5 Best Dynamo Foosball Table: A Comprehensive Review of Top Models

Dynamo is a part of the Valley-Dynamo legacy, and it has made a name for itself by making foosball tables that are much more than just a game.

In the past, foosball tables could not execute a wide range of complex shots. The founder of Dynamo was dissatisfied with the functionality of existing tables. Its journey started with a simple goal: to push the limits of what foosball tables could offer, which prompted the development of the tables. 

Dynamo offers five foosball tables, but only 2 are now available. As we learn more about these fantastic tables, you will realize why these tables are the best in the market.

Whether you’re furnishing a bar, arcade, game room, or home, Dynamo foosball tables will enhance your game time. Their dedication to quality, innovation, and the thrill of the game sets them apart and makes them a top choice for foosball fans.

Best Dynamo Foosball Table Review

1. Valley-Dynamo 3 Goalie Big D Foosball Table

Valley-Dynamo 3 Goalie Big D Foosball Table

The Dynamo Big D foosball table is an excellent example of quality and workmanship. It appeals to both traditional and modern tastes. It has a sturdy build and a clean look.

This table is precision-crafted with a 1-inch thick wooden cabinet finished with Gunstock Savoy laminate. It keeps the table in good shape, even during intense games.

At 255 pounds, the Dynamo Big D hits a good balance between solid and easy maneuverability. With a length of 56″, a width of 36″, and a height of 30″, this table gives you plenty of room to play while fitting well in various settings.

It has adjustable leg levelers that make the playing area stable and even. These leg levelers can adjust quickly to different floors so that you can focus on the game.

The Dynamo Big D has hollow steel bars that make the gameplay smooth and quick. These rods make it easier for players to move quickly and control the ball precisely, improving the game.

The Dynamo men are made of strong ABS plastic and are adjusted so that the game moves quickly and stays the same. 

Big D has octagonal-shaped wooden grips for a secure grip. With its pre-assembled case, this table is easy to set up. The single ball return in the middle of the table makes getting the ball back quickly easy, and the centerless ground urethane foosballs make the game exact.

Score units of wooden beads are attached to each end of the table to help keep track of the game’s progress.


  • A robust cabinet that is 1 inch thick and has an attractive Gunstock Savoy plywood finish.
  • Leg levelers can be adjusted to make sure the playing area is stable.
  • Handles made of wood are easy to hold and feel safe.
  • Centerless ground urethane foosballs make for accurate play.
  • Easy side ball returns for single practice and quick ball retrieval.
  • Dynamo men with counterbalances for steady and fast-paced play.


  • Dynamo men’s significantly rounder toe may hinder some shots.

Final Verdict

The Dynamo Big D foosball table is aesthetically and functionally superior because it combines traditional design with modern craftsmanship. Its sturdy construction, leg levelers, and intelligent features make it a top choice for players of all skill levels, whether practicing for a tournament or just playing for fun.

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2. Valley-Dynamo 3 Goalie Blaster Foosball Table

Valley-Dynamo 3 Goalie Blaster Foosball Table

The Dynamo Blaster foosball table accommodates players of all skill levels, making it an excellent choice for novice and experienced players. 

It is made with high-quality materials and has a 1-inch thick cabinet with an appealing Moroccan Fresco melamine surface. Its 0.75-inch-thick green laminate playfield proudly displays the Dynamo logo in white.

The Blaster foosball table measures 59″ in length, 34″ in width, and 31″ in height, giving you plenty of room to play. While it is not among Dynamo’s best models, it provides a pleasant foosball experience.

The table’s black SureGrip plastic handles give players a firm grip and precise control over their actions on the field. Also, it has height-adjustable legs with boot levelers that provide stability and a balanced playing surface.

The Blaster has a side-end ball return on both sides, making it easy to get the ball. Even though the blue and red Dynamo foosball players on the table are not counterbalanced, they still make the game fun.


  • Height-adjustable legs with boot levelers for further stability.
  • Black SureGrip plastic handles for improved grip.
  • Side-end ball return on both sides makes it easy to get the ball.


  • Players are not counterbalanced.

Final Verdict

The Blaster might not have high-end features like one 1/2-inch sidewall, wooden handles, side ball returns, and adjustable legs, but still, it’s a great addition to any game room because it’s durable, height-adjustable, and fun to play.

