IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set Review- Hit or Miss?

The IgnatGames Metal Tip Set stands out as a fusion of style, precision, and durability. Crafted for both enthusiasts and professionals, this set not only promises a top-notch darts experience but also delivers a statement with its sleek design and comprehensive features. Available in many captivating color options and designed to enhance your gameplay. 

But the question is, does it meet your preferences overall? To find that out, we are going to discuss the details of this premium darts set, exploring its design, material, accessories, pros, cons etc.

IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set Review

IgnatGames Brand and Its Metal Tip Set Overview

IgnatGames has carved a niche for itself within the darts community, gaining recognition for its commitment to quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction. Known for producing a wide range of darts and accessories. Its products cater to both casual players and serious darts enthusiasts. The IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set is a proof of the brand’s dedication to enhancing the darts playing experience through thoughtful design and features.

Key Features

Quality material: The IgnatGames Set is designed with precision and durability in mind. The darts are constructed from high-quality brass, a material chosen for its balance to help make a steady and controlled throw

Good combination of size and weight: Each dart measures 8.4mm×50mm, with weight of 20g grams. This size and weight combination is ideal for achieving optimal flight and accuracy. 

Key Features of IgnatGames Darts

Improved grip and handling: The set’s barrels are prominently knurled. That makes it easier for players to hold the darts with a firm grip for improved handling and performance.

Unique Selling Points

What sets the IgnatGames Metal Tip Set apart from its competitors are its unique selling points that cater to both aesthetics and functionality:

Stylish Case with Magnetic Closure: Each set comes encased in a sleek case, featuring a magnetic closure for secure storage. This not only protects the darts and accessories from damage but also adds an element of sophistication to the set.

EVA Foam Interior: The interior of the case is lined with custom-made EVA foam to hold each dart and accessory securely in place, preventing damages during transportation.

Comprehensive Accessories Included: Beyond the high-quality darts, the set is packed with essential accessories for an enhanced darts experience. This includes:

  • Aluminum shafts with rubber O-rings to prevent loosening, 
  • Extra flights for customization and replacement,
  • A dart sharpener to keep the tips in prime condition, 
  • A wrench for adjustments. 

These additions not only provide value but also ensure that players have everything they need to maintain their darts and improve their game.

Design and Aesthetics

This IgnatGames darts set also stands out through its striking design and aesthetic appeal. Each color option is carefully chosen to match a certain personality and style, making each set unique.

Color Options and Their Significance

  • Crimson – Midnight Shadow: This color scheme combines a deep, rich crimson with the subtlety of a shadowy hue, suggesting a blend of passion and mystery. It’s designed for the player who embodies both intensity and depth in their game.
  • Azure – Gothic Crystal: Azure offers a calm, focused energy, while the Gothic Crystal adds an element of sophistication and mystery. This combination is perfect for players who appreciate a touch of elegance and calmness in their competitive spirit.
  • Cyan – Cursed Treasure: With its vibrant cyan, this set hints at the excitement and allure of discovery, much like uncovering a hidden treasure. It’s suited for the adventurous player who is always looking forward to excitement and victory.
  • Green – Poison Arrow: The green palette evokes growth, energy, and the precision of a poison arrow striking its target. It’s ideal for players who aim with intent and seek growth in their skill.
  • Lilac – Dark Avenger: Lilac combines a sense of mystery with a hint of nobility. This color is for the player who plays with finesse and a touch of mystery, much like an avenger emerging from the shadows.
  • Multicolor – Mega Blast: The explosion of colors in this set represents diversity and dynamism, perfect for the player who enjoys vibrant energy and a lively game environment.

Design Elements

The design of this IgnatGames set is a blend of functionality and aesthetics. The use of brass as the primary material offers a sleek look and durability. Brass is known for its weight and stability, providing a solid foundation for each dart. This material choice not only enhances the visual appeal of the darts but also contributes to their performance by offering a balanced weight distribution.

The barrels of the darts feature a knurling pattern, a critical design element for grip and control. This knurling assists in making each throw consistent and precise by preventing the darts from slipping out of the player’s fingers. The tactile feedback of the knurl is satisfying and offers a direct connection between the player and the dart, leading to improved control over each throw.

Performance and Quality

The precision, materials, and balance of these darts are engineered to enhance gameplay, offering a superior darts experience. Let’s know more.

