Red Dragon Evo Darts Review: Is it Worth the Hype?

RED DRAGON Evo Series Tungsten Darts Set is a collection especially engineered for those who demand the best in both performance and aesthetics.

Along with the 3 sets of darts made from 90% premium quality Red Dragon tungsten, you get 3 sets of Red Dragon flights and a set of nylon shafts. All designed to prove optimal flight stability and grip. But this set isn’t all about being one of the best tungsten darts. There is more to this dart set, both pros and cons.

Red Dragon Evo Darts Review

You already got an idea about what’s included in the set. But is it suitable for your game? Or how can it help your game? Why are there so many people buying it? Let’s find out.


Premium Quality Material

Red Dragon Evo Series Tungsten Darts Set uses exceptional 90% premium quality Red Dragon tungsten, a material chosen for its increased durability and balance.

Features of Red Dragon Evo Darts

This high tungsten content ensures that each dart has a slim profile, allowing for tighter groupings and improved scoring potential. The material’s density and strength provide a consistent throwing experience, ensuring that you can rely on the enduring quality of the darts over time.

Design and Construction

The Evo Series darts boast a sleek, streamlined barrel design that is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional. The barrels feature eye-catchy colors that stand out, adding an element of style to your game. Moreover, the darts are equipped with hardcore flights and nylon shafts to increase stability.

The steel tip points are designed to optimize penetration and minimize bounce-outs, protecting your wall from much damage. This thoughtful construction results in darts that offer a balanced performance.

Weight Options

Understanding that player preference for dart weight can significantly affect gameplay, the RED DRAGON Evo Series offers a comprehensive range of weights from 22g to 28g. This variety ensures that players can find the perfect weight to match their throwing style. 

The choice of weight affects the dart’s balance, trajectory, and ease of sticking to the dartboard, allowing players to fine-tune their game for optimal performance.

Choose a lighter dart for faster throws or a heavier dart for more control. It also gives the option to choose something in between to get the best of both.

Accessories Included

What makes the RED DRAGON Evo Series Tungsten Darts Set more attractive are the thoughtfully selected accessories that enhance the darts experience. The set includes three sets of Red Dragon flights, designed for stability in the air.

A set of nylon shafts (stems) is also provided, featuring a transparent polymer construction that combines rigidity with style. Additionally, the Red Dragon wallet offers a convenient and secure way to store and transport the darts and accessories, ensuring they are protected and ready for your next game.

These accessories not only complement the high-quality darts but also provide you with the complete package to advance your skill and enjoyment of the game.

Weight Options and Technology

One of the best features of the RED DRAGON Evo Series is the broad range of weight options available, from 22g to 28g. This variety caters to players with many different preferences and throwing styles, allowing individuals to find the perfect weight for their unique technique.

Weight Options and Technology of Red Dragon Evo Darts

Additionally, Red Dragon employs Matched Weighed Technology in the production of their darts, including the Evo Series. This technology ensures that each set of darts is within a tight weight tolerance for increased consistency across the board.

Compared to other darts on the market, this commitment to precision weight matching is not universally adopted, giving the Evo Series and other Red Dragon products a significant edge in performance. The ability to choose from a wide range of precisely matched weights allows players to optimize their game, relying on the consistency and quality that Red Dragon is known for.

Performance and Durability

Flight Stability and Grip

The RED DRAGON Evo Series Tungsten Darts Set is designed with performance at its core, particularly evident in the flight stability and grip features. The flights are constructed from 100 micron extra thick material.

Complementing the flights, the premium tungsten used in the darts’ construction offers great grip. This is crucial for players of all levels, as a secure grip impacts the release and, consequently, the dart’s trajectory.

Performance and Durability of Red Dragon Evo Darts

The 90% tungsten alloy provides a balance between heft and manageability to make it comfortable to hold the dart correctly for a better throw without sacrificing the darts’ slender profile. This combination of the flights and the dart barrel ensures a consistent throwing style, with the grip facilitating control and the flights maintaining a steady path.