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3. Gold Medal

Dynamo Gold Medal Foosball Table

Dynamo’s Gold Medal Foosball Table has everything a good foosball table should have, which makes it an excellent choice for players of all skill levels.

One thing that makes it stand out is its sturdy 1-½ inch-thick cabinet walls, which make it strong and give it a beautiful look like marble. The high-pressure laminated playing area ensures the surface is smooth and even.

The foosball legs, made of dura wood, are designed to withstand moist circumstances without tearing or swelling. It also has leg levelers, making it easy to set up on uneven floors to ensure the game is fair.

The foosball players on this table have heads made of high-impact ABS plastic with attached weights. The wooden foosball handles are comfy and have a good grip, making it easy to control the game precisely. Also, it has heavy steel rods that are chrome-plated. 

The Gold Medal table has a single side ball return for extra convenience. It is excellent for practicing by yourself and lets you put the table close to the walls of your game room.


  • Adjustable leg levelers for stable play on uneven ground.
  • Durable ABS high-impact plastic for easy maintenance.
  • This foosball table has moisture-resistant Durawood legs.
  • The foosball table features wooden handles and sturdy, chrome-plated steel rods.


  • The table’s weight and size make assembly time-consuming.

Final Verdict

The Gold Medal Foosball Table is made of solid materials and has a smooth playing area. Adjustable leg levelers keep the table stable on uneven floors, and the counterbalanced players and wooden handles make the game more fun. The Gold Medal table is an excellent addition to any game room, whether you want to play a competitive or casual round.

4. Silver Medal

Dynamo Silver Medal Foosball Table

The Silver Medal Foosball Table is an entry-level choice, perfect for casual play and learning the basics of foosball. While it does not have all the higher-end features that other models have, it certainly serves its purpose for enjoyable game experiences.

The cabinet is made of lightweight wood that can shake slightly during intense matches. While the adjustable leg levelers are a great feature for creating a level playing field, they may take some work to get precisely right.

On the positive side, the foosball men are made of ABS high-impact plastic and are counterbalanced with head weights, ensuring consistent gameplay. 

The wooden stick handles provide a comfortable grip, making handling the rods and performing precise shots easy. It’s worth mentioning that these handles are solid, not hollow, adding to their durability.

The Silver Medal Foosball Table features a high-pressure laminated playing area, ensuring a smooth and even surface for the game. The included urethane foosball balls are meant to withstand wear and tear, resisting nicks and chips, ensuring a longer lifespan.

While the Silver Medal Foosball Table may have its quirks, it provides a chance to enjoy foosball at an affordable price. It’s an excellent choice for beginners, family fun, and relaxed gaming sessions, giving a taste of foosball’s excitement.


  • Foosball guys that are made of tough ABS high-impact plastic and have weights on each end.
  • The legs are made of water-resistant Durawood, so they won’t swell or come apart.
  • Easy-to-use dial-out leg levelers make it easy to even a table.
  • The wooden rod handles are held in place with hardened steel roll pins, making them easy to use and accurate.
  • Foosball rods are made of heavy steel with a chrome finish.


  • The table’s build quality is low.

Final Verdict

The Dynamo Silver Medal Foosball Table is a solid option for casual foosball players. It has all the necessary features. But it’s not a tournament-ready table, which might be a drawback for serious players. This could be a good choice if you’re looking for an excellent table to play fun games with family and friends. 

5. Bronze Medal

Dynamo Bronze Medal Foosball Table

The Dynamo Bronze Medal Foosball Table is the entry-level model in the Dynamo line of foosball tables. It has basic features and is priced affordable. Like the Silver table, this table also lacks some of the more advanced features of its higher-tier counterparts, but it still gives foosball lovers a place to play the game.

The most noticeable thing about the Bronze Medal table is its high-pressure laminated playing surface. This makes sure that the playing field is fairly smooth and even. The counterbalanced foosball guys are made of ABS high-impact plastic, which makes them more durable and less likely to break. This makes them good for casual play.

The wooden rod handles on the Table are connected to hardened steel roll pins, which give players a good grip. But it’s important to note that these rods aren’t hollow, which can change how you play, especially if you want more control.

