10 Best Soft Tip Darts for Precision and Accuracy in 2024

Soft tip darts are the finest choice for people who love to play this game with family or friends at home. These darts are very flexible to use in a relaxed environment and for small competitions as well. Even if you are a beginner in this game, these darts are what you need to master the skills smoothly.

However, whether you are playing for fun or to be a professional, a good set of soft-tip darts never harm. Instead, it can make the game more interesting. But often, players need help to choose the best soft tip dart as so many options are available in the market.

To make it easy for you, we’ve listed the 10 best soft tip darts below So that you can choose the perfect one that suits your criteria.

In this guide, we’ve considered the purpose of buying, material, weight, design, and size of the flight and the package to narrow down the list. The buying guide describes these factors that you will see later in this article.

Now let’s move to the top 10 list fast-forward!

10 Best Soft-tip Darts to Play on Your Electronic Dartboard

Get ready for an exhilarating darting experience with our review section featuring the 10 Best Soft-tip Darts.

Whether you’re a casual player looking for friendly competition or a seasoned dart enthusiast seeking precision and accuracy, we’ve handpicked a selection of top-notch soft-tip darts that are sure to elevate your game to new heights.

1. Viper Bobcat Adjustable Weight Soft Tip Darts

Viper Bobcat Adjustable Weight Soft Tip Darts

Whether you are struggling to find a dart with the perfect weight or looking forward to learning more about your playing style, Viper’s bobcat’s adjustable weight soft tip darts have solutions for both. 

You can change the weight from 16 to 19 grams and decide whatever suits your level and style. So instead of buying many darts of different weights, you can get it all in one.

On top of that, this has a tungsten-made barrel, making the dart lightweight, controllable, and accurate toward the target.

The grip of bobcat darts is well-planned, too. Knurled grips and hand-painted rings ensure you can try for a constant throw.

This dart comes with three extra darts, additional flights, nylon shafts, more tips, flight protectors and dart wrench. You don’t even have to buy these neccessary equipment seprately if you get Viper Bobcat soft-tip darts. We find it as a value for money that’s why!


  • Adjustable weight
  • Made of tungsten
  • Great gripping points
  • Perfect for kids, beginners, and experts.


  • The tips are not durable enough.

Final Verdict: Viper’s bobcat’s adjustable weight soft tip darts is suitable for your game, if you want to test different weights or love to explore the game in different style. 

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2. Red Dragon Amberjack

Red Dragon Amberjack

Amberjack from Red Dragon is a set of three darts weighing 18 grams. 

It is made of 90% tungsten, considered the best material for a soft tip dart. You will not want to miss this soft-tip dart if material is your main concern.

Tungsten makes this dart sleek and long-lasting so that you can throw it accurately. However, the grip is kept regular, which can be downside if you have interest in trying different throwing style. But if you want to be expert in one playing style, this issue won’t matter.

The tip of this dart is 2BA. It’s soft yet strong if you play dart  frequently. But, the shaft of this dart is made of plastic and is not as durable as the other parts.

As extra accessories, it includes stems and flights as a backup.


  • Made of tungsten
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Suitable for a competitive round


  • The grip could have been better
  • Flight quality can be improved
  • No case added

Final Verdict: Amberjack from Red Dragon is a durable dart with soft-tips. You can flexibly aim and throw using this dart set and prepare yourself for competeive rounds.

In short, this dart is a good option if you are planning to compete in dart game or interested in a new playing style.

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3. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Another good piece from Viper is diamond 90% tungsten soft-tip darts.

It has 10% nickel along with tungsten. Combining these two materials gives the dart the perfect balance, so it can be your best friend if you are planning to master accuracy and hit the aim. 

The barrel body is slim, increasing the chances of higher scores as you can close group with it.

The grips in this dart will surely amaze you if you are looking to explore differnet throwing style.  Viper has designed this dart with grips like knurled, grooves, and rings to ensure consistent hand.

It also includes high-quality aluminum shafts with lock-hole mechanisms. Plus, the flights are designed to increase your dart speed. You’ll get a deluxe case with the set too to carry the darts in style..

Whether you’re an intermediate to advance, this dart is suitable for both levels!


  • It has 90% tungsten
  • Sleek and lightweight
  • Great gripping point
  • Includes lock hole mechanism
  • Includes a luxurious case


  • Limited weight options

Final Verdict: If you love sleek and lightweight darts, you might be looking for this. Viper Diamond 90% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts is one of the most durable soft tip darts you can have, and it will not disappoint you if you like trying different grips. 

