Best Dartboards for Home to Transform Your Playroom in 2024

We know how overwhelming it can be to choose the perfect dartboard for your dream dart corner at home. The best dartboard for home fits perfectly with your homely environment, fulfills the purpose, and makes dart games as exciting as you find in the pubs. 

There are so many options that can confuse your decision. So we’ve taken on the challenge for you and narrowed down the list of best home dartboards. From durability to design, performance to price, we’ve scrutinized every aspect to ensure we bring you the best dartboards for your space.

As a bonus, you’ll get a detailed buying guide at the end of the article. It covers the essential factors we considered while compiling our list of the ten best home-use dartboards.

10 Best Dartboards for Home Reviewed 

1. WINMAU BRISTLE DARTBOARD                  


Winmau bristle dartboard (blade 6) is made with high-quality material. The bull’s-eye ring of this board is designed with Carbon Diffusion technology, which makes it strong and durable. The score area is spacious and includes a 25% thinner wiring system. 

Since this board is of standard size, hanging it on the wall will flaunt the corner. Featuring Winmau’s latest Sixth Generation dartboard technology, the Winmau bristle dartboard is one of the best-selling dartboards from their Blade series. 

You’ll find low-bounce off playing on this. So the chances of scoring higher are there. You can hang this board easily with its easy-adjust Rota-Lock mounting system and start playing within a minute. Winmau Blade 6 dartboard is also a good one to keep at home. 


  • High-quality material
  • Durable
  • Standard size
  • Professional tournament approved


  • Expensive

Final Verdict: With cutting-edge technology, durable construction, low bounce-outs, and easy installation, this board is the absolute best in performance and aesthetics. This is the best if you want to buy the finest steel tip without worrying about the budget. 

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2. Turnart Electronic Dart Board

Turnart Electronic Dart Board

If you want to play darts at home but in a fancy avatar, Turnart electronic dart board can be a good option. It is popular for its illuminated segments that light up in the dark. It’s a perfect board for fun with friends and family on a game night.

Turnart Electronic dartboard comes in a sleek design. It’s 13.5 inches in size, which is smaller than usual boards. So if you have space issues, this dartboard is perfect for keeping at home.

Along with the party lighting, this dart board has multi-player options that allow 8 people to play together. There are pre-installed games, extra darts, and built-in storage as well. So even if your guest comes at the last moment, that won’t be a problem. You can have the set-up ready and organized.


  • Illuminated segments
  • Small size space saving boards
  • Multiplayer option for up to 8 people
  • It comes with extra darts and built-in dart storage
  • Good for home parties


  • The dart holders don’t hold the darts properly
  • The provided darts are too sticky to remove.

Final Verdict: Turnart electronic dartboard is perfect for those who prioritize style and functionality. If you want to add a touch of elegance to your home darts experience, get your hands on this fancy dartboard.

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3. WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

WIN.MAX Electronic Dart Board

You can use this electronic dartboard if you are more into modern dartboards. Win. Max is a popular dart manufacturer that needs to introduction. This electronic dartboard has an LCD to keep you updated about your game. The ultra-thin net on the scoring space prevents bounce and lets you enjoy darts with higher scores.

It also includes sound and voice features to energize your gaming. You can play 21 pre-installed games with up to 8 co-players. Good for family bonding, isn’t it? This board can be considered safe for kids and young players as played with soft-tip darts. Kids would also love the audio and display features.

It’s quite space-saving as the size is 13.5 inches. If you like bigger ones, you may skip it. What’s also good about keeping these boards at home because you can run this on AC power and battery. 


  • The ultra-thin net prevents bounce.
  • It runs on both AC power and battery. 
  • Accommodate eight players
  • It has sound and voice feature
  • Good for both young and adults


  • Small in size
  • The display sometimes is not clear to read

Final Verdict: This dartboard from Win. Max is the best electronic dartboard for the home due to its space-saving design. This is a great pick if you want a modern and versatile dart board that’s ideal for family bonding and safe for kids. 

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4. Mission Dart complete home dartboard

Mission Dart complete home dartboard

For dart enthusiasts who want a dart corner of their own, we can’t help but suggest this Mission dart complete home dartboard.  It’s a full setup with a traditional dartboard, darts, scoring panel, marker pen, and storage. Most importantly, it includes a cabinet that protects the board even when unused.

Mission dartboard is durable, with premium hinges and reinforced corners for extra strength and stability. It’s easy to assemble and play at any time. We loved how the cabinet looks and feel it won’t ruin the interior, even if you set it up in your living area. You can also choose the colors of the cabinet and fix it easily following the manual.

The quality of the cabinet seemed a little poor, but comparing the price, it’s not that bad. Also, the cabinet will last if you don’t play darts too frequently. We also liked the pricing, not even 100$ for a whole dart setup! 


  • Complete dart setup
  • Traditional dart board
  • Color options available
  • Durable


  • The cabinet gets damaged soon

Final Verdict: Mission Dart Complete Home Dartboard is a full setup with a durable dartboard, darts, a scoring panel, a marker pen, and a cabinet for protection. It’s suitable if you are a casual player and desire a dedicated dart corner at your home. 

