Best Steel Tip Darts in 2024: A Comprehensive Buyer’s Guide

When you’re investing money to enhance your performance, it becomes crucial to choose a product that aligns with your specific requirements. Whether it’s steel tip darts or any other purchase, you naturally seek the best quality and value.

In the world of steel tip darts, the market offers various options. Some brands may use subpar materials at inflated prices, while others exclusively cater to professional players. On the other hand, you’ll come across darts that may be pricey but worth every penny.

Navigating through this range of choices and finding the perfect dart set that matches your preferences can be a challenging task. That’s why we’ve taken it upon ourselves to review some of the top steel tip darts available. Our goal is to assist you in narrowing down your options and making an informed decision.

10 Best Steel Tip Darts To Choose From

Countless options of steel tip darts can be confusing when choosing the best dart. Moreover, buyers do have different aspects when looking for steel tip darts. Considering it all, we’ve listed the 10 best ones here, from where you’ll find a great dart with steel points for every purpose. So let’s check these options out!

1. Formula 90% Tungsten Darts: Best Overall

Formula 90% Tungsten Darts

Considering all the key factors, material, weight, grip, durability, and price, we’ve chosen this Formula 90% tungsten dart as the best overall steel tip dart. Formula brand has used top-notch material for manufacturing these darts. 

Along with tungsten barrels, it has aluminum dart shafts to ensure strength, balance, and durability at the same time. This dart barrel has excellent knurled curves to target your aim and for a precise throw. It can increase friction between the barrel and the user’s finger. Thus you can have control over your throw. 

Interestingly, you can customize the shaft according to your comfort, as this set comes with extra nylon shafts. It comes with multiple weight options for different skill-levels.

The Formula 90% Tungsten Darts come in a cardboard box with extra flights, shafts, a dart sharpener, and a point keeper. The packing could be a 10 on 10 if they utilized a better material for the case. 


  • High-quality material
  • Great grip
  • Allows control and accuracy
  • Customizable dart shaft
  • Comes with four weight options
  • Suitable for different level players
  • Reasonable price


  • The packaging is not up to mark.

Final Verdict:

Engineered with quality material and advanced features, this dart set from Formula is quite reasonable compared to many high-end darts. With customizable dart shaft and weight options, it is perfect for different playing styles. From beginners to experts, everyone can comfortably play with this. So if you want an All-in-one set to add spark to your dart game, get this! 

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2. CC-Exquisite Premium Steel Tip Darts Set : Best Value

CC Exquisite Premium Steel Tip Darts Set

CC-exquisite premium steel tip darts come as a set of 6 darts, each weighing 22 grams. The weight is standard and perfect for practicing or competing in a tournament. 

The barrels are manufactured with brass and aluminum, combining two quality metals. Tungsten would have been a better material, but comparing the reasonable price of this steel tip dart, the material is not bad. The barrels are designed with cut-o-rings along the entire length to ensure a steady, smooth and precise throw. 

CC-exquisite premium darts can be customized by mix-matching different shafts, and flights and barrels according to your requirements. We really admire how this set allows you to create a personalized dart setup to explore the game. 

You will get 6 22g high quality brass barrels, 12 extra durable aluminum shafts in two lengths, 12 O-rings, 12 flights in two different shapes and designs, darts multi-Use Tool, darts Sharpener and slim case in this package. 


  • Standard weight 
  • Aluminum shaft – brass barrels combination
  • Can be customized
  • Includes accessories
  • Looks classy
  • Very affordable


  • The painted layer of the steel tip wears off after some time.
  • Not the best material 

Final Verdict:

If you are on a budget and looking for a good steel tip dart worth every penny, go for CC-Exquisite Steel Tip Darts without any doubt. It’s the best value-for-money option in the market right now.

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3. IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts: Best for Beginners

IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts

IgnatGames steel tip darts can be a good option for starting your dart journey. This brass-made product comes as a set of 12 darts. It has multiple weight options from 18 to 24 grams to choose the suitable one. You can switch weight as you improve.