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4. WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip – Soft Tip Darts Set

WIN.MAX Darts Plastic Tip

Famous dart suppliers, win Max’s ‘s this soft-tip dart set is perfect if you’re an intermediate player. 

It weighs 18 grams, which is perfect for you to start your dart journey as a beginner. If we observe the barrel, the barrel has a knurled grip that allows you to hold and throw comfortably.

Besides, these darts have nickel barrels and thus don’t tarnish soon. You can use one set for a long time.

This Winmax soft tip dart set comes in a package of 12-piece darts,24 flights, and 100 soft tips as replacements. So that you never have to pause your game if one dart breaks.

Moreover, this set gives you 12 flight protectors and a wrench for your electronic dart board. But we didn’t like that the replacement tips aren’t durable and the model offers limited shaft size.


  • Durable barrel
  • Knurled grip
  • Lightweight
  • Sturdy flights
  • Has flight protectors


  • Replacement tips aren’t durable.
  • Shaft Size options are limited.

Final Verdict: With the advanced grip and sturdy flights, buying this lightweight soft-tip dart means investing in your dart skills. Winmax soft tip dart set should be on your buying list if you want to take your game to the next level. 

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5. GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart

GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart

This 18-gram soft tip dart set from GWHOLE comes with a good weight balance, thus perfect for you if you are an entry-level player. You can flexibly throw the dart and master accuracy gradually with this dart. 

The metal barrels of GWHOLE soft tip dart is slim to hold. Plus, it has a groove and knurled grip to hold it better. 

The set has 16 flights and 200 spare tips. You’ll get plenty of replacement parts to keep playing it on your electronic dart board, even if a few tips break or get lost.

GWHOLE 18g Soft Dart set can be your economic deal if you buy darts to play casually or occasionally.

However, when played for some time, we discovered the built-in soft tips were not sticking firmly, and some even broke.


  • Premium look
  • Lightweight
  • Durable barrel
  • High-quality poly-made flights
  • A good amount of replacement parts


  • The built-in tips aren’t strong.
  • Tips don’t stick to the board, so you may have to use the extra ones from the set.

Final Verdict: You can go for GWHOLE soft-tip darts without any doubt if you need a premium-looking dart with a good amount of replacement parts. It can serve you for a long time at a cheap price. 

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6. CyeeLife Soft Tip Darts Set

CyeeLife Soft Tip Darts Set

Cyleelife has gained immense popularity with all its soft tip darts. So whether you want to play at a party or looking to master dart skills, you can always rely on this brand. This is why this specific set of Cyeelife soft tip darts is on our list.

If you’re a beginner and want to own a reliable soft-tip dart spending the least amount, we suggest the CyeeLife soft-tip dart set.

This package contains 12 standard darts weighing 18 grams per dart. The darts are designed well with aluminum shafts and standard-size flight.

With this set, you get 100 points, 16 flights, and 12 aluminum shafts as replacements. So your game is never pausing in short of equipment.

Moreover, due to this set’s number of darts, you can use it to play with a large group. But what can be a drawback is the tips are too sleek that often don’t stick and bounce back.


  • Rubber rings on the shaft to make it strong.
  • Perfect weight for entry-level players
  • A lot of replacement tips.
  • Soft and strong plastic tips.
  • Affordable


  • Tips don’t stick much due to slimness.
  • Darts often bounce because of non-sticky tips.

Final Verdict: Cyeelife soft-tip darts is a budget-friendly option if you are still learning darts. With basic features and many replacement tips, Cyeelife soft-tip darts can make your dart journey quite comfortable and easy.

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7. Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Viper Sure Grip Soft Tip Darts

Again back to viper. If you are looking for a good set of beginner-level darts, this model should be your pick.

Sure grip darts from Viper are 16 grams in weight. It has nickel silver plated barrels covered with a rubber sleeve to make the grips strong and comfortable.

To improve the stability of the darts, viper has used a shaft locking hole feature in this version. So you won’t have to readjust frequently. 

The flights in these darts are designed for more speed and less drag. Also, the points in this dart use 2BA Tufflex Tips || Thus quite durable even if you play rough..

This set is not a good pick for intermediate or pro-level players so if you are looking for advanced features to level your game up, this set is not a good pick for intermediate or pro-level players. Viper sure grip might not be the right choice.


  • Rubber sleeves for better grip
  • Shaft lock system
  • Durable 2BA Tufflex Tips


  • Basic level dart, suitable for beginners.

