10 Best Tungsten Darts for Consistent Performance

Whether you’re a beginner or an expert, the right choice of tungsten darts can revolutionize your game and elevate it to new heights.

 Now if you start to look for tungsten darts, you’ll be shocked to see many results popping in. But which one is the best? Well, that’s why we’re here. 

In this article, you’ll get honest reviews of the top-rated tungsten darts ruling dart lovers’ hearts. Our comprehensive analysis and expert insights will assist you in finding the perfect tungsten dart to enhance your darting experience.

Find Your Perfect Match Among the Best 10 Tungsten Darts

In this comprehensive review, we’ll delve into each dart’s features, performance, and value, helping you make an informed decision to take your darting experience to the next level. 

So let’s take a look at the best tungsten darts in the market!

1. Harrows Wolfram Infinity Tungsten dart

Harrows Wolfram Infinity Tungsten dart

If you know how good tungsten is as the core material of darts, you might not  miss Harrows Wolfram Infinity tungsten darts. This dart has the highest percentage of tungsten in its barrel, 97%. 

Apart from its superior material, you will love how this dart performs and upgrade your game. 

Its stable flight will not let you miss the target. Harrows Wolfram Infinity dart has a square front that allows tight grouping on the board. 

The middle-balanced weight of this dart is good for players who hold the dart in the middle to rear. One of the best features of this dart is the groove gripping in the back of the barrel. It helps to improve the player’s grip. However, Players who hold the dart in the front might not love this dart a lot. 

We found another bad side: users who like to grip tight didn’t appreciate the gripping as it hurt the fingers after continuous throws. But players who prefer light grip will love this dart.

Harrows Wolfram Infinity dart is available in 18g and 20g weight. You can comfortably choose the suitable weight for you. 


  • 97% tungsten
  • Stable flight
  • Ensures accuracy
  • Durable


  • The grip can be hurtful sometimes
  • Fragile plastic shaft
  • Expensive 

Final Verdict: The Harrows Wolfram Infinity tungsten dart is an excellent choice for players seeking precision and tight grouping on the dartboard. It’s recommended for players who prefer a lighter grip and are looking for customizable weight options. So if you want to kick start your darting with a premium dart paying a high price, this is the best tungsten dart for you.

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2. Bottelsen Hammer Head Tungsten Dart

Bottelsen Hammer Head Tungsten Dart

Bottelsen Hammer Head tungsten dart is a fan-favorite one. This dart is made with 95% tungsten and is a bit heavier, so professional dart players love this. 

Bottelsen Hammer Head tungsten dart contains both tungsten and aluminum, so this dart gets a 10 on 10 in strength and durability. Its slim profile and attractive design is quite impressive compared to its weight. You’ll feel comfortable gripping the barrel if you want a dart to match your advanced throwing skill. 

The most amazing feature of the Bottelsen Hammer Head dart is the Hammerhead mechanism. It makes the dart a shock absorber, as each part can move slightly. So you get the chance for better grouping and higher scoring. 


  • 95% tungsten
  • Light-weight
  • Attractive profile
  • Consist of hammerhead steel tip darts
  • Durable


  • Expensive than other options
  • The case is damage-prone and breakable.

Final Verdict: With its slim profile, attractive design, and comfortable grip The Bottelsen Hammer Head tungsten dart is ideal for advanced throwing skills. This amazing dart is on the higher side, so if you are a professional ready to pay a high price, you should get this ASAP!

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3. CUESOUL Professional Tungsten Dart

CUESOUL Professional Tungsten Dart

CUESOUL professional tungsten dart is designed with a 95% tungsten barrel and is much strong for heavy duty-games. 

CUESOUL professional tungsten dart is available in six different weights, making it easy for beginners and advanced players to choose. 

It is a center-weighted dart, giving the player good control.11 grooved rings and 4 small knurled grip on the barrel ensures a better grip and more accurate throw. 

The aluminum shafts are long-lasting and add to the overall durability of the dart. You can even customize the shafts, which is a plus point!

With CUESOUL professional dart you’ll get a storage box,a point sharpener, a few extra flights, and shafts as additional accessories. 