IgnatGames steel tip darts are not manufactured with high-quality tungsten. But are more durable than iron-made ones since they are made with brass. The aluminum-made shafts are less prone to break or bend; thus, this set goes a long way, even if you play frequently. It also includes rubber -o rings for extra security of the shafts. 

The barrels have a knurled grip for a comfortable, firm grip that helps maintain accuracy. It allows you more control over the game, leading to better skill. Coming to its look, we loved its sleek and slim design at first glance.

We also loved the accessories with this set. The set includes extra shafts, flights, and a dart sharpener. They provide a compact storage case with magnetic closure and foam interior to keep the darts safe and organized. You also get an e-book with this set guiding you with 33 ways to enjoy darts. 


  • Has different weight options
  • Good grip
  • Durable
  • Allows more control
  • Comes with a nice storage case
  • Sleek and standard design


  • Not so high-quality

Final Verdict:

Considering the weight options, grip, and overall features, this steel tip dart set from IgnatGames can be the best fit if you are a beginner or gradually improving your dart skills.

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4. CUESOUL Professional Tungsten Steel Tip Darts: Best for Beginners

CUESOUL Professional Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Cuesoul steel tip darts are made of 90% tungsten, the best material any dart could have. The aluminum shaft makes it more durable and high-quality. Whether you are doing intense practice for a tournament or regularly enhancing your skills, this set will not expire soon.

These darts are lightweight and slim in design. We’d say they are quite well-finished. The darts come in 19,21, and 24 grams options, so you can choose whatever suits your style.

The grips are excellent; they fit in every hand and are appropriately balanced. This set allows much accuracy as flies are straight and sturdy, so there are fewer chances to lag in the race.

Also, the darts are center-weighted, so you get better control while aiming, no matter what weight you select. We are impressed that this steel tip dart set has custom hand-painted rings to make it fit in any hand. Top over that, knurled grips, grooves, and lines on the barrel make the gripping great and let you hit the target accurately.

You get this CUESOUL professional dart set with a storage case. The quality of the case seemed a bit low to us, but when it comes to keeping your equipment organized in a small space, we think you won’t mind the quality of the casing.


  • High-quality material
  • Well-balanced and better control
  • Premium appearance
  • Excellent grip and ring mechanism to fit everyone
  • More accuracy


  • The storage casing is not as premium as the dart set.

Final Verdict:

From its appearance to its features, CUESOUL professional Tungsten Steel Tip Dart set is a perfect package for the ones who have made darting their profession. 

We would love to recommend this to professional-level players.

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5. Viper Blitz Tungsten Dart

Viper Blitz Tungsten Dart

This exclusive dart is made of 95% tungsten and 5% nickel, so the quality is first-class. Due to the material, the dart is slim, lightweight, and at the same time, durable enough. You can say this high-quality material combo somehow justified the price of this set.

You can find this dart in four weight options, from 22 to 28 grams. The standard weight range makes this dart set more demandable. 

Its slim body allows tighter shots grouping, leading to higher scoring. 

Viper Blitz is superior when it comes to grip. It ensures a balanced grip for every player. The dart barrel is precisely engineered knurled grip along with grooves and rings. So you can have control over your throw and create a smooth release.

We found the spinning shaft design of Viper Blitz quite functional as it allows the flight to rotate. Besides, this set has a good-quality dart case, extra flights, shafts, and a dart tool.


  • 95% tungsten
  • Slim and lightweight
  • Good grip for everyone
  • Spinning shaft feature
  • Comes with a case and accessories


  • Quite expensive.
  • Flights aren’t durable.

Final Verdict:

Viper Blitz Tungsten Dart is a super quality steel tip dart you can consider if you have a high budget. Novice or expert, it’s suitable for both levels of players.

If you don’t have issues with the cost, planning to play darts professionally, we suggest you get one of these Viper Blitz.

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6. Fat Cat by GLD Products Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Fat Cat by GLD Products Bulletz 90% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Fat Cat’s Bulletz 90% tungsten dart set is one of the premium dart sets you will find in the market. It uses 90% tungsten as the barrel material. As a result, the dart is lightweight, very sleek and slim in profile, and suitable for expert players. 

