Turnart Darts Plastic Tip Review: Performance and Value

Choosing the perfect darts for your electronic dartboard can be a bit of a hassle with so many options out there. That’s why we are here to break down everything you need to know about one of the best options, the Turnart Darts Plastic Tip set. 

From its design and shafts to the accessories it comes with, we are going to discuss it in detail and compare with others on the market to give you the full picture. Let’s find out whether it matches your preferences or not.

Turnart Darts Plastic Tip Reviewed


This set is a professional-grade collection designed to bring your electronic dartboard experiences to new heights. This set is not just a bundle of darts, it’s a comprehensive toolkit.

Overview of Turnart Darts Plastic Tip

Components and Specifications

The Turnart darts set is designed to cater to the needs of dart enthusiasts of different levels. Each set comes packed with:

  • 9 soft tip darts, each weighing 18 grams, offering a balanced throw for precision aiming.
  • 50 extra tips, ensuring you’re always prepared for play.
  • 9 aluminum shafts (43mm), liked for stability during flight.
  • 27 flights in standard and slim sizes, allowing for customization of your dart’s aerodynamic properties.
  • 20 rubber O-rings plus a fixing tool, preventing the annoyance of flights getting loose mid-game.
  • A multi-purpose dart tool, aiding in quick adjustments and maintenance.
  • All these components are neatly organized in a stylish gift darts case, not only making it easy to carry your set around but also protecting your darts from damage.

Key Features

Key Features of Turnart Darts Plastic Tip

Professional Design

The set is engineered with precision. Each dart boasts knurled curves and strategically placed grooves. This thoughtful design isn’t just for aesthetics. It significantly enhances the friction between your fingers and the dart, offering grip and control. This means you can throw with more accuracy and consistency, feeling the dart respond to your every subtle movement. It’s a feature that turns good throws into great ones, allowing players to engage with their game on a deeper level.

Alu Shaft

These shafts maintain their shape and stability. The addition of 20 extra O-rings is a thoughtful touch, addressing a common frustration among dart players. These O-rings secure the connection between the shaft and the barrel, preventing loosening that can affect your aim and the flight of the dart. This means you can focus on your game, confident that your darts stays true to your precise aim.

Custom Darts Configuration

With 9 high-quality barrels, 9 aluminum shafts, 27 flights, and 20 rubber O-rings, plus a fixing tool and a multi-purpose dart tool, the set is for players who love to tweak and fine-tune their setup. Whether you’re experimenting to find your perfect dart configuration or adjusting to the day’s conditions, this set lets you make those changes effortlessly. 

Darts Gift Set

Packaged in a sturdy and stylish case, this dart set is as much a pleasure to receive as it is to use. The case not only protects the darts and accessories from damage but also makes the entire set easily portable.

Design and Build Quality

The Turnart set stands out in the crowded market of soft tip darts through its careful construction and quality materials. Here are more details, highlighting what sets Turnart apart.

Design and Build Quality of Turnart Darts Plastic Tip

Shafts and Flights Material

The shafts of the Turnart soft tip darts are crafted from aluminum, known for its strength and lightweight properties. This choice of material ensures the darts are balanced, contributing to a stable flight path. The included extra O-rings further enhances this stability by preventing the shafts from loosening during game.

The flights are designed to complement the shafts. With 27 included in each set, players have the option to choose between standard and slim sizes, allowing for a personalized flight path that suits their throwing style. Although they might break after a few games, it’s still a good choice considering the price.

Overall Build Quality

Each component of this set, from the barrel to the tip, is engineered with precision. The barrels feature a professional design with knurled curves and strategically placed grooves for enhanced grip and control. The overall build quality is such that it provides a professional playing experience for beginners and casual players at an affordable price.

Performance on Electronic Dartboard

Performance of Turnart Darts Plastic Tip on Electronic Dartboard

The true test of any dart set is its performance during play, especially on the modern electronic dartboards that many enthusiasts use today. These Turnart darts have been designed with this in mind, offering features that enhance gameplay.

Soft tip darts need to be compatible with electronic dartboards not only in terms of fitting the board’s surface but also in registering hits accurately. The Turnart darts are great in this area with their precision-engineered tips, which help the dart land securely on the board and scored by the electronic system. This reliability is crucial for competitive play, where every point counts.

The weight of the darts, at 18 grams, is ideal for electronic boards. It’s heavy enough to allow for controlled throws but light enough to prevent damage to the electronic components of the board. This balance is a key factor in the darts’ performance, providing players with confidence in both practice and competitive settings.


