Best Dart Shafts to Enhance Your Accuracy and Control

Giving your best in a dart game is difficult without using the right shaft. 

The right shaft enhances your accuracy and control and greatly impacts your performance. But most players, though they know how to throw darts, aren’t well aware of dart shafts. 

Fear not if you are among the countless players unsure of which shaft to invest in! We have compiled a comprehensive list of the best dart shafts, providing in-depth reviews to guide you on your journey to darting greatness. 

You will find detailed analysis, pros and cons, and valuable insights to assist you in making an informed decision. At the end of the guide, you’ll also come across a buying guide describing the factors that must be considered when buying the right shaft. 

So, let’s dive in and find the perfect match for your throwing style!

Upgrade Your Darts with These 10 Best Shafts

Let’s look at the detailed reviews of the top dart shafts that will help you tp perform better and score higher!

1. Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft

Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft

If you are looking for durability, strength, appearance, and performance in one shaft, Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft is the one you may find helpful. 

This dart shaft is made of ultra-light carbon graphite, one of the best shaft materials. It’s extremely durable and strong. It can easily stand against wear and tear during the game.

Despite having carbon graphite components, Viper ultra dart is very light in weight. It has a unique front-load distribution to ensure you get precision and consistency. It’s a short-length shaft available in 2 size options. Beginners may find this shaft a bit hard to play with, but for intermediate to expert players, this shaft can be a game changer. 

As an extra feature, this dart shaft from Viper has locking hole design, so you don’t have to tighten the shaft to the barrel frequently. 

Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart comes in a pack of 3. The quantity is less than other dart shafts offer, but this factor can be considered since it’s long-lasting. Another downside is the price; it’s quite expensive and unsuitable for casual players and beginners. But professionals and advanced players woill surely love this Viper ultra-light shaft.


  • Premium Carbon fiber material
  • Durable
  • Lightweight
  • It has locking hole feature
  • Ensures accuracy and consistency


  • Only 3 shafts in one pack
  • Expensive

Final Verdict: The Viper Carbon Plus Ultra Light Dart Shaft is a top choice if you’re an experienced player seeking durability, strength, and precision.

While it may be challenging if you’re a beginner or don’t want to spend a lot on a dart, its performance and longevity make it a game-changing option for professionals and advanced players.

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2. Cavalier Darts Aluminum Dart Shafts

Cavalier Darts Aluminum Dart Shafts

Cavalier Dart Shafts are one of the most dependable shafts for longevity. Aluminum is known for its strength, and this aluminum-made shaft will ensure you can play non-stop games for days without worrying about durability.

The size of this shaft is medium, which is good for both beginners and pro-level players. It’s not too heavy but gives you enough control over the dart. You can use this shaft with soft-tip darts and steel-tip darts.

Cavalier Dasrts Aluminum shaft has O-rings that attach the barrel and shaft tightly. So you don’t have to retighten it frequently during the game. Also, it has a standard 2BA groove that lets the shafts fit in most darts. 

Cavalier dart shafts are available in 20,30, and 40 pieces packs; you’ll also find different color options. We also liked the pricing of this shaft. 

You may face trouble with the tight flight slots, but that can be fixed using a flight spreader.


  • Durable Aluminum shaft
  • Comes with O-rings
  • Can be used with both soft-tip and steel-tip darts
  • Value pack in a larger quantity.


  • Flight slots are tight

Final Verdict: The Cavalier Dart Shafts are a highly reliable and durable option suitable for both beginners and experienced players. This product can be a great choice if you’re looking for long-lasting and versatile dart shafts.

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3. Target Darts Phil Taylor Power Gen 8 Titanium Darts Shaft

Target Darts Phil Taylor Power Gen 8 Titanium Darts Shaft

This dart shaft is specially made for Phil Taylor fans. If you admire Phil Taylor’s playing style and looking for a shaft that’d give you similar power, you can go for Target Darts Phil Taylor Power Gen 8 Titanium Darts Shaft.

This shaft has layers of titanium. Since high-quality material and coat, this shaft is very long-lasting. It can also reduce drag and make the game enjoyable.