Apart from its classy design, we can’t help but appreciate the grip. This steel tip from Fat Cat has deep groves and rings, plus 3x extra knurling for extra control over your throws. You can have a consistent grip over the dart without losing accuracy. 

It’s stable even after multiple throws as the nylon shaft reduces re-tightening frequently. Though many don’t like a tungsten dart weighing more than 20 grams, it’s a decent deal at a reasonable price.


  • Classy and slim profile
  • 90% tungsten
  • Extra knurling grip


  • Shafts bent too early
  • No extra accessories were provided.

Final Verdict:

Fat Cat Bulletz is an excellent combination of comfort, grip, and balance. It’s the Perfect dart if you are an advanced-level player. The design is absolutely gorgeous, so if you are into good looks, you must consider this nice-looking dart set at least once.

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7. WINSDART Non-slip Steel Tip Darts

WINSDART Non slip Steel Tip Darts

If you play dart, you know how hard it becomes to hold and release a dart smoothly with a slippery hand. But now we have the solution: a non-slip steel tip dart set from famous dart manufacturer Winsdart.

This dart set includes 12 darts, each owning a standard weight of 22 grams. The barrel is made of premium quality iron, having anti-slippage finishing. To make the darts more manageable, the brand has overlapped curves. The grips make the darts easy to hold and throw precisely. 

It also claims to sharpen your accuracy, which we believe is very much possible with its finely crafted grip and weight balance. 

If you wonder if it’s durable, their shafts are aluminum, and flights include protectors to avoid damage. Only if the barrel contained tungsten or brass we would not have a single doubt about its durability.

Apart from the comfortable grip, the set’s packaging is undoubtedly attractive. The set includes extra flights and a dart sharpener.


  • Anti-slippage barrels
  • Overlapped grip for better control
  • Accuracy
  • Standard weight
  • Affordable
  • Gre4at packaging


  • The barrel material is not the best
  • The barrel and shaft need frequent re-adjust

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Final Verdict:

You can try Winsdart steel tip dart if you have a sweaty palm issue or having problems maintaining accuracy at the primary level.

8. Accmor Steel Tip Darts

Accmor Steel Tip Darts

If you assume this won’t do any good to your game, noticing the price, let us tell you Accmor steel tip darts are one of the best professional darts at a cheap rate. It’s made of superior stainless steel covered with copper to give an elegant appearance. Not only it looks impressive, but it also has an alluring design and multiple features to make you keep it on the list. 

While the design of the dart is excellent, unfortunately, we found the darts don’t last very long, but you should not worry about it as it’s pretty affordable.The set offers 18 darts, unlike other sets. You can play with a large team without keeping anyone in the waiting line. The dart body can be re-attached, so if you are playing alone, you can customize the darts accordion g to your skill and comfort. 

About its grip, Accmor steel tip dart barrels have a grainy texture that enhances the friction between your hand and the dart. Thus there is less chance for the dart to slip off and miss-hit. Thanks to its skid-proof barrel, it’s convenient for mid-level players to try different throwing styles. 


  • Very much affordable
  • Looks elegant
  • Nice weight-balance
  • Contains 18 pieces of darts
  • Good texture
  • Suitable for learners and advanced-level players


  • Not that durable
  • The tips often come as faulty
  • No storage box included

Final Verdict:

If you are a professional, you will love this as it offers constant stability, smooth release, and accuracy. So if you are looking for a professional-level dart set at the lowest price, you can go for this. It is also a great deal for players looking for variety in one set.

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9. Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Fat Cat Predator 80% Tungsten Steel Tip Darts

Featured with many user-friendly options, this set of 3 darts is made of a higher percentage of tungsten and 20% nickel. The combination of these two materials makes this set slim and lightweight Due to having tungsten, this dart set is quite durable and can be used for intense practice.

Fat Cat Predator offers great balance and accuracy; thus, your game is greatly improved. You’ll be more impressed by its grips, just like we did.

Each barrel of This dart set has knurled bands, deep groves, and rings for better control over the throw and consistent hand placement. This additional gripping lets you learn to grip correctly.

