IgnatGames Professional Soft Tip Darts Set Review

Looking to up your dart game without breaking the bank? You’re in the right spot! We’re reviewing one of the best darts, the IgnatGames professional soft tip darts set, showing you why these darts are a game-changer for electronic dartboard lovers.

We’ll break down everything from the sleek design and grip to the innovative case that keeps them in top shape. Plus, we’re comparing them to other brands to give you the full picture. Stick around to find out how these darts can sharpen your aim and make every throw count.

IgnatGames Professional Soft Tip Darts Sets Reviewed


Dart enthusiasts, let’s zoom into what makes the IgnatGames professional soft tip darts set stand out. Designed with precision and the player in mind, these are one of the best soft tip darts. Here’s a closer look:

Brief Analysis: The IgnatGames darts sets are a fusion of style and functionality, tailored for electronic dartboards. Each set is meticulously crafted with aluminum shafts for durability and brass barrels that promise an exceptional grip. These sets are designed to elevate your game, whether you’re a casual player or a seasoned pro.

Color Options and Weight Categories: There are options with three striking color themes – the 16g Hounds of Hades, the 18g Sacred Serpent, and the 22g Colossus Kraken. Each theme is not just a color but an identity to suit your style. For those looking to mix things up, the Beast Tamer 12 Pack offers a variety, ranging from 16g to 22g.

Whether you’re aiming to perfect your precision or just enjoy a game with friends, these IgnatGames plastic tip darts sets offers quality and a dash of style without denting your wallet.

Design and Build Quality

When it comes to darts, the devil is in the details, and IgnatGames has mastered this art with these sets. Let’s get to know more about it.

Aluminum Shafts and Brass Barrels: The perfect throw starts with the right build, and these darts boast aluminum shafts that offer both lightweight durability and a steady flight path. Coupled with brass barrels, which are known for their heft and balance, players can enjoy a superior grip. This dynamic duo ensures that each dart is not just a tool, but an extension of the player’s intent.

Inclusion of O’rings: Ever had a dart wobble or come loose during a crucial throw? IgnatGames addresses this with the strategic inclusion of rubber O’rings. These tiny but mighty components lock the shafts and barrels together, ensuring a snug fit that won’t loosen up mid-game. It’s this attention to detail that can make or break your game.

Visual Appeal: Beyond functionality, these darts are designed to stand out. With unique designs and color schemes like the 16g Hounds of Hades, 18g Sacred Serpent, and 22g Colossus Kraken, each set isn’t just a tool for the game but a statement piece. The striking visuals are complemented by the quality of materials, ensuring that these darts look as good as they perform.

Packaging and Accessories

The IgnatGames professional soft tip darts sets are more than just a collection of high-quality darts; they’re a complete package designed for the ultimate user experience, from the moment you receive your set to your countless games ahead. Let’s unpack the details.

Innovative Case with Magnetic Closure and Custom EVA Interior

Each set arrives in an innovative case, a standout feature that immediately sets IgnatGames apart. Equipped with a magnetic closure, it offers a satisfying and secure snap every time you close it, ensuring your darts and accessories remain safely tucked inside.

The interior is custom-fitted with EVA foam, a material chosen for its durability and cushioning properties. This thoughtful design protects each dart and accessory from scratches and damage, making the case not just storage but a sanctuary for your darts.

Contents of the Package

Opening the case reveals a treasure trove for dart enthusiasts:

  • Darts: You’ll find 6 elegantly designed darts. Each dart is a perfect blend of functionality and aesthetics, designed to provide a seamless throwing experience.
  • Aluminum Shafts: Included are extra aluminum shafts, ensuring you’re always prepared, even in the heat of competition.
  • Rubber O’Rings: These small but crucial accessories help keep your darts tight and secure, preventing any unwanted loosening during play.
  • Flights: The set comes with 16 unique flights, allowing for customization and replacement, ensuring your darts always have the lift and stability they need.
  • Plastic Darts Tips: With 100 spare plastic tips, you’re set for countless games without the worry of wear and tear disrupting your play.
  • Darts Wrench: A practical tool that keeps your darts in perfect shape, making maintenance a breeze.

Additional Features

The generosity of IgnatGames shines through with the inclusion of 100 dart tips and 16 flights, ensuring an extensive usage and longevity of your set. This means that your game remains uninterrupted, your practice sessions are fruitful, and you’re always prepared for whatever comes your way in the darting arena.

With thoughtful packaging and a comprehensive set of accessories, the IgnatGames plastic tip darts sets are not just about playing darts; they’re about embracing the darting lifestyle, where every detail is catered to, ensuring a superior experience both on and off the board.

Performance and Usability

The true test of any darts set lies in its performance and usability during the game. The IgnatGames professional soft tip darts sets shine brightly in this arena, offering features that cater to both novice players and seasoned professionals. Here’s how these darts elevate the gaming experience.

