing accuracy and allows for consistent performance on the dartboard.

Available in sets of 5 or 3, these flights offer a great deal at a reasonable price. Additionally, you have the option to choose from three different color options, allowing you to flaunt your dart skills in your favorite hue.

If you’re seeking a thick flight that offers unparalleled stability and durability, the Pentathlon X180 Super Thick Standard dart flight is the perfect choice. Elevate your game and enjoy the benefits of these exceptional flights that come in various colors, giving you both style and substance on the dartboard.


  • Extremely Durable
  • Best thickness
  • A decent number of flights in different colors
  • Good pricing


  • You may face trouble fitting these into aluminum shafts or most standard-size shafts. 

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6: US Nylon Dart Flights

US Nylon Dart Flights

If you’re looking for a budget-friendly option to improve your dart skills without breaking the bank, look no further than the US Nylon Dart Flights. These flights may be affordable, but they are far from average quality. In fact, they have been trusted and used by top players for over 20 years!

Made of durable nylon, these flights offer remarkable sturdiness compared to other flights in the same price range. The tough nylon material ensures that these flights can withstand regular use and provide long-lasting performance, making them a reliable choice for players on a budget.

The US Nylon Dart Flights have a larger surface area, which increases air drag during flight. This makes them ideal for players who prefer soft throws. When using these flights, your dart will fly slowly but straight, giving you better control and accuracy. For the best results, it is recommended to pair these flights with long shafts on steel tip darts.

Each set of the US Nylon Dart Flights comes with nine flights, offering you great value for your money. With such an affordable price point, you won’t have to think twice before grabbing a set of these expert-approved flights.

So, if you’re in the process of honing your dart skills and want a cost-effective option without compromising on quality, the US Nylon Dart Flights are an excellent choice. Experience durability, stability, and improved performance without putting a strain on your wallet. 


  • Budget Friendly
  • Standard shape
  • Nylon made thus durable
  • 9 flights in one set
  • Top players approved


  • Don’t fit in most shafts easily

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7: Cosmo Dart Flights 

Cosmo Dart Flights

If you’re looking for dart flights that are perfect for home play or casual use, Cosmo dart flights are an excellent option. These flights offer a wide range of unique colors and designs, allowing you to add a touch of personal style to your darts setup. With their standard shape, they are well-suited for lob shots and light throws, helping you maintain a straight and stable flight path.

What sets Cosmo dart flights apart is their innovative push-in shaft system. This feature makes them incredibly convenient, especially for players who aren’t too serious about the game. You won’t have to worry about getting irritated by constantly reattaching flights and shafts. However, it’s worth noting that not all standard-sized shafts may fit with this system, so you may need to invest in new shafts to ensure compatibility.

Each set of Cosmo dart flights comes with a generous supply of 180 pieces. With such a large quantity, you can enjoy unlimited fun with friends and family without any interruptions. You’ll always have backup flights at hand to continue your game night without any worries.

Whether you’re hosting a casual game night or simply enjoying some dart play at home, Cosmo dart flights provide a convenient and enjoyable experience. With their unique colors, stability, and compatibility with both steel and soft-tip darts, they are the perfect choice for relaxed dart sessions with loved ones. Grab a set and enhance your home darts experience today!


  • Standard dart flights
  • Push-in attaching system
  • A huge number of flights for backup
  • Attractive designs


  • Not compatible with standard shafts 

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8: CUESOUL ROST Integrated Dart Flights

CUESOUL ROST Integrated Dart Flights

When it comes to durability and flexibility, the CUESOUL ROST Integrated Dart Flights are a top-notch choice. These flights are crafted from a high-quality material that strikes the perfect balance between hardness and softness. As a result, they are highly flexible and virtually non-breakable. Even if you have darts hitting the flights on the board, they won’t be able to cause any damage or make the flights fall off, ensuring an uninterrupted and exciting game.

In addition to the outstanding material, the CUESOUL ROST flights come with perfectly matched shafts, providing a seamless integration. This combination ensures optimal performance and stability during your throws, allowing you to maintain precision and accuracy.

What makes the CUESOUL ROST Integrated Dart Flights even more appealing is the variety of shapes available. With options like pear shape, big wing shape, and standard shape, you have the opportunity to experiment and find the flight design that suits your playing style best. This versatility adds an element of excitement and personalization to your dart games.

Considering the quality, durability, and variety offered, the pricing of the CUESOUL ROST Integrated Dart Flights is quite decent. You’ll receive a generous number of flights in the set, ensuring that you have an ample supply for extended play sessions without having to worry about running out.

If you’re looking for reliable, flexible, and non-breakable dart flights that enhance your shots and add versatility to your game, the CUESOUL ROST Integrated Dart Flights are the perfect choice. Enjoy the satisfaction of superior performance and an extensive selection of shapes at a reasonable price. Elevate your dart-playing experience with these exceptional flights.


  • Integrated flights
  • Innovatively made, thus flexible
  • Comes in standard, pear, and wing shapes


  • The shaft seems shorter to some users.