Furthermore, the locking hole mechanism in each shaft offers stability and lets you play darts without any technical interruption. We also liked the fierce design of the high-speed wide flights and how they perform accurately. But you may need to keep extra flights steady as these don’t last long.

The set comes with convex nylon shafts, flights, flight protectors, and a dart mechanic wrench. It also has a storage case that securely stores darts. We would appreciate it if they included extra points because the dart points aren’t that good quality and goes blunt soon.


  • Superior material
  • Excellent grip 
  • Well-balanced and accurate
  • Appealing flight design
  • Good quality storage box


  • Points go blunt soon
  • Flight quality is poor

Final Verdict:

We’d say Fat Cat Predator is a good fit for novice players trying to get better at darts and improve their levels.

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10. Centaur 12-Pack Steel Tip Darts

Centaur 12 Pack Steel Tip Darts

Centaur 12-pack steel tip dart set offers colorful darts to make your game enjoyable. The darts in this set are manufactured with stainless steel providing a nice balance for any level player. Centaur darts weigh 22 grams, and the barrels are designed with knurled grips for consistent hand placement. 

The high-quality grip helps to hold the dart and improves your accuracy. However, they could use more grips to level it up, along with the basic knurling. The darts of this set have thickened poly pro dart flights to decrease drag and speed up the flight. Since this set contains more than 10 darts with accessories, it would help if they provided an instruction to adjust and assemble them.


  • Attractive colorful appearance
  • Contains 12 darts
  • Good weight balance
  • Ensures speedy flight


  • Poor quality flight and shaft 
  • Hard to assemble
  • Could have more advanced grips

Final Verdict:

The flights and dart tips are quite fragile and not appropriate for intense use, So we would not recommend it for advanced players, but it’s undoubtedly good for starters  for its nice appearance and multiple dart options. Mostly, if you want to improve your skills, it’s the one you need.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Steel Tip Darts

If it meets your requirement, matches your preferences, and suits your style, it’s the best dart for you. But since darts come in different weights, materials, sizes, and features, you must understand the key factors when choosing the right dart.


Let’s start by asking yourself why you’re interested in buying a steel tip dart. Everyone has their own reasons for choosing steel-tip darts or playing darts overall. If you’re looking for a fun recreational game, the material won’t be a major factor to worry about. 

However, if you’re in the learning stage, choosing a dart that allows you to explore different styles is important. On the other hand, if you’re an expert or professional dart player, you’ll want to look for high-quality darts with advanced features and accessories. 

So, before diving into the options, take a moment to decide your purpose wisely.

Skill Level 

Next up is your skill level. You’ll not score even single with that high-range steel tip dart if it doesn’t match your skill level.Not every dart suits everyone, as there are different steel-tip darts designed for every player. 

Whether you’re a mid-level player, a beginner, or still developing your skills, knowing where you stand in the game of darts will help you choose the best steel-tip dart for you.


Now, let’s talk about the material of the dart barrel. The material of the dart barrel should be considered before buying your dream set of steel darts. The durability, weight, size, and overall feeling of holding a dart depend mainly on its material.

Dart barrels are usually made of brass, nickel or tungsten. Among these options, tungsten is highly preferred by experts and professionals due to its durability. Tungsten darts are lightweight, sleek, and sturdy. 

Brass barrels don’t usually last long, but they are very affordable. Thus new players or casual players usually go for this. Nickel-made darts last more than brass-made ones. But these will cost more.


Weight is another important consideration. The weight of a steel tip dart determines its accuracy, balance, and strength and influences your playing style. Steel tip darts can weigh anywhere from 18 to a maximum of 50 grams, but the most commonly used darts range from 16 to 30 grams.

Lightweight darts are suitable for beginners and players who are still exploring different throwing styles. Though these darts lack accuracy and fly on the arch, lightweight steel-tip darts are perfect for practicing and learning.

Professional and advanced-level players usually rely on heavy darts weighing 22-30 grams. These darts can fly fast and straight against the air force, ensuring precise throws. 

Ultimately, the choice of weight depends on your personal preference and comfort.