Target Darts Phil Taylor Power Gen 8 has an exclusive look. It’s kept matte black all over the body. It’s not too thick and has the perfect weight and length. The appearnace and design is worth paying. 

This shaft includes a Generation 8 shaft with additional CNC milling to add grip at the rear end of the dart. So, not only its appearance but the performance of this shaft is also praise-worthy. This one can be your next pick if you are good with medium shafts.

As extra accessories, in one set of Phil Taylor Gen 8 dart shafts, you’ll get 3 pc shafts. Comparing the amount of extra shaft, the price seemed a lot higher. 


  • Titanium Coated
  • Very strong
  • Looks exclusive
  • Has excellent grip


  • Over-priced

Final Verdict: The Target Darts Phil Taylor Power Gen 8 Titanium Darts Shaft is highly recommended if you’re a Phil Taylor fan and wish to emulate his playing style and power. If you have no problem spending a handsome amount for a fan-edition dart, you can surely buy target Darts Phil Power Gen 8 dart shaft!

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4. Viper Spinster Shaft

Viper Spinster Shaft

Another top product from Viper. This time it’s the Viper Spinster shaft, made of Aluminum. 

The unique fact that lead this to the list is the spinning mechanism. The rotating shaft top allows the flights to rotate flexibly. This mechanism reduces deflection and bounce-outs and lets you score more. 

Another factor that makes Viper Spinster shaft a good shaft is the structure. This aluminum-made shaft is strong enough against rough wear and tear. You don’t have to change the shafts even after many dart games.

Its longevity doesn’t mean it’s heavy. Comparing the other shafts made of alloy, this shaft is quite lightweight. As an extra feature, this shaft has locking hole to hello you tighten the barrel and shaft.  Your game that’s why will be smooth and uninterrupted. 

You will find 2 size options for the Viper Spinster shaft, medium and short. The set includes 3 shafts which are fine according to the price.


  • Innovative Spinning mechanism
  • Highly rated 
  • Reduce bounce-outs and deflection
  • Strong and durable
  • Offers two lengths


  • Spin sometimes gets jammed up when Robinhooded.

Final Verdict:  Viper Spinster shaft suits players seeking longevity, smooth gameplay, and value for money. If you want to improve accuracy and reduce deflection, we’d suggest grabbing this one.

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5. Red Dragon Coated Aluminum Shafts

Red Dragon Coated Aluminum Shafts

The coated aluminum shaft from Red Dargon is a high-quality piece for dart enthusiasts. This shaft is coated with a black texture. This design makes the shafts more convenient to grip and adds to its beauty. It’s one of the nicest shafts from the Red Dragons collection.

Red Dragon Coated Shafts are not fragile but could have been more durable. 

But we liked how lightweight the shafts feel in hand. You’ll get precision and more control over the dart using these shafts. 

Also, there is no need to tighten the barrel and shaft in between the game, as they tighten it securely. These shafts are available in medium length, good for intermediate and pro-level players. 

You’ll get 6 shafts in one pack. The price is good according to the brand value.


  • Very nice looking
  • Has a good grip
  • Medium length and lightweight
  • 6 shafts in one set


  • The paint layer gets damaged if it frequently hits a solid base.

Final Verdict: With their convenient grip, lightweight design, and secure tightening mechanism, Red Dragon Coated shafts suit intermediate and pro-level players. The Red Dragon Coated Shafts are a high-quality choice if you prefer precision and control.

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6. Target Darts 3 x Pro Grip Darts Shafts

Target Darts 3 x Pro Grip Darts Shafts

If you want to take your dart game to a professional level, we recommend trying Target Darts 3 x Pro Grip shafts. These shafts are manufactured delicately, keeping the pro-level gameplay in mind. That’s why these shafts offer an incredible performance boost.

3 x Pro dart shafts from Target Dart are made of nylon. These are more durable than traditional plastic dart shafts. You will love the lightness of these shafts as you throw and witness the flat landing.