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5. East point bristle dartboard

East point bristle dartboard

Another dart board set to build your dream dart corner at home! East point bristle dartboard is a dartboard and cabinet set. The dart board is manufactured with premium quality sisal fiber and is 18 inches in size.

We are impressed with the heavy-duty spider and steel ring. It also includes a staple-free bullseye to reduce bounce-outs. The fibers of the boards have a self-healing feature, so when you pull out a dart, it heals quickly.

East Point bristle dartboard home set includes darts, chalk, an eraser, and hanging instruments. You‘ll get this complete set at a very reasonable price compared to the service you’ll enjoy while playing darts. 


  • All-in-one set
  • Official size dartboard
  • High-quality
  • Durable material


  • The dart quality could have been better

Final Verdict: East Point Bristle is a premium quality sisal-fiber dartboard with a heavy-duty spider and steel ring, staple-free bullseye, and self-healing fibers. It can ensure a high-quality playing experience at an affordable price. If you want a premium dart board for your dream dart corner, check this!

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6. Unicorn Striker Dartboard

Unicorn Striker Dartboard

If you are tight on budget and the last thing you want to spend on is a dartboard, go for the Unicorn Striker dartboard without any doubt. 

This dartboard comes with impressive quality comparing its low price. It’s a high-quality bristle board that will make your gaming experience smooth. The metal ring and thin-wire spider on this dartboard make it look like one of that premium. 

Though the durability of this board is questionable, you can always buy a better one once you are more serious about darts.


  • Very reasonable price
  • Satisfying quality
  • Good appearance 


  • The fibers are weak and wear off soon

Final Verdict: Unicorn striker dartboard is for budget-conscious buyers who still want a decent quality dartboard. This dartboard offers a smooth gaming experience with its metal ring and thin-wire spider. If you are a casual player and wish to switch to a better dartboard in the future, it is a suitable option for you. 

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7. Yuhum Magnetic Dart Board

Yuhum Magnetic Dart Board 2

Are you looking for a kids-friendly dart board to encourage your kids in indoor sports? But can’t figure out what board will be the best for them to play safe? Yuhum, a magnetic dart board is what you need.

Yuhum is a soft tip dart board that works on magnetic power. You don’t need any ac or battery power, nor do you need to force to place darts on the boards. It’s a magnetic board that’s easy to play and learn darts with. 

Yuhum magnetic dart board is manufactured using a high-quality material that holds the darts in place. Your kids can hit the darts as hard as they want, and you’ll see no falling or bounce off. 

It’s so light in weight that the kids can easily carry it and place it anywhere in the home. You’ll also get 12 colorful needleless darts to teach your kids darts safely.


  • Best for teaching kids
  • Safe 
  • Light-weight


  • Not good for playing darts in the long run.

Final Verdict: The Yuhum magnetic dart board is a safe choice if you want a dartboard for your kids. It’s lightweight, portable, and needs no outer electronic power. This dartboard is a good option for playing indoors with kids and your dart players.

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8. Joovon Soft Dart Board

Joovon Soft Dart Board

Another pick for you is if a soft-tip dart board is your preference. This is a nice dartboard from Joovon. It is a soft-tip plastic dartboard. It’s affordable but not cheap in quality.

Joovon plastic dart board is good for kids and young dart players. If you are someone who enjoys darting but barely gets time for this, you can buy this dartboard to keep at home. If you plan to start with a basic dartboard, try this out for the first few days. 

The Joovon dartboard is a standard-size board made with strong and durable plastic. The tip hole of this board is designed with Honeycomb Block to hold the darts in place and reduce bounce off. You can also store the darts on the board as it has built-in storage. 


  • Made of high-strength plastic
  • Standard size board
  • Designed with  Honeycomb Block Tip Hole
  • Built-in dart storage


  • The dart tips aren’t durable

Final Verdict: The Joovon Soft-Tip Plastic Dartboard is a great choice if you prefer soft-tip darts. Affordable yet reliable, this dartboard suits kids, young players, and individuals looking for a casual dart experience at home. You can go for this soft-tip board if you’re on a budget and looking for a basic dartboard. 

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9. Street walk Kids Board

Street walk Kids Board 2

We present another safe dartboard for your dart-loving kids, the Street Walk Kids dartboard. We know how badly you want to enjoy your free time at home with the kids, and what can be better than spending time in a dart game?

This dartboard is manufactured using premium quality magnets, so the strength of the scoring area is satisfying. This dartboard is lightweight and portable. Your kids would love to carry it in any room and mount it for a game round. We love this board’s bright and colorful appearance, which surely can attract anyone!

The price of this dartboard is less than any other magnetic board. You won’t regret buying this one if you want to spend some good dart- time with your family. 


  • Best for teaching kids
  • Both kids and adults can play
  • Portable


  • The plastic part of the board is not durable.

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Final Verdict: The Street Walk Kids Dartboard is a beginner-friendly board for young players. This dartboard offers a fun and safe playing experience for kids. If you want to invest in quality family dart time, the street walk dartboard is perfect.