Some players don’t like the end ball return system as much as the side ball return systems usually found on other Dynamo tables. Also, the table does have leg levelers, but they may not be as adjustable as some players would like. This could make it hard to get the playing area perfectly level.

But there are some things to think about. The table’s cabinet is light, moving slightly during vigorous gameplay. It also has 1-inch sides instead of the 1 1/2-inch sidewalls found on higher-end tables, which could affect the table’s stability.


  • It’s a good choice for those on a tight budget.
  • The table is made of ABS high-impact plastic.
  • Chrome-plated heavy steel rods and wooden handles make for a sturdy game experience.
  • Durawood legs will not swell or break down if exposed to wetness, making them ideal for outdoor use.


  • The cabinet is lightweight, which can create instability during intense play.
  • Adjustable leg levelers are challenging to use.

Final Verdict

The Bronze Medal Dynamo Foosball Table is a budget-friendly choice for casual players and people just starting. Even though it may be missing some advanced features and stability during aggressive play, it still has a good playing field, counterbalanced men, and durable parts. It’s a budget-friendly choice for people who want to try foosball without spending much money. But if you want to play foosball more seriously or in a competition, consider a higher-tier table.

About the Brand

For over sixty years, Dynamo has been a significant force in making coin-operated pool tables a favorite in North America. But their impact doesn’t stop there. They are also behind other popular gaming brands like Tornado for foosball, Sun Glo for shuffleboard equipment, and their 

Dynamo brand for air hockey and foosball.

In the early 1970s, John Lewis, who used to play foosball, was at the head of the Dynamo story. Back then, foosball tables had limitations, lacking some powerful shots in intense games. John saw the promise and set out to make better tables to last longer and have more fun playing foosball. This gave rise to the Dynamo brand, whose goal is to push the limits of foosball.

Dynamo is in Texas, but it has distributors in many places worldwide. Their tables are known for being strong, with solid legs and a sturdy design for those intense game times.

Valley and Dynamo have joined to make the Valley-Dynamo Limited Partnership (VDLP). There are Valley pool tables, Tornado and Dynamo foosball tables, Champion and Sun Glo shuffleboard tables, and Dynamo air hockey tables in their selection. The way John Lewis learned to play foosball led to the creation of Dynamo. It’s all about making the game more versatile for players who like to be challenged.

Today, Dynamo carries on the tradition by making incredible games. They make tables into works of art that can handle the most intense games and fiercest competitors.

Factors to think about before buying Dyanamo table

Budget and Durability

Your budget plays a significant role in your choice. Foosball tables come in a wide range of price points. Higher-end tables often have more durable construction, better materials, and additional features. Decide how much you’re willing to invest in your table, balancing your budget with your desire for long-term durability.

Table Size and Space

When thinking about the Dynamo Big D and Blaster Foosball Tables, it’s important to remember that their table sizes are different. Most of the time, the Dynamo Big D is about 56 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 36 inches tall. On the other hand, the Blaster Foosball Table has a different sizes  ‎59 x 34 x 21 inches, which is bigger than the other.

Before you choose, be sure to measure the room you have carefully. Make sure that the table you choose fits well in your chosen space so players can move around freely during intense foosball games.

Counterbalanced men

Another thing to look for in a Dynamo foosball table is counterbalanced foosball men, which you will find in these models. The weights in these men’s heads are the same as those in their toes. This lets them stand on the rods horizontally without falling. 

This feature takes away the stress of making changes all the time, making foosball games smoother and more strategic. Also, the extra weight in the men’s heads makes their shots faster and more accurate, improving the game.

Build Quality and Materials:

Check the build quality and materials used in the table’s construction. Look for features like sturdy cabinet thickness, quality of laminates or finishes, and the strength of the rods and men. A well-built table is more likely to withstand the rigors of intense gameplay and last for many years.


The Dynamo Foosball Table line has a lot of different choices for foosball players of all skill levels. These tables have things in common, like durable construction, counterbalanced players, and high-quality materials. 

But they also have different cabinet thicknesses, leg levelers, and other features that let users choose based on their needs and preferences. Dynamo has a table for everyone, no matter how often or how much you play foosball. So, let us know in the comment section if you liked any of the above

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