These pro grip shafts are significantly molded, allowing you to experience a smooth lead. Moreover, it’s quite helpful against fallouts due to its strength in gripping flights.

This pro shaft is also designed with a nib to insert flights effortlessly. Another amazing fact about these shafts is the price. You will get 9 pieces of medium nylon shaft at a budget-friendly cost. It also includes metal rings so you can keep your fingers tight.

The downsides of this shaft are the rings aren’t that sturdy, and the shafts aren’t strong against tough collisions of darts. So if you can skip that part in exchange for the other features and the alluring price, this can be your go-to option.


  • Pro-level shafts
  • Nylon made
  • Lightweight
  • Very reasonable


  • The shafts split if they collide
  • The supplied rings aren’t useful

Final Verdict: The Target Darts 3 x Pro Grip shafts are highly recommended for dart players aiming to elevate their game professionally. You may go with this one if you need a budget-friendly shaft with a smooth grip and reduced fallout.

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7. CyeeLife Pro Dart Shafts

CyeeLife Pro Dart Shafts

CyeeLife Pro dart shafts are best if you are a professional player or trying to get on an advanced level. These shafts are made of aluminum, so they are very strong for playing regularly. 

Being a pro-dart player, even if you keep hitting the dart hard, your shaft will be just in place. The weight and thickness of these shafts are perfect for an expert player to flaunt his skills. 

You’ll get 20 free o-rings with the shafts to secure the shaft-flight bond.

These super-quality shafts are available in 2 sizes; whatever suits your comfort,, you can take that. There are color options available, too, for these shafts. You can pick your preferred color from the 5 vibrant shades.

Cyeelife pro darts come in 15 pcs at a reasonable price. So if you own a dart corner, it is a superb value pack to buy!


  • Aluminum shafts
  • Very strong 
  • Best for professionals
  • Comes in 2 sizes
  • 15 pieces in a set
  • Very reasonable


  • It would be great if they had 3 sizes available

Final Verdict: CyeeLife Pro dart shafts are ideal for professional players or those aspiring to reach an advanced level. It’s designed with durable aluminum construction, perfect weight, and thickness, and includes o-rings for secure bonding. If you are serious about darts, you’ll love to play with these. 

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8. Harrows Dart Shaft

Harrows Dart Shaft

We have another Carbon shaft on the list from Harrows. 

These carbon-made stems are so solid and durable that you’ll not look for another option. Carbon is considered one of the premium materials for shafts. It’s long-lasting and can stand out against regular wear and tear. If you take this dart shaft, it will serve you for months. 

Apart from its carbon stem, we love the jewel-like cores that come in 10 different colors. Your performance will flash like those jewels as you play using this shaft. This unique addition has made the shaft more attractive.

Harrows dart shafts offer 3 sizes. Short, Tweenie, and Medium. So you have the freedom to choose whatever length suits your playing style. 

The price of a set of Harrows darts comes in 3 pieces of shafts sadly. In contrast, The price is quite high. But if you don’t want to miss this fancy edition from a reputed brand, the money won’t matter.


  • Carbon shaft
  • Attractive design
  • Available in 3 sizes
  • Durable


  • High-price
  • Only 3 shafts in a set

Final Verdict: Harrows Carbon dart shafts are perfect for serious players seeking durability and a touch of elegance. This can be your pick if you are willing to invest in a high-quality dart shaft that looks royal. 

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9. Wolftop Aluminum Dart Shafts 24 Pack

Wolftop Aluminum Dart Shafts 24 Pack

Looking for the best shaft for your pub’s dart corner? Want to attract your game room clients flaunting numbers of good dart shafts? 

You’ve come to the right place. We’ve chosen the Wolftop Aluminum Dart shaft for such scenarios. These shafts are aluminum-made, thus highly durable, and easily resist physical damage when Robin hooded or bounced -out. As a result, Your guest will not have to pause the game now and then.

This shaft comes with O-ring, so you don’t have to retighten the shaft frequently. It’s very easy to install as Wolftop shafts are compatible with all 2BA-size dart screw threads.