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9: Robson Dart Flights 

Robson Dart Flights

If you’re a newbie and looking to practice darts, Robson dart flights are an excellent option to consider. These flights are made from pre-molded plastic, which gives them a flexible and lightweight nature.

One of the standout features of Robson flights is their unique construction. You’ll be impressed by the detailed edge and flight slots they offer. The flight slots are specifically designed to prevent robin hooding, where one dart hits the back of another, and to minimize damage to the shaft. This thoughtful design ensures a smoother and more enjoyable dart-playing experience.

By maintaining a 90-degree angle while using these flights, you can achieve consistency in the aerodynamic trajectory of your darts. This translates to improved accuracy and a more satisfying throwing experience overall. With Robson dart flights, you’ll notice a marked difference in your gameplay.

Another advantage of Robson flights is their compatibility with various traditional 4-prong shafts made of nylon, poly, or carbon fiber. However, it’s important to note that these flights are not suitable for use with aluminum or other metal shafts. As long as you stick to the recommended shaft materials, you can enjoy the benefits of Robson flights.

In terms of price, Robson dart flights are reasonably priced. Each set includes three flights, providing you with a good value for your money. This makes them an accessible and practical choice for beginners and casual players.

If you’re a newbie looking for flexible, lightweight, and well-designed dart flights that enhance your dart-playing experience, Robson dart flights are an excellent pick. With their compatibility and affordable price, you can enjoy improved accuracy and have fun while practicing your dart skills.


  • Unique construction
  • Sharp detailing
  • Ensures consistency


  • It cannot be used with Aluminum or other metal shafts

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10: Condor Zero Stress Flight System

Condor Zero Stress Flight System

When it comes to dart manufacturers, Condor is renowned for producing top-quality darts, and their Zero Stress flight easily earns its place on the list. The first thing that will capture your attention is its transparent appearance, which adds a touch of elegance to your dart setup.

Constructed with flexible materials, the Condor Zero Stress flight boasts excellent durability, reducing the risk of damage from other darts on the board. You can throw with confidence, knowing that these flights can withstand impact and maintain their shape.

Designed to minimize air resistance and enhance stability during flight, this flight features an aerodynamic shape that optimizes performance. The curved and winged design of the Condor Zero Stress flight helps reduce deflections, allowing for tighter groupings and improved accuracy.

Available in a delightful pink color, this flight adds an extra touch of charm to your dart set. Not only does it perform exceptionally well, but it also stands out with its appealing aesthetics. A pink dart flight will surely make a stylish statement on the dartboard.

It’s important to note that the price of the Condor Zero Stress flight may be slightly higher considering you receive only three pieces per set. However, the combination of beauty and performance offered by these flights makes it a worthwhile investment. When you consider the enhanced gameplay and the added visual appeal, the price becomes less of a concern.

If you’re looking for a high-quality dart flight that combines elegance, durability, and performance, the Condor Zero Stress flight is an excellent choice. Experience the benefits of reduced air resistance, enhanced stability, and a charming pink design. Elevate your dart game with this exceptional flight from Condor.


  • Impressive design
  • Can provide stability
  • Unique aerodynamic shape.


  • Overpriced

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Types of Dart Flights

Since dart flights are used according to a player’s skill, comfort, and overall preference, you’ll come across various types of it while researching to buy one. The differences between dart flights are mainly in their shape and weight. Here we’ll discuss the different types of dart flights players mostly use and their benefits.

Standard Flight: Standard flight is the most popular dart flight among all skill-level players. It offers a great combination of stability and lifts to your dart. This type of flight is more significant and loved by beginners and experts. However, beginners choose this type of flight more. Standard flights are suitable for heavier darts with long shafts and steel tips. But if you are a pro, you may also use it with other darts.

Slim Flight: It is slim if it’s not a standard flight. Slim dart flights are the second most popular flight among dart enthusiasts. It’s perfect for lightweight darts with shorter shafts and soft tips. Players who prefer harder throws prefer slim flights a lot. It’s good for minimizing bounce-outs and damage when you are tight grouping.

Kite Flight: Kite flight is used to have more control over darts. You may choose kite dart flights if you are trying for close groupings. It will give you the mix-taste of standard and slim flights. However, using this flight, the dart will fly slower. 

Pear Flight: This type offers maximum lift in a limited space. You can nicely play with these flights with lightweight darts on small-size dartboards. Besides, pear flights are good for a lobbed shot. 

Lantern Flight: Lantern flights are of aerodynamic shape. This flight is the most stable one, keeping the dart tail down and the dart nose up using its heavy back.

New dart flights are being introduced regularly in this modern era of darts. There are also teardrop flights, fantail, V wing, etc. The ones we mentioned above have been used a lot for a long time and go with almost every player’s skill level. 

But you’ll come across many new types of dart flight in the future that can make your dart game more fun and more developed.

How Dart Flights Impact Your Game

Dart flights are an important element in a dart. They connect the barrel to the dart and make this equipment complete. Many players often neglect dart flights in a rush to choose the best dart or dartboards. As it’s part of the dart, several players, mostly newbies and learners, don’t realize the importance of dart flights. They consider it as a style statement for the dart shaft. 

