Centaur Soft Tip Darts Review: Elevating Your Game

With so many options out there, choosing the right darts can feel like throwing darts in the dark. That’s where we come in. 

In this Centaur soft tip darts review, we are shining the spotlight on a set that claims to be a game-changer. You might be wondering if these are worth the hype or if you will end up with buyer’s remorse. 

Don’t worry, we will break down everything from the design and quality to how these darts actually perform. So, if you’re looking for your next dart set, stick around. We are about to make your decision a whole lot easier.

Centaur Soft Tip Darts Reviewed


Overview of centaur soft tip darts

Centaur 12 pack soft tip darts set is a comprehensive kit designed to cater to a broad range of dart players.

The set features 12 soft tip barrels, divided into vibrant colors of yellow, blue, red, and green, as well as classic silver and black. These barrels are complemented by premium aluminum shafts, offering durability and a comfortable grip for every throw. To keep the game going, the set includes 100 premium plastic tips, which are compatible with electronic dartboards.

But that’s not all. The kit also comes with 16 thickened dart flights in 4 distinct styles, adding a personalized touch to your darts. Flight protectors are included to safeguard these flights, maintaining their shape and ensuring consistent performance. Whether you’re practicing with your darboard at home, or competing with friends, these accessories help maintain the balance and aerodynamics of each dart.

Storage and transport are made easy with a durable plastic dart case. This case not only protects your darts and accessories but also keeps them organized, ready for your next game.

Key Features and Benefits

Key Features of centaur soft tip darts

This set stands out not just for its variety but for the thoughtfully designed features that cater to both the competitive spirit and the fun side of darts. Here’s a closer look at what makes this set an impressive option.

Precision-Engineered Metal Barrels: The main attraction of each dart is its barrel, and these are crafted for both balance and style. Weighing in at 16 grams and reaching 18 grams when fully assembled, these barrels offer a perfect heft that seasoned players appreciate for its control and beginners find steady.

Premium Plastic Dart Tips: Designed to minimize bounce-outs, these tips make the darts stick to the electronic dartboard as intended. This not only enhances your gameplay but significantly reduces the frustration of darts that refuse to stay put.

Upgraded Aluminum Shafts: Durability meets design in these premium aluminum shafts. Each one is fitted with an extra spring O-ring, a small but crucial addition that prevents the dart flights from loosening during play. This means more time throwing darts and less time adjusting equipment.

Thickened Poly Pro Dart Flights: The dart flights has a significant role in helping the dart reach where you aimed. The included ones here are designed to increase speed and reduce drag for a smoother, more accurate flight path. The bonus flights for replacement ensures that your darts remain in top condition, ready for every game.

Comprehensive Kit: This set isn’t just a collection of parts; it’s a comprehensive toolkit for enhancing your dart playing experience, whether you’re aiming to go pro or just looking for some competitive fun. It’s also an ideal gift, packed with quality components that any dart player would be thrilled to receive.

Each feature of the set is engineered with the player in mind, from the weight and balance of the darts to the quality of the components. 

Design and Quality

This Centaur set is not only about performance but also about presenting darts with a visually appealing design and superior quality.

Design and Quality of centaur soft tip darts

Aesthetic Appeal and Color Options

The design of the dart set is striking, with a vibrant palette of yellow, green, red, and blue barrels, alongside the more traditional silver and black options. This range of colors not only makes each dart stand out but also allows players to personalize their game, choosing colors that suit their style or mood. The thoughtful color coordination extends to the aluminum shafts, enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the set and making it visually engaging for players and spectators alike.

Quality of Materials

The barrels are precision-machined from steel, ensuring a level of detail and consistency that is critical for balance and performance. This meticulous engineering process makes it comfortable to hold the darts, providing the confidence needed for accurate throws. The premium aluminum shafts complement the steel barrels, providing a robust yet lightweight structure that withstands regular use.

Practicality and Convenience

The durable plastic case addresses the practical needs of dart players. Not only does it protect the darts and accessories from physical damage, but it also offers a convenient solution for storage and transportation. This case ensures that all components of the dart set are organized, making it easy for players to take their game on the road, whether heading to a friend’s house or a competitive event. The case’s design further reflects the quality of the set, offering longevity and ease of use.

Overall, from the choice of materials to the color options and the practicality of the storage case, every aspect of the set has been thoughtfully designed to enhance the darts experience.

Performance in Gameplay

The true test of any dart set lies in its performance during gameplay. The Centaur 12 pack darts set delivers on multiple fronts, offering a blend of balance, grip, and a satisfying overall feel.

Performance of centaur soft tip darts

Balance and Grip

The precision-engineered metal barrels of these darts offer an exceptional balance that is noticeable during play. This balance, coupled with the premium aluminum shafts, offers a stable and consistent grip, allowing players to throw with confidence and precision. The overall feel of the darts in hand is one of quality and control, which is crucial for improving accuracy and achieving desired outcomes on the dartboard.

Durability of Dart Tips

While the premium plastic dart tips are designed to minimize bounce-outs and enhance gameplay on electronic dartboards, user feedback highlights a range of experiences with their durability. Some players have noted that the tips can withstand extensive play without issue, while others have encountered instances of breakage after prolonged use. It’s a reminder that while the tips are of high quality, the nature of soft tip darts means replacements may occasionally be necessary—a scenario that the included 100 dart tips in the set is well-prepared for.


  • High Quality: Many players highlighted the high quality of the darts, indicating they are well-made and durable.
  • Great Value: The set is considered great value for money, especially given the inclusion of extra tips and flights.
  • Superior to Competitors: Some users who have tried darts from other brands found these to be superior in quality.
  • Perfect Weight: The weight of the darts (18 grams) was mentioned as perfect, being suitable for both beginners and more experienced players.
  • Includes Extras: The inclusion of extra fins and tips was highly valued, making the set more versatile and long-lasting.


  • Durability of Tips: A few players mentioned that the tips are not very durable, with some breaking after just a couple of rounds.
  • Flights Tear Easily: It was noted that the flights tend to tear easily, although the inclusion of extra flights was appreciated.

These insights should provide a balanced view of this set’s quality and value, based on customer experiences.

Comparison with Other Soft Tip Darts

When compared to other soft tip darts available on the market, the Centaur set stands out for its comprehensive offering. The quality of materials, the thoughtful features like the extra spring O-ring, and the durable accessories all contribute to a product that exceeds expectations in its price range. 

The weight of the darts, at 18 grams when fully assembled, strikes a perfect balance between light enough for electronic boards and hefty enough for a solid throw, setting them apart from competitors. Additionally, the value for money, considering the quantity and quality of components provided, positions this set as an appealing option for an upgrade or a versatile set for various play settings.

This soft tip darts set offers impressive performance during gameplay, with its balanced design, quality materials, and thoughtful extras enhancing the darts experience. While the durability of tips may vary, the overall value and performance of the set make it a standout choice among its peers.

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In wrapping up our review of the Centaur 12 pack soft tip darts set, it’s clear that it offers a balance of quality, design, and performance. Whether you’re just starting your darts journey or looking to elevate your game, this set is impressive as a versatile and valuable addition to your arsenal. Its comprehensive inclusion of quality components ensures a satisfying experience, making it a wise choice for anyone passionate about darts.

It will be a pleasure to hear your thoughts on this review and any experiences you’ve had with the Centaur darts set. Consider sharing this article with fellow dart players and enthusiasts in your circle. Stay tuned for updates, reviews, and tips that can help enhance your game and bring even more enjoyment to the sport of darts.

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