Whether you own a little game corner near the street or a dart section in the pub, this set of 24 pieces of shafts will be enough to keep the game going. You get this big pack of shafts at a very low price, so it’s a win-win deal.


  • Good for game corners or pub owners
  • Aluminum shafts
  • Durable
  • Value pack of 24 pc shafts
  • Comes with an O-ring.


  • The O-rings aren’t top-notch in quality

Final Verdict: The Wolftop Aluminum Dart shafts come at an affordable price and in good quantity to ensure a seamless and cost-effective gaming experience. If you own a pub or game room and need to stock up on good shafts to enhance the dart corners, you can look for Wolftop Aluminum dart shafts.

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10. CUESOUL TERO AK7 Dart Shafts 


This is another great deal if you have a dart corner and need lots of good-quality shafts to supply there. Cuesoul Tero Ak7 Dart shaft is one of the most versatile sets you can own. This comes as a combo set of shafts and suitable flights. The shafts are available in 8 sizes, from 25 mm to 55mm; amazing! Isn’t it? Your customers will love to explore different lengths.

Plus, the edge of the shafts is designed with an Octagon shape, so you can easily tighten the shaft and flight without any hassle.

Cuesoul Tero AK7 dart shaft has an innovative Telescopic design that prevents the flight from damage. You can use these shafts with steel tip darts and soft tip darts. And when paired with the included flights, your customer will love the experience!

This shaft pack comes in 4 pieces of shafts and has O-rings as well. The price isn’t too high to avail of such a pleasing deal.


  • 8 different sizes
  • Octagon shape edge
  • Innovative telescope design
  • Comes as a shaft and flight combination


  • Material isn’t specified

Final Verdict: The Cuesoul Tero AK7 Dart shafts are a versatile and comprehensive choice for dart corner owners as it includes a range of sizes, and telescopic design and are compatible with different types of darts. If you are a dart corner owner and looking for a versatile set of shafts and flights to cater to customers’ preferences and enhance their dart-playing experience, we suggest you buy the Cuesoul Tero AK7 Dart shafts.

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Buying Guide: What to Look for in a Dart Shaft 

Before you dive into buying a dart shaft and spend your hard-earned money, let’s go over some important factors to consider. We want to make sure you make the right choice and get the best value for your investment. Plus, we’ll give you a peek into how we came up with our top 10 shafts list.


The size of the dart shaft will determine how you hold the dart and throw it. So if you choose the wrong length, it will affect your performance badly. You’ll come across short, medium, and long shafts. Each length is designed for different throwing styles. 

If you feel comfortable holding the dart in front, shorter shafts are your best bet. They shift the center of gravity to the front, resulting in a more compact and direct flight. 

On the other hand, longer shafts are perfect if you prefer holding the dart towards the back. They move the center of gravity to the rear, offering stability and performing well for higher arcs. 

Both sizes work great for intermediate to advanced players. If you’re a beginner seeking maximum stability, medium shafts are ideal for you.

You’ll find shafts in short, medium, and long sizes. Each length is designed for a different throwing style. If you feel comfortable holding the dart in front, you should go for shorter shafts. Short shafts move the center of gravity to the front of the dart. It provides a more compact and direct flight path. 

On the opposite, longer shafts move the center of gravity toward the rear side of the dart, so if you prefer holding the dart in the back, you should choose long shafts. These shafts perform well when you’re trying for a higher arc. Also, these offer more stability. 

Both these sizes are good for intermediate to advanced-level players.

Medium-size shafts offer maximum stability while playing darts. These are ideal if you are a beginner. You will have maximum stability using the medium shafts.


Let’s talk about materials. The material used in the shaft affects the weight of the dart, which, in turn, affects how it flies. Depending on the material, the dart weight can vary. Eventually, the weight of a dart will affect the flying of the dart. Besides, the shaft’s material also affects how you handle the dart. 

In modern darts, shafts are made of plastic, metal, nylon, and carbon fiber. Since choosing the right material can change your game, here is detailed information about these materials. 