Accuracy and Targeting

Precision is key in darts, and the IgnatGames sets are designed with this in mind. The darts’ medium weight is carefully balanced to enhance accuracy, allowing players to hit their targets with greater consistency.

This balance between weight and design ensures that each throw feels natural, with the darts flying straight and true towards the board. Whether you’re aiming for the bullseye or a tricky triple, these darts provide the precision you need to up your game and impress your opponents.

Control Over Flight Trajectory

A dart’s flight trajectory is critical to its landing, and these IgnatGames sets excel in providing stability and lift. The carefully chosen flights, coupled with the aerodynamic shape of the darts, create an optimal flight path.

This results in a dart that slices through the air with minimal wobble, maintaining a steady course until it hits the dartboard. Such control over the flight trajectory not only enhances your playing experience but also boosts your confidence with each throw.

Professional Set Features

The professional features of the IgnatGames sets are what truly set them apart. The knurled brass barrels are a standout, offering an optimum grip that prevents slipping and improves control.

This knurling ensures that players can maintain consistent hand placement, a crucial factor in achieving repeatable accuracy. The medium weight of the darts is another feature designed with performance in mind, providing a satisfying heft that feels both powerful and manageable in the hand.

These professional-grade features, from the meticulously designed barrels to the balanced weight, are not just for show. They directly contribute to the darts’ superior performance, enhancing your control, accuracy, and overall enjoyment of the game.

With the IgnatGames darts plastic tip sets, players can experience a level of usability that brings out the best in their skills, making every game not just a competition, but a showcase of precision and expertise.


  • Comfortable Feel: Users highlighted the comfortable grip of the darts, enhancing the overall throwing experience.
  • Great Weight and Balance: Players appreciate the darts’ weight and balance, mentioning that they throw well and are perfect for gameplay.
  • Durable Design: The darts feature aluminum shafts that offer durability, especially compared to typical plastic shafts that are prone to breaking.
  • High Quality for the Price: Many users note that the darts offer great quality at an affordable price, making them an excellent value.
  • Versatile Weight Options: The availability of different weight categories allows players to choose the best set for their playing style.
  • Impressive Aesthetics: Users are pleased with the unique designs and color schemes, adding a visual appeal to the darts’ functionality.
  • Comprehensive Accessories Kit: The set includes a wide array of accessories like extra flights, O-rings, and a wrench, providing everything needed for immediate play and maintenance.


  • Too Heavy: A few users found certain darts to be too heavy, affecting their throw and causing tips to bend.
  • Difficult to Attach: Some beginners might find it difficult to understand the instructions of inserting the flights.

Comparison with Other Brands

When choosing darts, it’s not just about the immediate appeal but how they stand up against the competition. Here’s how IgnatGames professional soft tip darts sets stand out when compared to other brands on the market.

Quality, Accuracy, and Grip Comparison

The IgnatGames sets are designed with a focus on high-quality materials, accuracy in play, and an exceptional grip, setting them apart from many competitors. The aluminum shafts and brass barrels not only offer durability but also contribute to a steady, balanced throw every time.

In terms of accuracy, the precision-engineered barrels and the strategic placement of the knurling allow for consistent hand placement, translating to improved targeting on the dartboard. The grip is further enhanced by the medium weight and knurled texture of the barrels, providing a comfortable yet secure hold on the darts, which is often cited as superior to the smoother finishes found on some other brands’ darts.

Unique Features that Set IgnatGames Apart

  • Design: IgnatGames takes pride in the aesthetic appeal of their darts, offering unique designs and color schemes that make their sets stand out not just in performance but also in appearance.
  • Durability: With aluminum shafts and brass barrels, these darts are built to last, resisting wear and tear better than many alternatives.

Customer Feedback Highlights and Criticisms

Customers have widely praised the IgnatGames professional soft tip darts sets for their high quality, accuracy, and the grip they offer, noting significant improvements in their game. The unique designs and the robust case are frequently mentioned as valued additions. However, some users have pointed out challenges with inserting the flights and wished for more straightforward instructions for beginners.

Despite these minor criticisms, the overall customer feedback leans heavily positive, with many users recommending IgnatGames over other brands for both casual players and more serious enthusiasts looking for a reliable, stylish set of darts that doesn’t compromise on performance.

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In wrapping up our review of the IgnatGames professional soft tip darts sets, it’s clear that these darts offer a blend of quality, performance, and style that stands out in the crowded world of darting accessories.

Whether you’re a beginner aiming to improve your game or a seasoned player seeking precision, IgnatGames provides an exceptional option that combines the best of both worlds. Beyond just the specs, the positive customer feedback and unique features like the innovative case, and engaging design make these sets a worthwhile investment.

If you found this review helpful, why not share it with your fellow dart enthusiasts? Stay ahead of the game with our latest reviews, tips, and guides, all designed to enhance your playing experience. Feel free to comment any questions you might have.

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