  • Quality Material: These darts are sturdy and well-made.
  • Value for Money: The set offers great value for its price, providing a good balance between cost and quality.
  • Nice Aesthetics: The darts are visually appealing, offering 4 different options to choose from.
  • Good for Recreational Use: The set is considered an excellent upgrade from cheaper darts, making it suitable for family use or casual play.
  • Comprehensive Set: The package includes a good amount of extra tips, shafts, flights, a tool kit, flight protectors, and a gift case, offering plenty of options for customization and replacement.
  • Nicely Weighted: Players find the darts to be nicely weighted, which contributes to a good throwing experience.


  • Durability Issues:  The durability is a concern here,  such as flights breaking or peeling and tips breaking after several games.

These insights from players who purchased this set provides a balanced view of its strengths and areas for improvement.

Comparison with Other Soft Tip Darts Sets

Comparison of Turnart Darts Plastic Tip with Other Soft Tip Darts

When compared to other soft tip darts sets, this Turnart darts set offers a level of customization not commonly found in other sets. This allows players to fine-tune their darts to their exact preferences, a feature that can significantly impact performance.

In terms of quality and performance, the Turnart set provides a professional-grade experience that is both accessible to beginners and appreciated by advanced players. The thoughtful design and quality construction set it apart from competitors, making it a standout choice for anyone looking to enhance their electronic dartboard experience.

Features and Quality Comparison

The Turnart set distinguishes itself with a comprehensive package that includes not just darts but also a wide array of accessories and customization options. This includes 50 extra tips, 27 flights, 9 durable aluminum shafts, and essential maintenance tools, all of which are designed to enhance the playing experience and extend the life of the set. In contrast, while brands like WIN.MAX and Grebarley offer quality components, they often come with fewer accessories, limiting customization and maintenance options.

The professional design, with its knurled curves and strategic grooves, offers an elevated level of grip and control not consistently matched by competitors. Moreover, the Turnart set’s emphasis on durability, particularly with its durable aluminum shafts and extra O-rings, ensures a longer lifespan, providing added value over time.

Price Analysis

At a price point that competes closely with offerings from WIN.MAX, Centaur, CyeeLife, and Grebarley, the Turnart darts set stands out for the volume and quality of components included. While some sets may come in at a lower initial cost, the comprehensive nature of the Turnart set, coupled with its high-quality materials and construction, presents a more cost-effective solution in the long run.

User Feedback on Weight, Balance, and Overall Feel

User Feedback of Turnart Darts Plastic Tip

Feedback on the Turnart darts set has been positive, particularly regarding the darts’ weight and balance. Players report that it feels stable in hand, offering a great throwing experience. The professional design, with its knurled curves and grooves, enhances grip and control, allowing players to throw with precision.

The balance of the darts is frequently highlighted in user reviews. The careful construction and distribution of weight from tip to flight ensure that the darts fly true to the player’s aim, with a predictable flight path. This consistency is vital for players looking to improve their game, as it allows them to focus on technique rather than compensating for variability in the darts’ performance.

Overall, the feedback emphasizes the positive impact of the darts’ weight, balance, and feel on gameplay. Players appreciate the professional qualities of the darts, which make them suitable for all levels of play, from casual games at home to more competitive matches.

Customization Tips for Optimal Performance

Experiment with Flight Shapes

The different flight shapes (standard and slim) can significantly affect your dart’s trajectory and behavior in the air. Standard flights are generally better for players who throw with more arc, as they provide greater stability. Slim flights are suited for faster, straighter throws. Experiment with both to see which aligns best with your throwing style.

Make Use of the Extra Tips

Having many extra tips means you can always ensure the tip of your dart is in optimal condition for electronic boards. A sharp, unworn tip will have better grip on the board, reducing bounce-outs and improving score accuracy.

Adjust the O-rings

Use the provided O-rings and fixing tool to secure the connection between the shaft and the barrel. This not only prevents the dart from wobbling during flight but also protects the integrity of the dart over time. Regularly check and replace O-rings as needed to maintain a tight fit.

Balance with Shafts and Flights

The combination of dart shaft and flight can dramatically influence the balance and flight path of your dart. Heavier shafts might pair better with larger flights for stability, while lighter shafts could benefit from slim flights for speed. Adjust and test different combinations to find your perfect match.

Maintenance is Key

Utilize the multi-purpose tool for regular maintenance of your darts. Keeping your darts in good condition is essential for consistent performance. This includes tightening shafts, replacing worn tips, and ensuring flights are securely attached.

By taking full advantage of the customization options and accessories included in the Turnart plastic tip set, players can fine-tune their darts to match their unique style and preferences.

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In wrapping up our review of the Turnart darts soft tip set, it’s clear that this set stands out for its price and extensive customization options, offering value for both beginner and advanced dart enthusiasts. 
If you have got any questions, feel free to ask. Don’t hesitate to share your opinion or experience in the comments section.

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