Buying Guide for The Best Dartboards for Home

Buying a dartboard for home play is not as exact as buying a dartboard. The purpose is different; the usage is different. So if you are looking for a dartboard to keep at your home for the first time, it might be a tough job to search and filter the options to find the best one. To simplify this process, we’ll share the factors you must consider when buying a dartboard so that you can make a good decision!

Determine your purpose for buying a dartboard. 

The purpose of keeping a dartboard at home isn’t the same for everyone. Similarly, there are different types of dartboards for different use. If you’re buying a dart board to learn to dart at home, you will need a beginner-friendly basic dartboard. For the first few days, you might not like spending a lot. 

If you plan to get more skilled in the dart, you can try dartboards with helpful features, like a scoreboard or display, to help you track your game. Again, if you want a dartboard to play with kids, you will like one with soft tip darts and an appealing appearance. 

To play at parties or gatherings, other dartboards offer suitable options like preloaded games, illuminating displays, and multiple-player options. So you see, for every purpose, the requirements are changed. 

Choose the appropriate size for your dartboard:

Notice the size when choosing the right dartboard from the hundreds of options. Since you’ll be setting it up at home, the size must be perfect for your space. That’s why compare the space you can offer to the new dartboard with its size.

We suggest going for standard-size dartboards if you’ve no space issues. Standard-size dartboards are not very large, about 17-18 inches in diameter. These are much more comfortable to play with. 

If you have a separate room for recreational activity, you can go for dartboards with cabinets. Those look very organized and can impact your playing experience. But small dartboards are also fine if your home can’t allow a standard-size dartboard.

Decide on the type of dartboard that suits your needs:

Bristle and electronic, mainly these two types of dartboards, are popular among dart lovers. Also, there are magnetic and plastic dartboards available in the market. All these are suitable for playing darts at home. But you need to choose one that syncs with your requirements.

For example, a bristle dartboard is a great option for playing with friends or older family members. Bristle dartboards are played with steel tip darts. Most dart players admire the traditional combo of a bristle dartboard and steel-tip darts. 

Since you have to play with sharp points on such a board, you may not like this board for teaching darts to your kids. In that case, electronic dart boards can be your selection. It is advanced, has multiple features, and can interest your gaming. 

Often people buy a dartboard and forget to use it. If you’re someone who plays darts once in a while, you may consider buying a magnetic or plastic dartboard. These are affordable, easy to handle and go a long way if not played a lot. 

Look for specific features that enhance your dartboard experience 

What features the dartboard offers is a matter of concern when picking the best for your home. Dartboards have interesting features like sound, lighting, display, multiplayer option, pre-loaded games, etc. You’ll mostly find these in the electronic dartboard.

Many players don’t care about advanced features; they will use any dartboard with minimum facilities.  For them, basic bristle dartboards or plastic dartboards are good options. If you aren’t into fancy dart equipment, you won’t bother if the dart board has neon lighting, unlike someone who loves to enjoy a pub-like dart game. 

But getting a dartboard with a cabinet might satisfy you since you’ll get everything in one place when playing. People who want to buy dartboards for home mainly check the portability of the boards and the power options. So they can place it anywhere, anytime. What features you are expecting can determine what dartboard you need. 

Choose your preferred method of mounting your dartboard 

You must hang the dartboard in the corner of your home, so it must include the hanging facility. A few dartboards can be set on a tabletop, but wall-mounted dartboards are the best for a more thrilling dart experience. 

Though most dartboards come with a mounting system and include the required tools in the package, double-check the hook or mounting so it doesn’t fall off the wall. 

Fix a budget and consider different price ranges:

What amount you are ready to spend on a dartboard can decide your selection. It’s not like you will only get the good ones if you pay more; you can find the best dart board as per your budget if you search wisely.

Dart Boards are found in many price ranges. If there is no budget issue and you want to invest in a good, durable piece, you may need to pay 100$ or more.

You’ll have many options if you can afford the medium-priced ones. Also, there are some good quality dartboards available on a low budget. So you must consider and decide the price range for your home dartboard before buying it.


To sum up, thinking wisely before investing in a dartboard you’ll use at home is important. Whatever you pick will affect your performance in the dart game. 

What dartboard is best for your home depends on your preference and requirements. Keeping the general requirements in mind, We’ve presented the best 10 for your here. You’ll get every type of dartboard in one page according to your need. 

We encourage you to review the reviews and carefully select the perfect dartboard to create your own home dart corner. Get ready to enjoy countless hours of dart-throwing fun and excitement in the comfort of your own space. Make your decision today and take the first step towards creating unforgettable memories with family and friends. Happy darting!

Written by Zach Barnes

Zach Barnes is a sport enthusiast and a sports column writer. He is dedicated to continuously expanding his knowledge and sharing his expertise with others who have a passion for indoor games like foosball, badminton, air hockey etc. Zach Barnes aims to use his expertise to educate new players in improving skills and heighten excitement for these exciting games.

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