How Far to Stand from Dartboard? (Easy Guide)

If you play the dartboard and see that you can not throw darts properly in bullseye. Because you might not know how far to stand and throw darts on the board. No need to be worried. Because if you read this article, you can learn how much distance from the dartboard is to stand for the dart throwing. You know dartboard has become one of the most popular games in the game history and still it is a popular name for game lovers. 

You can have fun sitting at home by playing the dartboard. If you want to know how far you have to throw the darts while standing in the circle, then read this article.

To play dartboard you need a board, enough space, darts, and a mat. Dartboard game has a board that is round and the numbers are marked by lines on this board. And darts that are used to throw on this board. There are certain rules for how far you can play standing from a dartboard. Let’s know in detail.

How Far to Stand from Dart Board?

How far to stand from dart board?

When you set up a dartboard in or out of your home just to play on your own, you do not have to follow the rules of the game. When playing with steel or plastic darts, it is best to throw the darts at a distance of about 7 or 8 feet from the board. But if you play at a certain distance, you will do much better in the game and your skills will increase. 

Before you set up the board in the room, you need to make sure that the place where you will set up the board is wide enough for your standing to play.

If you play indoors or outdoors without maintaining a certain distance as per the government rules, you will have a habit of not following these rules while playing in any tournament, and it can have a bad effect on your game.

First select a place. Then start measuring. You need a measuring tape to measure the exact position you will be playing. A standard is used for dart games all over the world. Let’s find out.

Distance from the board

Distance from the dartboard

If you play with steel darts, you must stand at a distance of 7 feet 9 ¼ inches (or 2.37 meters) from the dartboard according to official rules. And if you play with plastic darts then you have to play standing at a distance of 8 feet 0 inches (or 2.4384 meters).

Remember to mark where you will stand. The place to mark is called Oche. You can throw darts well if you play according to the rules of the game. Note that most boards are 1 or 1/2(one by two) inch thick.

Make sure that the sharp darts you throw do not harm anything else in the house or other family members. So, choose a place where no one travels and the place is free enough. And there should be nothing breakable between three to four feet on either side of the board. 


dartboard height

Measurements are usually started from the bullseye of the board. You can ask someone to hold the board so that you can take accurate measurements easier. According to the official rules, it should be 5 feet 8 inches (or 1.73 meters) from the ground. This measurement applies to steel and plastic-tipped darts.

 Distance from the bullseye

 Distance from the bullseye

You can determine the exact distance by forming a diagonal line and measuring the distance from Bullseye to Oche. According to official rules, the distance will be 9 feet 7 ⅜ inches (or 2.98 meters).

Remember: The line marked Oche is very close to the dartboard. You cannot cross the line marked Oche. So, you can use duct tape to mark the line or use a thin piece of wood. If you cross the line during the game when you go to play officially, it will be considered illegal. And if you go to play with friends or family personally, it is better to follow this rule. But there is no need to quarrel with anyone over the rules.

Dart-board set

Dart-board set

There are some dartboard sets available that do not require oches measurement while being used. Mats that are available in dartboard sets are made of one type of plastic material. Which usually has Oches printed for throwing steel and plastic-tipped darts. So, you do not have to create new lines. You can take a dartboard set printed with such Oches.


Where you are setting up your dartboard is an important issue. So, choose the place very carefully. Keep enough space around the board and set the board to the measured height. Setting up a dartboard is not a very difficult task. You can play comfortably by throwing your darts on the board while standing at a distance of 7 feet 9 and ¼ inches from the dartboard.

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