  • Plastic: Plastic-made shafts are cheap in price. These are good options for beginners still learning the basics of dart games. Plastic shafts offer a variety of colors, and these also look attractive. But you won’t be able to play with them for long as these darts are breakable and get damaged soon. 
  • Metal: Metal shafts are the most popular ones. And when it comes to metal shafts, undoubtedly go for aluminum. This is the most common metal used for making shafts. 

Aluminum is lightweight and long-lasting compared to other metals. These shafts come in various designs and are easy to customize according to your preference. Besides. Aluminum shafts are affordable, so anyone, from beginners to experts, can easily own them.

Aluminum shafts are liked for their durability and resistance to normal wear and tear. Even if you are a beginner, your errands throw won’t bend or damage aluminum shafts.

However, aluminum shafts can be a bit tricky to fit with some flights, requiring extra effort or separate rings for a secure fit. 

  • Nylon: This is the most flexible one among these materials. Nylon dart shafts bend easily when needed, so there is less chance of these getting damaged through another dart on the board. You’ll love the textured grip used in many nylon shafts. Besides, it’s very convenient to replace these shafts.

In addition, nylon shafts come in unique designs and the price of nylon shafts is reasonable. However, nylon shafts too often give trouble when trying to attach with darts.

  • Carbon fiber: Carbon fiber shafts are the priciest option but boast exceptional durability and low weight. These shafts can be both narrow and wide.  They minimize deflection, increase flight stability, and reduce dart vibration.  

Moreover, this material is low-maintainable, so you don’t have to pamper and polish it a lot.

The higher price of this material can be counted as a downside. If you are on a tight budget or exploring different shafts, skip this material. 

Number of Shafts in a set: 

You must consider this point. When buying shafts, try to find the one that sells more than one piece of shaft in a set. Accidents can happen and your shafts can be damaged. It’s always better to have an extra shaft to keep playing for safety. 

Plus, who doesn’t love a good deal, right? 

Extra Features: 

There was a time dart shafts were limited to a few features and designs. But now, as a part of modernization, dart manufacturers are bringing many new innovative features to the shafts. Extra features can make your darting experience even better.

When looking for dart shafts, we suggest you search for extra features like shaft o-ring. It’s a useful component that prevents the dart shaft and barrel from damage when you attach these. 

Also, look for grooves along the shaft for better grip and more accurate throw. 


Price is a big concern when buying dart shafts. Dart shafts come in various price ranges. It’s essential to set a budget in advance and then consider the features that align with your requirements. 

Think about your preferences, durability expectations, and value-for-money options. Once you find a shaft that fits your criteria and budget, go for it with confidence!

Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of shafts do pro dart players use?

Pro dart players mostly use medium-length (45mm to 50mm) nylon-made shafts. Many prefer plastic shafts, too, when playing professionally. Both these materials are flexible to use and much more durable. Medium-length shafts help professionals to achieve maximum stability in the dart game. Medium shafts also offer more control over the dart, so they get more accuracy.

Are short or long dart shafts better?

Whether a short or long dart shaft is better depends on the player’s preferences and skill level. Short shafts are better for those who hold the dart in the front, and those who hold it in the back can go for long shafts. For beginners short shaft is a better option.

Short shafts move the center of gravity to the front of the dart. So short dart shafts are good for your performance if you hold the dart in the front. Since short shafts are more forgiving, it’s also better for beginners.
On the other hand, long shafts move the center of gravity of the dart toward the back of the dart.  A long shaft will be perfect if you prefer holding darts at the back while throwing. 


The best dart shaft is the one that suits your playing style, skill level, and personal preference. If a shaft works for someone, it will not necessarily work for you. So you must explore the options to find the one that gives you comfort and confidence. 

We encourage you to use our buying guide as a helpful resource while you navigate through the various shaft options available. Alternatively, you can rely on our trusted reviews to guide you towards selecting the best dart shaft that will truly elevate your game.

So go ahead, make your move, and equip yourself with the perfect dart shaft. It’s time to take your darting experience to new heights. Good luck and happy throwing!

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