  • 95% tungsten
  • Customizable aluminum shafts
  • Good gripping
  • Reasonable Price


  • Dart tips sometimes chip off
  • The storage case isn’t of good quality

Final Verdict: We’d say CUESOUL professional tungsten dart  is the perfect set whether you are a newbie or a professional in dart. It can be a good option to go if you need a 95% tungsten with good gripping that too at a affordable cost. 

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4. Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Gen 9 95% Tungsten Darts

Phil Taylor Power 9 Five Gen 9 95% Tungsten Darts

Fan of Phill Taylor? Then you may love to own the Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Gen 9 95% Tungsten Swiss Point dart by Target Dart. 

Used by 16-time World Champion Phil ‘The Power Taylor and designed according to his needs, this dart is one of the best tungsten darts from its material to its features.

This premium dart is made of a high percentage of tungsten and gives the perfect weight balance of 22 grams. If you are an intermediate player or trying to upgrade, this weight is perfect for all. 

Coming to its barrel, it offers a high level of CNC milling throughout with extreme detail. You’ll find three grips in it. A chrome nano-based grip, rings, and a square-like grip at the rear side.  The Swiss point technology used in this dart ensures stability and tight fitting during the game. 

Even with so much detailing, the dart looks slim and sorted. 

The Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Gen 9 95% Tungsten Swiss Point dart is quite expensive. It’s a high-range tungsten dart. But if you think about what you’ll get, you may not mind paying the price.


  • 95% tungsten 
  • Lovely finish
  • Perfect weight balance
  • Used by 16-time World Champion Phil ‘The Power Taylor 
  • Swiss Point Technology
  • Comes in 3 weight options for intermediate to advanced players.


  • Very expensive
  • Some users find the flight too small

Final Verdict: The Phil Taylor Power 9-Five Gen 9 95% Tungsten Swiss Point dart by Target Dart is a top choice for fans of Phil Taylor and players looking for a premium dart. If you are interested in a worthwhile investment that’ll improve your performance and style, you can select this one. 

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5. WIN.MAX 90% Tungsten Darts 

WIN.MAX 90% Tungsten Darts

Running too low on budget? We’ve WIN.MAX 90% tungsten darts for you. That too at the most affordable price, not even 10$! 

We have found this 90% tungsten dart from the popular brand Win.Max. These high-density darts allow players to throw a tight grouping of darts in a compact area and score the maximum. 

It has standard-shaped flights with a larger surface area. Thus, it’s able to create significant lifting stability.

Win. Max tungsten darts are very decently designed and have a nice gripping for all-level players. Beginners can easily learn to grip and throw, whereas experts will sync with the high quality of this dart.

You’ll get four sets of darts, lots of o-rings, and flights in various designs in the package. So many accessories at such a low price surely is a good deal. 


  • 90% tungsten
  • Most reasonable 
  • Good for improving throws


  • Flights are flimsy

Final Verdict: This dart is for players who wish to own a set of good tungsten darts at a good price. If you’re on a tight budget but don’t want to compromise the quality the WIN.MAX 90% tungsten darts can be an affordable option.

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6. Unicorn 2019 Edition – Gary Anderson World Champion 90 Percent Tungsten Dart

Unicorn 2019 Edition-Gary Anderson World Champion 90 Percent Tungsten Dart

Looking for tungsten darts with slim barrels and high-level grip?

The 2019 Gary Anderson World Champion edition darts by Unicorn are an ideal option you.

Unicorn has kept the barrel design similar to their usual Gary Anderson design. That means 

it is a straight barrel with a ringed grip throughout the entire length. You’ll find Anderson’s remark at the end of the barrel, and if you adore Gary Anderson, this may create a fan -moment for you.

The grip of this dart has a double ring design so you can comfortably hold the dart without feeling the darts are sticking to your finger. This mechanism works great for almost all gripping styles. But if you love to throw horizontally with a top-heavy grip, this will improve your performance.

The 2019 Gary Anderson World Champion edition darts have 90% tungsten and are available in 

21, 23, 25, and 27-gram versions. You can match the suitable weight according to your skill level and playing style. 