Final Verdict: Viper sure grip soft-tip dart suits you if you are a newbie and need a basic soft-tip dart. It can ensure better grip and durability, so it’s a good deal for your learning purposes. 

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8. Sanfeng Professional Soft Tip Darts Set

Sanfeng Professional Soft Tip Darts Set

Sanfeng professional soft tip darts will make you fall in love with its look in the first place. It has a sleek body with a weight of 20 grams. This set features knurled and ringed grip, aluminum locking hole shafts and high-speed flights.

What makes this dart better than many others is its grip. Sanfeng professional soft tip dart comes with deep groove grips. Using it, you can throw accurately even with sweaty hands.

The barrel is made of nickel silver, which is not as good as tungsten. But 

The set includes extra tips, o-rings, two sets of shafts, and flights. You’ll also get a case with the package. 

Comparing its price, you may consider it one of the best soft-tip darts on a budget.


  • Looks very premium.
  • Deep groove grip for better control of the dart
  • It comes with a lot of accessories.
  • Suitable for beginners and intermediate-level players.


  • The material of the barrels and the replacement accessories isn’t the best.
  • Not meant for professionals
  • Flights sometimes fall off.

Final Verdict: Sanfeng professional soft tip darts are best if you are a beginner or intermediate-level player trying to improve your throw.  

Again, If you are on a budget but need a deep groove grip dart to control your throws, this may help you. 

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9. Grebarley Soft Tip Darts

Grebarley Soft Tip Darts

If you want a dart set to explore different playing styles and darts, you may like this one.Grebarley soft tip dart comes as a set of 12 lightweight darts. It also includes 50 extra tips,9 flights, 6 shafts, and a tool kit.

Grebarley darts weigh around 18 grams. They are suitable for starting your dart journey, but if you are already in the mid-level, you will not get disappointed with it.

Grebarley darts have durable shafts that you can adjust according to your needs. 

Besides the super-premium soft tips, It has multiple advanced features. For example, three types of grips, rear cut, front grooves, and pencil-style grips on the barrels. So whether you are a kid or a pro, you will be able to comfortably hold and throw these. It also features increased flight speed, less bouncing, and no dragging.

The design of these darts is also very impressive and good-looking in the collection. 


  • Premium soft tips with almost no bouncing.
  • Durable
  • Versatile grip options
  • Suitable for mid-level players


  • Shorter shafts as it makes replacing the tips every now and then.

Final Verdict: Grebarley soft tip dart is a premium set for mid-level players. It’s the best soft-tip dart to try different styles and improve your skills. If you aim to explore and improve in darts with a good looking set, you may count this soft-tip dart in!

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10. IgnatGames Darts Plastic Tip Sets

IgnatGames Darts Plastic Tip Sets

If you are a fan of fancy dart equipment, you’ll fall in love with this soft-tip dart set from IgnatGames because of its innovative case.

This soft tip dart comes in a magnetic storage box that you can carry in style. Not only that, the storage box protects your darts with the magnetic closure and custom EVA interior.

Besides the carrying case, IgnatGames plastic tip dart sets include 6 good-looking darts with brass barrels and aluminum shafts. 

Since they are made of brass, the barrels of these darts are heavy, so if you are a young dart player, you might not like them. 

The dart shafts in this set are aluminum-made and thus quite durable. If durability is your concern, you won’t like to miss it.

IgnatGames plastic tip darts are easy to control. If you want to hit precisely, it’s the dart you need.

Thanks to the flights, it flies at a reasonable speed, another plus point. 

Unfortunately, the tips of this dart are not long-lasting and break after a few throws.

But as backup, you’ll get 100 plastic dart tips with the darts, so that won’t be an issue.

You’ll also get six flights with unique designs and increased speed, six shafts and 12 rubber O’Rings, 1, and a practical tool. All these in one set! 


  • Comes with an alluring case.
  • Includes a good number of extra accessories and replacements.
  • Shafts are made of high-quality aluminum.


  • Heavier than other darts.Not suitable for kids or newbies.
  • Tips are breakable.

Final Verdict: If you need to carry your darts more or less and require a good storage case IgnatGames plastic tip dart set is what you need. With attractive looks and many equipment included, this set is a great pick if you want to buy an all-in-one soft-tip dart set.

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Buying guide for soft tip darts

Investing in soft-tip darts is a crucial step. One wrong product can ruin your dart experience, so when choosing the best soft-tip darts, you must be careful about the factors below.

Determine your purpose

Before you decide what dart you will buy, it’s important to understand why you need it.