Precision and Weight

The choice of a 20g weight for the darts strikes a balance between, making it suitable for a wide range of players. This weight class is particularly appreciated for its ability to offer a steady flight path and precise landing. The mass is enough to reduce the impact of air resistance, allowing for more accurate throws, yet not so heavy as to make control difficult for the player. 

This precision is crucial during gameplay, where consistency in throw and landing can make the difference between winning and merely participating.

Material Quality and Durability

Each component of the darts set from IgnatGames is selected for its quality and contribution to the overall performance:

  • Brass Barrels: The brass used in the barrels is notable for its durability and corrosion resistance to maintain their appearance and functionality over time. The weight of the brass contributes significantly to the darts’ balance and stability in flight.
  • Aluminum Shafts: Aluminum is chosen for the shafts because of its combination of lightness and strength. This material choice allows for a reduction in the overall weight of the dart without sacrificing durability. It works to keep the darts straight and true even after extensive use.
  • Rubber O-Rings: The rubber O-rings prevents the loosening of the shafts from the barrels, a common issue that can affect precision and consistency. This small but crucial detail ensures that the darts remain in optimal condition for play, providing a level of control and reliability appreciated by players of all skill levels.

Balance and Aerodynamics

The aerodynamics of the IgnatGames darts is carefully considered, which  includes both standard and slim shape flights. The flights play a pivotal role in the dart’s flight path, affecting its stability and accuracy. The standard flights are designed to offer a balanced flight that is suitable for most players and throwing styles.

Balance and Aerodynamics of IgnatGames Darts

Whereas the slim shape flights are ideal for those seeking a faster, more direct path to the dartboard. This versatility allows players to customize their darts for their specific needs and preferences, further enhancing their control over the game.

Accessories and Extras

The IgnatGames Metal Tip Dart Set is complemented by a range of accessories and extras that significantly enhance the overall user experience. Each component is carefully selected for players to have everything they need to maintain their darts and improve their game.

Included Accessories

  • Aluminum Shafts: The set includes high-quality dart shafts made of aluminum. Aluminum shafts provide a stable flight path for the darts and are less prone to bending or breaking compared to other materials. It is known for its durability and lightweight properties.
  • Rubber O’Rings: To prevent the aluminum shafts from loosening during play, rubber O’rings are included. These components ensure a tight fit between the shaft and the barrel, maintaining the quality of the dart’s construction.
  • Extra Flights: Players can customize their darts and adjust their aerodynamics with the included extra flights. Having a variety of flights allows for them to experiment with different shapes and styles to find what best suits one’s throwing technique and preferences.
  • Dart Sharpener: Keeping the tips of the darts sharp is essential for minimizing bounce-outs and improving precision. The included dart sharpener is a handy tool for maintaining the sharpness of the steel tips, providing consistent performance.
  • Wrench: The set comes with a special wrench designed for tightening and adjustments, further contributing to the darts’ maintenance and the player’s ability to customize their set up as needed.

Free eBook with 35 Darts Games

A big attraction is the free eBook that accompanies the darts set. This eBook features 35 different darts games, offering a wide range of play styles and challenges suitable for both beginners and seasoned players. With detailed instructions, illustrations, and scoreboards for each game, this eBook is a valuable resource for adding fun to the game nights and practicing various darts techniques. It not only adds value to the purchase but also encourages players to explore new aspects of darts gameplay.


  • The darts are well-made, with consistent weight and tight flight slits in the shaft, ensuring the feathers never move.
  • Its balanced weight distribution aids in getting a nice flight and seems to help with accuracy and consistency too.
  • This set is well worth the money, offering good quality and durability at a reasonable price.
  • It’s appreciated by both beginners and more experienced dart players.
  • It’s a comprehensive package for dart enthusiasts to start right away.
  • Many users saw improvement in their game after using these darts, attributing it to the darts’ balance and weight.


  • The case is not ideal for frequent players who need to store and transport their darts often, as removing and reattaching the flights can wear them down.
  • Although it happens rarely, one or two darts might have manufacturing defects.

These insights provide a view after using the IgnatGames Steel Tip Darts Set, highlighting its overall quality and value, alongside a couple of areas which you need to consider.

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The IgnatGames Darts Metal Tip Set has an exceptional design, durable materials, and comprehensive set of accessories, offering great value for its price. With features that cater to both beginners and experienced players, this set  meets expectations for the price.

The included free eBook with 35 darts games and robust customer support options further enhance its appeal. For anyone looking to elevate their darts game, the IgnatGames set is a top-tier choice, combining quality, performance, and value in one package.

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