But to enlighten you, dart flights are not only for beatification; they make the darts fly with stability and accuracy. Flights with their spacious wings create resistance against the airforce and make a path for the dart. Dart flights divide the air into even portions to maintain accuracy for the dart. 

Different shapes and sizes of darts control the drag of a dart and thus decide the flying speed. The material and textured surface of dart flight let you hold the dart securely and throw it with precision. The right flight, according to your skill level and playing style, can improve your overall performance. 

Things to Consider When Buying Dart Flights

Choosing the best dart flight is as important as choosing the best dart. Because from maintaining accuracy to keeping the dart stable, dart flights greatly impact your game. So whether you are a beginner or an expert player, the type of dart flight you select for your dart can make or ruin your game. 

You’ll find dart flights in various materials, shapes, and sizes. These variations are made according to all level dart player’s preferences and thus support different playing styles. 

Now if you are shopping for dart flights for the first time or aren’t well aware of dart flights, it can be difficult to choose the best suitable one. To make it easier, here is a buying guide telling you the factors that need to be considered when buying flights.


Dart flights come in large and small sizes. You can know the size of a dart flight by observing the surface area of the fin. A larger surface area means the flight is large. Larger flights increase air drag. Thus, the dart flies slowly toward the target, maintaining a parabolic path. Large-size flights are best to use with heavy darts, steel tips, and long shafts. If you are into lob shots or softer throws, you can buy large-size flights. 

Conversely, small dart flights have a small surface area around the fin. But these can make the dart fly faster. Small-size darts are good if you are a hard thrower. It goes well with lightweight darts, soft tips, and short shafts. However, you can use dart flights by mix-matching if you are a dart expert. 


You already know that dart flights come in different shapes. All the shapes have different uses and benefits in the game. The most popular ones are standard shape and slim shape flights. Almost all skill-levels use these flights. 

But specifically, the standard flight is good if you are still learning dart and at the initial stage. It can improve your accuracy and balance. Most darts you’ll see have a standard flight. Slim flights are good if you’re comfortable with light darts. If you have a decent skill of precision and stability, you may use slim flights. It will reduce the damage caused by friction during tight grouping. 

There are also pear shape, lantern shape, kite shape fain-tail flights available. Kite flight is the best if you want maximum control and are mostly into the tight grouping. It can give you a unique experience of both standard and slim flights. You will find pear shape flights useful if you want a lift on a limited surface. Teardrop flights also offer amazing lifts and tight quarters.

You can choose from these shapes according to your needs.


When buying dart flights, the material should be observed closely as it influences the weight and durability of a dart. Dart flights are usually manufactured with plastic, hard and soft, and nylon. 

Flights made with hard plastic are more durable than other materials. 

These flights are usually stiff and support tight groupings. But these flights rip soon; once they are ripped, it’s useless. Soft plastic flights contain flexible plastic layers. These can tolerate small dents. But less durable than hard plastic, thus bends and tears quickly.

Nylon-made flights are quite popular these days. These flights are better than any plastic-made dart flights. Most manufacturers who use nylon to make flights use the Ripstop one. This nylon is the most durable and makes the flight last long, even when used frequently. Nylon flights are also lightweight and budget-friendly. 


The thickness of a dart flight is very important when buying your desired flight. The durability of a dart largely depends on this factor. The most common thickness in dart flights are 75 microns,100 microns, 125 microns, and 150 microns.  

Dart flights at 100 microns are thick enough to offer durability. These are the most common ones. Beginner or expert, most players go for thick flights around 100 microns as these are great combinations of speed and durability. 

Flights that are 150 microns are considered the best, as these darts can provide more durability and stability. But these may cause trouble while fitting in the dart shaft due to the extra thickness. 

A thickness of 75 microns is very reasonable and looks decent. You’ll like such flights as very lightweight. These are also the fastest but are not durable.

Design & Color  

No rule for the best color or design exists. Whatever suits your persona and intention of playing darts is your best flight. If you want simple-looking flights, go for base colors and less design. If you want something bright and flashy, you can look for unique colors such as pink dart, neon, or anime dart flights. 

Quantity and Accessories  

Most dart flights are usually sold in a set or package, considering flights don’t have a long life. Some brands and shops sell single pieces of flights too. But since you’ll need flights sooner or later, go for the brands that sell numbers of dart flights together as a set. Thus you’ll get a good quantity at a better price. Also, you won’t have to go mad looking for spare flights to supply your game partner. 

Also, when buying dart flights, compare the accessories you are getting. Prefer sets that include useful tools like flight protectors or storage cases. Besides, look for warranty service to avoid future hassle. 


How much you are willing to spend for a quality dart flight is up to you. There are different price ranges for flights. You can buy whatever suits your requirements and look like value for money. The price of a dart flight depends on the manufacturer’s brand, material, shape, and features.

You may get tricked by the price if you don’t analyze and match the features with your needs.


We’ve reviewed the best 10 Dart flights and tried to focus on the details. Though

at the end of the day, it’s your decision, our guide can assist you in finding the best flight according to your skill level, playing style, and budget. We suggest you explore different options and get acknowledged for your style and preferences to get the best deal from this list. 

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