How to Setup a Dartboard with Appropriate Measurements

As the use of the internet has increased, so has the popularity of dartboard games. If you want to learn how to set up the dartboard properly for playing the dartboard then you can read this article. Details on how to set up a dartboard are given here. Let’s find out.

Dartboard game can be called a strategy. To play the dartboard game you need a dartboard and some darts. The game is easy, so anyone can play the game if they want. Many players can be involved in this game. There are many types of dart games, you can play whatever you like. Dartboard does not require too much space.

If you like playing the dartboard or you are interested in playing it but if you do not have a dartboard, then you might take one. The measurements of your dartboard set up are very important.


How to Set up a Dart Board?

There are some official rules for setting up a dartboard. It is not mandatory to follow the official rules when you set up a dartboard indoors or outdoors for personal play. But it will be better for you if you set the dartboard according to the official rules. After you take a dartboard you need to be sure of a few things before setting it up.

Those are the place where you will set up the dartboard should be in a place where no one usually travels, and the place will be empty enough so that you can throw the dart standing at a certain distance after setting the board.

There should be nothing between three and four feet on either side of the board where you will set it so that if you throw the darts, they will be mistaken for something else. So, create a safe and comfortable environment for your game.

Wherever you choose a place to play, it is best to have a carpet on the floor or a wooden floor. If the floor is a tile floor or similar, the darts can be damaged if they fall down during play.

Mattresses are especially made for playing darts.The game will be better if you use the mattresses that are made on the floor just for playing darts.This is because using specially made mats for play can prevent darts from getting damaged and can also save your time.

Where you set up the dartboard, make sure that there is adequate lighting or that the dartboard has a light supply. The game is much more convenient for you by placing the dartboard in the dartboard cabinet, you do not have to set the scoreboard separately.

But if you do not know how to use a dartboard cabinet, you will need to place the scoreboard on the side of the board separately, and if there is a mistake after throwing the darts, it would be better to put protection behind the board to protect them.

Dartboard height

There is an official measure of how high the dartboard should be set from the floor, and it is better to set it according to this measurement.

According to the official rules, the dartboard should be set at the height of 5 feet 8 inches (1.73meters) from the floor to the center of the bullseye.This height is used for steel and the soft tips darts. This height is also used for electronic and bridal boards.

Dartboard distance

When playing dartboard, you have to mark the place where you will stand and throw the dart on the board.The place to mark is called Oche. 

You cannot cross this Oche while playing. You can use duct tape or a piece of wood to mark this oche.The horizontal distance for steel tip is usually 7 feet 9 ¼ inches (2.37meters) and for soft tip the horizontal distance is usually 8 feet (2.44 meters). This must be measured from the mouth of the dartboard. The thickness of the dartboard is usually 1 or 1 ½ inches. Measurements of the thickness of this dartboard can be combined with horizontal distances.

The distance of the throwing line can also be measured by diagonal measurements. In this case, the distance varies due to the type of dartboard. The diagonal distance of the steel tip is 9 feet 7 ⅜ inches (2.93meters) and the distance for the soft tip will be 9 feet 9 ½ inches (2.98 meters).

Dartboard location

In a real sense, dartboards do not cover much space. The position of the dartboard is better as it is away from the door and it is best to set it next to a wall. Setting a dartboard where people are always moving increases the risk of damage. So, it is best to set where there are usually blanks.

Dartboard score

If you set the dartboard without cabinets, you need to set the scoreboard separately. You have to keep the score while playing. And you can use a few types of systems to keep scores. Such as paper-pen, chalk-board, etc.

Dartboard backboard

Dartboard backboard

It is very good to have a backstop on the back of the dartboard for playing. Cork, wooden planks, or covered cardboard are usually used to make a backboard. If you have this backboard, when you throw the dart without throwing it on the dartboard, if you make a mistake and hit the backboard, the darts will be stuck on the backboard and if you bring them out, there will be no holes in the board. These backboards can be made by yourself at home. You can also buy it again.


Lastly, make sure you have all the tools you need before setting up a dartboard. Then there was a screwdriver, a pencil, and a tape. For setup, mark the place where you will set the dartboard on the wall with a pencil first, drill the marked places with a screwdriver and run the dartboard mounting screw on it.

After setting the dartboard, if the board sways, tighten the screw again so that it does not bend like the picture. This is how you can set the dartboard.

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