Are you a beginner looking for lightweight and flexible darts? Or are you a professional seeking accuracy and durability? Maybe you just want to enjoy friendly dart matches at home!

If you are a beginner in this game, you may need lightweight darts that are flexible to play and learn. However, since beginners switch to new darts after a period, you might not want something expensive.

For professionals, heavy soft tip darts come with more control, accuracy and durability. These darts cost more than beginner-friendly ones.

So, your purpose of buying will greatly influence the type of dart that suits you best

On the other hand, if you’re just interested in friendly dart matches at home, there are other dart options.

So you see your purpose of buying can decide what dart will suit you.

Choose the right dart material:

The first thing you need to examine before buying soft-tip darts is the material of the barrel.

Manufacturers use brass and tungsten mostly as the material. Some brands also use nickel to build soft-tip darts’ barrels. 

Among these, brass-made soft tip darts are heavy but don’t last long.

Nickel darts with soft points are more durable than brass. It costs less and is good for new players.

Tungsten is the best material for soft-tip darts. It has a dense texture. Thus, tungsten-made soft tip darts are of the right weight and not too light or heavy. Moreover, these are sleek in design and let you grip confidently.

Experts say soft tip darts with 90% tungsten are more durable. So if you are playing to spend your free time or to level up your dart skill, tungsten darts are best to serve both purposes. But these are costlier that other materials. 

Find the ideal dart weight:

The weight of a soft-tip dart impacts your performance in this game. The perfect weight allows you to throw the dart accurately. Soft tip darts usually weigh between 14 to 22 grams. However, you can also find soft-tip darts weighing more than 20 grams.

How heavy or light a dart you want depends on your skills, playing level, and playing style.

If you want precise throws and more control, darts weighing 20 to 22 grams are good options.

But if you are a newbie, it’s good to stick with lighter darts of 16-18 grams.

Select a dart with the right grip:

How comfortable you are with the grip can make or ruin your dart game. Different types of soft tip darts come with different grips. For example, smooth, knurled or rings.

Choose soft tip darts with grooves, rings, and ridges cut in its barrel for better hold and throw. This is known as knurled grip, and it’s much more convenient for new players.

Consider the design and size of the flight:

Depending on the brand and model, dart flights can have different designs and shapes. The structure or surface too can be variable. You may choose the wrong soft-tip dart if you don’t consider this factor.

Some prefer a smooth surface, while others are comfortable using a dimpled one. Similarly, flight size between standard and slim should be considered before the final decision.

Explore package options:

Soft tip darts are sold in single pieces and sets. 

Most soft-tip dart sets include multiple darts, additional soft tips, flights, flight protectors, carrying cases, etc.  There are packages that only sell darts in a set of 2, 3, 5 or more.

We suggest exploring the options and different packages brands are offering. 

Match your need and purpose with the available deals and then decide which is perfect for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best weight for soft tip darts?

The best weight for soft tip darts is considered 20 to 22 grams. However, the standard of perfection can vary depending on the user. For beginners, darts that weigh 18 grams are best. Again, 22 grams is the best weight for mid-level players using soft-tip darts.

Based on the barrel material and overall design, soft-tip darts usually weigh 16 to 25 grams. Soft tip darts that weigh less are tough to throw accurately on the target. But these are comfortable for practicing a lot. Those over 22 aren’t flexible to play. 20 to 22-gram heavy soft tip darts allow accuracy as well as can be controlled, so it’s considered the best weight.

Do soft tip darts break easily?

Soft tip darts don’t break easily but become unusable after a specific time. Or if you frequently play with one tip for a long time, it may break at some point or wear off after long use. But in general soft tips don’t break too early just because they are not steel made.

Soft tip darts use two types of material. Barrels are made of tungsten, brass, and aluminum. And the 4 tips are made of plastic, rubber or nylon.

If the barrel material is fragile or the tips are low quality, the darts may break or bend easily. This can happen with frequent play or even after a few throws. Soft tip darts also break early if the adjusting points aren’t strong.


A well-chosen dart can significantly affect your performance and overall game enjoyment. The best soft-tip darts don’t have to drain your wallet or have to be very premium.  

It depends on your playing style and skill level. Many soft-tip darts are available that cater to various preferences, features and skill levels.

But finding the best one among the many options can be challenging if you don’t know the factors you need to consider.

So you can look at our best soft tip review to choose the perfect one effortlessly. 

Or, if you are still in a dilemma, follow the buying guide to get the most suitable soft-tip dart.

So don’t hesitate; explore the options, make an informed decision, and let the darting fun begin!

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