  • Very slim and sleek barrels
  • High-level grip 
  • Celebrity edition


  • Many don’t like the unusually long tips

Final Verdict: The 2019 Gary Anderson World Champion edition darts by Unicorn are an excellent choice for dart players who want to have precison dn control in one dart.  It can be helpful for different playing styles and skill levels. If you’re a  fan of Gary Anderson and looking for reliable tungsten darts with excellent grip, this can be your match!

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7. Red Dragon Pegasus Tungsten Steel Darts Set

Red Dragon Pegasus Tungsten Steel Darts Set Review

Red Dragon Pegasus tungsten dart has 80% tungsten and is a standard dart at a low price.

You will get Red Dragon Pegasus tungsten dart in four weight options. So there is this advantage to choose according to your skill level and comfort. 

Whatever weight you pick, you’ll admire how evenly the weight is balanced in the middle, making the dart fly straight. 

That means you’ll enjoy playing with Red Dragon Pegasus tungsten dart no matter what grip you are used to. But if you are into more deep grooves, you may not like the ring groove in this dart. 

But what this dart offers at such a low price is enough to be on the top list.


  • Affordable price
  • Has a standard percentage of tungsten
  • Straight flight
  • Slim and nice looking
  • Available in four weight


  • The shafts aren’t strong
  • Tips may bend

Final Verdict: The Red Dragon Pegasus tungsten dart, with its 80% tungsten composition, is suitable for beginner to intermediate players. It can be the right dart for your game if you are a new player wanting to upgrade to better equipment.

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8. Winmau mvG Aspire Tungsten Darts

Winmau mvG Aspire Tungsten Darts

Manufactured by one of the leading dart brands Winamu, mvG Aspire tungsten dart has made it to our top ten list with its attractive features. 

This dart comes in 24 g weight and is heavy in the center. Since it is perfectly balanced with weight, this dart goes straight, having stable flights. 

This mvG Aspire dart is another name for precision. The parallel barrel profile with two grips in the front and back lets the player hold the dart comfortably and control it. 

We also liked the design and appearance of this mvG Aspire tungsten dart. Slim and bright.

The price of Aspire darts felt more expensive compared to similar darts. Otherwise, It’s a good starting dart set if you’re focused on accuracy. 


  • 80% tungsten 
  • Perfect weight
  • Fly straight
  • Good for precise throw


  • Expensive than similar darts

Final Verdict: We Recommend this dart for those who prioritize precision and style in their dart game. Also, this specific model from Winmau is a great deal if you’re liking darts recently and want to start with better equipment. 

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9. Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper Astro 80% Tungsten Soft Tip Darts

Viper Astro 80% tungsten dart is designed to play on electronic dart boards. It’s an ideal soft dart for occasional players and beginners to intermediate-level players. 

Viper Astro is a combination of tungsten and nickel. There is no doubt about its durability or strength. The 80% tungsten used in this dart makes it slim and, at the same time, allows for a tighter grouping of shots. Thus you get to score higher. 

Viper Astro has excellent gripping to make darting easier for new players. All thanks to the knurled bands, deep grooves, and rings on the barrel, you’ll be able to have a consistent grip.

The aluminum shafts of this dart have locking holes to ensure a tighter fitting. So it stays stable during the game. 

You’ll get a good quality dart case with Viper Astro tungsten darts. The package will also contain flights, nylon replacement shafts, dar tips, and repair tools. 


  • Standard percentage of tungsten
  • Excellent gripping
  • Has locking-holes
  • It comes with a good-quality dart case 


  • Flights are too thin, thus breaking soon
  • It doesn’t offer weight options

Final Verdict: The Viper Astro 80% tungsten dart is an excellent choice for occasional players, beginners, and intermediate-level players. The included dart case and additional accessories make it a comprehensive package for dart enthusiasts.If you need a good dart with accessories at a mid-range, you can go for Viper Astro.

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10. Shot! Roman Empire darts

Shot! Roman Empire darts

The Roman Empire dart from Shot! is one of the most beautifully designed tungsten darts. Even if we call it the best-looking tungsten darts, it won’t be flattering. 

Not only the appearance, but this Roman Empire dart will also amaze you with its good performance too. 

This pencil-shaped dart has 95% tungsten and is manufactured to maintain the highest standard. The barrels are front-weighted and ensure a long flight and extended lifespan. 

It has secure grip for begginers and offers durabilty to the expert players who play for long period. 