Shaft Rigidity and Design

The shafts of the RED DRAGON Evo Series is an innovative approach taken in every component’s design. Made from an ultra-modern transparent polymer, these shafts offer rigidity, a critical factor in preventing wobble during flight.

The material’s advanced construction contributes to the darts’ overall performance by maintaining a consistent angle of entry into the dartboard. This rigidity does not come at the expense of style. The transparent polymer showcases a sleek and modern look, complementing the darts’ aesthetic appeal.

The design of the shafts, with their blend of capability, style, and performance, proof to the attention to detail that Red Dragon applies to its products. The shafts’ construction allows for a seamless integration with the barrel and flights, creating a dart that performs as good as it looks.

This integration ensures that the energy from the throw is efficiently transferred to the dart, maximizing speed and minimizing drag.


  • Durable Material: The darts are made from tungsten, providing the right weight and a narrow profile for better precision.
  • Versatile Design: The design is suitable for both beginner and advanced players.
  • Quality Construction: The darts are well-made, offering durability and a neat packaging that keeps the darts secure.
  • Extra Accessories: Comes with extra flights, which is convenient for players.
  • Comfortable Barrel: The barrel size and shape are key to finding comfortable darts, and these darts provide that.
  • Excellent Price Value: Offers top-notch quality at an excellent price range, comparable to more expensive options.
  • Responsive Manufacturer: The company is responsive and aims to ensure customer satisfaction with their products.


  • Shafts and Flights Quality: The shafts and flights are of lower quality, with shafts even breaking during the first use and flights becoming unusable quickly.

These insights are derived from experiences and highlight the balance between quality, design, and durability against some concerns with the components’ longevity.

Comparison with Other Market Offerings

Design and Performance Comparison

The RED DRAGON Evo Series Tungsten Darts Set stands out in the competitive market of darts for its exceptional design and performance. Compared to other darts on the market, including Red Dragon’s own Defenders Tungsten Darts Set, the Evo Series showcases a sleek, streamlined barrel that is both visually appealing and functionally superior.

The eye-catching colors and the precision-crafted barrels of the Evo Series not only enhance the aesthetic appeal but also provide an excellent grip, which is crucial for consistent performance. In contrast, the Defenders Tungsten Darts Set emphasizes grip comfort and accuracy, with a design that caters to players looking for a more tactile experience.

While both sets offer high performance, the Evo Series is particularly notable for its balance between style and functionality, appealing to players who value aesthetics without compromising on performance.

Material and Construction Comparison

Material quality and construction precision are crucial in competitive darts, and the RED DRAGON Evo Series has a balance in both aspects. Constructed from 90% premium quality tungsten, the Evo Series darts boast a higher tungsten content compared to many competitors, including some within the Red Dragon range such as the Defenders Tungsten Darts Set, which features 85% tungsten.

Comparison of Red Dragon Evo Darts with Other Market Offerings

The higher tungsten content in the Evo Series darts provides a denser, more balanced dart that enhances precision and control. Furthermore, the specially designed barrels ensure a consistent grip pattern and weight distribution to achieve accurate throws.

This thoughtful approach to material selection and construction sets the Evo Series apart, offering players a superior tool for their game.

Who is it Recommended For?

For anyone looking for a well-designed set of darts, the RED DRAGON Evo Series Tungsten Darts Set comes highly recommended. Whether you’re a beginner aiming to improve your game or a seasoned player seeking precision and consistency, this dart set offers the features and quality to elevate your dart playing experience.

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Final Verdict

The feedback after using these darts highlights the darts’ great flight stability, grip, and overall design, reinforcing the product’s standing in the competitive darts market. While there are minor criticisms regarding the visual difference between online images and the actual product, and preferences for different weight distributions, these do not significantly take away the overall positive reception.

Considering the design, material quality, performance, included accessories, price and feedback, the RED DRAGON Evo Series Tungsten Darts Set is an excellent choice. It successfully combines aesthetics with functionality, offering a dart set that meets the needs of a wide range of players.

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