Let’s not forget about grip. How you hold the dart and aim the target relates to the dart grip and its texture. It’s important to create friction between the dart barrel and your hold. Grips on darts can be smooth or knurled. Smooth grips suit people with sweaty hands, whereas knurled grip is comfortable for everyone. Some darts have bumps, cuts, and ridges on the gripping point. 

Additionally, consider where you hold the dart.Some players hold it in the front, while others hold it in the back. Taking these factors into account will help you choose the right grip for your needs. 

Less or more, these textures reduce slippage from the barrel and make the dart more comfortable to hold and throw accurately. 


Next is the flights. You will see dart flights in different shapes and sizes when exploring the options. There are standard shapes, slim shapes, teardrop shapes, arrowhead shapes, etc. 

Players are mostly seen using the standard and the slim ones. If you choose a dart with a standard flight, you’ll experience a balanced and even throw, thanks to its larger surface area. Slim and smaller flights are favored by advanced-level players as they allow for tighter grouping.


Last but not least, budget. it’s an essential factor to consider while buying darts. If you play darts at home once or twice a week, spending a fortune is not a good decision. On the other hand, for a professional-level steel tip dart, it will cost higher.

Thankfully, there are now many darts available at different price ranges. We encourage you to 

explore the options and determine whether the features do justice to your hard-earned money before selecting the best one.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Which brand of steel tip darts is considered the best?

IgnatGames is considered the best brand of steel tip dart. This popular dart manufacturer has a large collection of steel tip darts for every skill-level player. You’ll get multiple options for dart barrel, weight, size, and shape. From premium material to finely crafted design, IgnatGame steel tip darts cover it all to ensure accuracy and thus a great dart performance.

One of the most known brands, IgnatGames, manufactures both steel-tip darts and soft-tip darts, along with dartboards and dart accessories. Manufactured with tungsten, brass, and aluminum, IgnatGames’s steel tip darts are highly durable. You’ll get amazed by the sleek design and efficiency. No matter what playing style you have, you can get the perfect steel tip dart from IgnatGAmes’s vast collection.

What weight should I choose for my steel tip darts?

You should choose the weight for your steel tip according to your skill level.For beginners, it is recommended to choose darts weighing 22-24 grams. Advanced players, on the other hand, have a wider range of options and can select darts weighing between 18 and 27 grams.

If you are a beginner, opting for darts weighing 22-24 grams is beneficial. These darts balance flexibility and ease of throwing, making them suitable for learning the game. Darts lighter than this weight can be challenging to throw straight, while heavier darts require more skilled techniques to achieve accurate scoring. Therefore, assessing your skill level is important to determine the most suitable weight for your steel tip darts.

What is the best dart weight for accuracy?

The best dart weight for accuracy is typically heavier darts weighing around 24 to 25 grams or higher. While some experienced professionals can achieve accuracy with lighter darts, heavier darts generally offer better precision.

Heavy-weight darts, weighing over 24 grams and up to 50 grams, are considered optimal for accuracy. These darts can withstand air resistance while maintaining a stable trajectory. Even with less force, heavy darts fly straighter and have minimal bounce-off, reducing the likelihood of missing the target. Hence, darts weighing more than 24 grams are recommended for achieving accuracy in dart throwing.


We understand each dart player is unique in their style and skill, which reflects their choice of dart. That’s why we have carefully picked the best 10 steel tip darts considering everyone’s preference. There are varities of steel tip darts that includes beginner-friendly,proffessional, value for money, affordable, premium material, etc.

Based on our research, we’ve found that Formula 90% Tungsten Darts rank as the best overall darts you can find. However, ultimately, it’s up to you to choose the steel tip dart that will enhance your gaming experience.

We’re curious to know which steel tip dart caught your eye in the end! Feel free to let us know your selection!

Written by Zach Barnes

Zach Barnes is a sport enthusiast and a sports column writer. He is dedicated to continuously expanding his knowledge and sharing his expertise with others who have a passion for indoor games like foosball, badminton, air hockey etc. Zach Barnes aims to use his expertise to educate new players in improving skills and heighten excitement for these exciting games.

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