The grip areas are finely defined with purple and gold design. So you can match your playing style with the grip. 

Roman Empire from Shot! Dart set offers tight grouping and enhances the chance to score better. It also helps to improve throws and stability during the game. 

This fancy dart set is perfect for any dart tournaments, in games at the bar, home, office and games rooms.

This very good-looking dart set comes at a premium price. It may seem too expensive, but if you value the beauty and the quality, you won’t mind paying for this magnificent dart set from Shot!


  • Beautiful design
  • High-Quality Construction
  • Customizable Grip
  • Versatile Usage


  • Expensive

Final Verdict: The performance this Roman Empire dart delivers is quite satisfying for both beginners and experts. But more than that, it’s a must-have tungsten dart for aesthetic lovers because of its premium look. The innovative design of this dart is so attractive that you may like to keep it in the collection.

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Factors to Consider When Choosing Tungsten Darts

Tungsten darts are the best quality darts you’ll find in the market. 

But buying the right tungsten dart to serve your purpose isn’t simple. If you go for dart shopping, You’ll find tungsten darts of varying prices, brands and features despite being made of the same material.

So how did we make it to the best 10 tungsten darts? 

Well, we considered a number of aspects to filter the top ones from thousands of darts out there. This section lets you know what factors to consider when choosing tungsten darts. So the next time, you don’t get confused.

Tungsten Percentage

You’ll find tungsten darts at different tungsten percentage rates. The percentage indicates the amount of tungsten used in the dart’s barrel. The higher the percentage rate, the better the quality is.

Usually, the percentage of tungsten in a dart varies from 70% to 90%. These are of middle-density tungsten darts. According to experts, darts containing at least 80% tungsten are standard. 

There are also darts made with 95% tungsten. These are of premium quality and are more durable. 

Size and Weight

Tungsten darts are comparatively heavy as the material is quite dense. 

But depending on the tungsten percentage, there are light-weight darts too. You’ll find tungsten darts in three weight categories -Lighter tungsten darts, regular weight tungsten darts and heavier tungsten darts. 

What weight is best for you depends on your playing style and skill level. 

If you are a beginner in darts, you can choose lighter tungsten darts that weigh 13 to 16 grams. If you are trying to improve your dart skills, we’d suggest regular-weight tungsten darts, usually 16 to 20 22 grams. If you are an advanced player or play darts professionally, you can get heavier darts that sometimes weigh 21 to 25 grams or even 30 grams.  

The size of a tungsten dart is another factor you must consider when buying. Look for slim and sleek profile darts; these are easy to hold and throw. 

Grip for optimal handling

Your performance with a tungsten dart can be greatly influenced by the grips of the dart barrel. Many types of grips are used in tungsten darts to make it comfortable for the user. There is knurled grip, ringed grip, shark grip, plain grip, etc. 

Choosing the right is totally a personal preference. You have to select the best grip by analyzing your holding style, playing pattern and comfort. 


Budget is an important factor to consider when buying tungsten darts. Tungsten darts are more expensive than other steel-tip darts. So when you plan to buy one, ensure you’re ready to spend a lot of money.

But thankfully, you’ll find various price options depending on the tungsten percentage, manufacturer brand, weight, and grip the price varies. So if you are aware of your demands and requirements, you can find the best tungsten dart at the best price. 

Tungsten darts containing 70-80% tungsten are comparatively cheaper.  If you don’t have any issues with the extra price, you should go for 90-95% tungsten darts. These are the best. 

Also, you should notice the weight of the dart. Darts that weigh around 17-22 grams come at a reasonable price. Heavy darts cost more, on the other hand. 

If you are a fan of brands, then you must keep a high budget to buy the best tungsten dart. But the cost won’t be too much if you aren’t only rooting for brands and are willing to buy anything that suits your style and need. 


Dart is a game of precision and accuracy. The more you practice, the more you get skilled. But that’s not all. The right dart equipment is important to upgrade your game, just like the best tungsten darts. 

So say goodbye to your old darts and explore our carefully reviewed list to find the perfect set of tungsten darts for you. Get ready to aim, throw, and witness the difference firsthand. 

Start your journey toward excellence today, and let us know which one of the above you liked most!

Written by Zach Barnes

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