Viper Bobcat Darts Review: Customize Your Throw

Are you looking for a darts set that matches your unique playing style? The Viper Bobcat darts is one of top options to consider. These aren’t just any darts; they are adjustable, meaning you can tailor their weight to fit exactly what you need, whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned pro. 

But why does this matter? Well, finding the right dart can be the difference between hitting your mark or missing the board entirely. We are breaking down everything from their adjustable weight system and precision grip to how they stack up against other darts in the market. Plus, we will discuss some common concerns. Let’s get started.

Viper Bobcat Darts Reviewed 


What sets the Bobcat darts apart is their innovative adjustable weight feature which lets you switch the darts to 4 different weights. This means you can adjust the weight to find that perfect balance, enhancing your control and precision with each throw. Whether you are a beginner looking to experiment with different weights or a seasoned player fine-tuning your game, these darts offer the flexibility to grow and adapt with your skills.

Available in eye-catching styles like Nickel Silver Plated with Black Rings, Black Coated Brass with Purple Rings, and Nickel Silver Plated with Light Blue Rings—these darts offer a visual appeal to match their performance.

Key Features

The Add-a-gram System

The Viper Bobcat darts’ main attraction is the Add-a-gram system, which offers impressive weight adjustability. This system allows players to effortlessly switch the dart’s weight between 16, 17, 18, or 19 grams. By adding or removing small weight increments, you can customize your dart to match your throwing style and preferences, enhancing your game’s precision and consistency.

Key Features of Viper Bobcat Darts

Durable Barrel Design and Knurled Grip

These darts have robust barrels, crafted for durability and performance. The barrel’s knurled grip ensures that your fingers find the same spot every time, making it easier to hold the dart and throw accurately. Its design not only improves your grip but also aids in reducing slippage. That eventually offers a more controlled and consistent throw.

Shafts and Flights

Equipped with lightweight aluminum shafts featuring locking holes, these darts provide a secure fit to your barrel, minimizing the need for constant retightening. The flights have bold Bobcat themed designs, adding a touch of personality. These high-quality components ensure that your darts fly true to exactly where you aim the dart, with minimal wobble or drift.

Comprehensive Components Included

The Viper Bobcat darts come in a complete set that has everything needed to start. Alongside the darts, you will find:

  • A dart wrench for adjustments,
  • 6 add-a-grams to tweak the weight,
  • Extra 2BA tips,
  • Additional nylon shafts for replacements,
  • Extra flights to keep your darts looking fresh,
  • Flight protectors to prolong the life of flights, 
  • All these components are neatly packed in a Deluxe Dart Pal case, offering a convenient and stylish way to store and transport your darts. 

This comprehensive set ensures that you have all the tools to maintain, adjust, and personalize your darts for the best possible darts experience.

Additional Features

The Viper Bobcat soft tip darts don’t just stop at weight adjustability and precision design. They come packed with features that elevate your experience to the next level.

Additional Features of Viper Bobcat Darts

Shaft Locking Holes

Ever thrown a dart only to have the shaft loosen mid-game? The Bobcat darts tackle this common annoyance head-on. Featuring aluminum shafts equipped with locking holes, they ensure a tighter, more secure connection to the barrel. This means you spend less time tightening your darts and more time focusing on your game.

Precision-Engineered Grip

Knurled and meticulously designed for consistency, it offers great control over each throw. This precision-engineered grip means that whether it’s your first throw or your hundredth, your grip remains steady, enhancing your game’s accuracy and reliability.

High-Speed Flights

The flights of these darts are both functional and visually striking. With bold bobcat designs, these darts are suitable for high-speed flight. These stabilize the dart’s path through the air, improving your accuracy and ensuring that your darts hit the mark, game after game.

How to Use the Viper Bobcat Darts

These Viper darts stand out for their versatility, thanks to the adjustable Add-a-gram system. This feature caters to a wide range of playing styles, from those who prefer a lighter touch to players who throw with more force and need a heavier dart to find their sweet spot.

Adjusting the weight is straightforward. Each dart comes with the option to add or remove weight according to your preference. By simply unscrewing the barrel, you can insert the add-a-grams to increase the weight. This level of customization assists every player, regardless of their level or style, to achieve optimal performance.

Whether you are practicing with the dartboard at home, competing in a tournament, or enjoying a casual game with friends, the Viper Bobcat darts set offers a complete solution to elevate your game.


  • Great for Beginners: It’s excellent for beginners, offering a good starting point for those new to the game.
  • Durable: These darts are capable of withstanding regular use without significant wear or damage.
  • Adjustable Weight: The ability to adjust the weight of the darts allows players to customize their playing experience.
  • Value for Money: It offers good quality for the price, making them a solid purchase.
  • Nice Case Included: The included storage case helps in keeping the darts and accessories organized and protected.


  • Adjustable Weights Can Come Loose: The adjustable weights tend to come loose frequently, which can be frustrating during play.
  • Tips Not Very Good: Tips aren’t of the best quality. They might often fall out of the board.
  • Large Barrels for Beginners: While the large barrels are intended for beginners, they may limit the ability to achieve tight groupings compared to more slender, advanced darts.

These insights are from customer feedback and highlight the mixed experiences with these darts.

Comparison With Other Soft Tip Darts

When it comes to choosing the best soft tip darts, the market is flooded with options. However, the Viper Bobcat darts sets themselves apart through a combination of features. Here’s how this set stack up against the competitors:

Comparison of Viper Bobcat Darts With Other Dart

Weight Adjustability

While many soft tip darts come in fixed weights, the Bobcat darts offer flexibility with weights ranging from 16 to 19 grams. This level of customization is not common in the darts market.

Quality and Design

These darts boast a robust construction, having a focus on durability and performance. The knurled barrel design enhances grip and also adds an aesthetic appeal that stands out from the simpler designs of many competitors. Combined with the aluminum shafts with locking holes and themed flights, these darts offer a premium look and feel.


In terms of pricing, the Bobcat darts are positioned competitively. They offer excellent value for money, considering the quality, design features, and the comprehensive set of accessories included. When compared to other darts that might require additional purchases for customization or replacement parts, the Bobcat darts provide a cost-effective solution without compromising on quality.

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In wrapping up, the Viper Bobcat adjustable weight soft tip darts truly set a new standard for customization and performance. With their unique adjustable weight system, durable design, and comprehensive accessory set, they offer a very impressive deal. As you seek to elevate your game, consider if these versatile darts could be the game-changer.
Hope this review has been helpful in your decision. If you finally buy this darts set, don’t forget to share your experience with your fellow dart players in the comments section.

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