How to Build a Dartboard Backboard: Two Different Easiest Methods

You love to play dartboard but you are worried about how to protect your walls from darts, and this is why you are looking for a dartboard backboard. But a good brand of dartboard costs a lot, what do you think?

So, you can see here in our article how to make a good quality dartboard backboard yourself and how to put a scoreboard and tray with it. Two methods are discussed in detail. Let’s find out then.

What is Dartboard Backboard?

Dartboard Backboard

The backboard of the dartboard means a separate board that is used to protect the wall behind the darts so that you throw on the board while playing dartboard from the thrown darts.

If you are not good at playing the dartboard or you are learning to play, when you throw darts on the board, the darts on the dartboard are less likely to be thrown in the right place and by mistake the darts do not stick to the board and stick to the wall. This can also damage the walls and ruin your favorite darts. And you will never want your play darts and your walls to be damaged.

So, the only solution to avoid this loss is to use the backboard behind the dartboard. 

Those who usually use a backboard while playing dartboard they buy a backboard or many do not buy because it is expensive. On the other hand, some people buy dartboards from well-known brands and for this they pay a lot of dollars.

But you can make one yourself if you want to save a few dollars.

How to Build a Dartboard Backboard?

It may seem strange to you that not only wood is needed to make a dartboard backboard but also some necessary tools are needed to set up the backboard. You can make the backboard yourself as much
as you can do to keep the walls safe.

Here you will learn how to create a simple, basic, low-efficiency backboard.

How to Create a Dartboard Backboard in a Short

Generally, not everyone has enough tools to build a backboard. And not everyone is very good at making backboards. If you know the technique and try to do your work in a smart way, then it is possible for you to create a good quality dartboard backboard. How fast you will create your backboard, it will depend on how much you want to create with your effort and time.

Below are all of the things you need to make a dartboard backboard.


  1. 1 inch 5/9 insulation
  2. Pencil
  3. Glue
  4. Scissor
  5. Felt
  6. Wood Clamps



First, you need to take an insulation sheet which will be 1 inch thick and 5/9 insulation. Take the insulation thick so that your darts can be stuck. If taken thin, the dart can damage the walls by cracking the backboard. One inch of insulation is thick enough.


After taking the insulation sheet, place the dartboard on the insulation and mark around the dartboard with a pencil. Make a circle on the insulation according to the mark of the dartboard. You can use a knife to cut this circle.


Person aligning insulation sheet with dartboard for positioning

Match the circle of the insulation sheet to see if the dartboard is being set accordingly. Now decide where to set the backboard on the wall. You can cover your insulation with any thin colored cloth or black felt. If you use felt as a cover then you can use glue to put felt on the insulation.


Felt-covered insulation sheet with hole for dartboard installation

After installing felt in the insulation sheet, just cut the hole where you made the hole to set the dartboard.You can use wood clamp after using glue to prevent felt in insulation but there is no problem if you do not use wood clamp. Now your backboard is ready.

This way you can make a dartboard backboard and stick it on the wall and set the dartboard on it to start the game.

Dartboard Backboard Making System for Handymen

We learned how to make a dartboard backboard with insulation. But a better quality dartboard backboard can be made with wood. Let’s learn that now.

It takes some time and some tools to make a dartboard backboard with wood. If you have skills, it is better to make a backboard with wood. If you can make a backboard with wood, the backboard is much more durable. Here you can also learn how to make a dartboard scoreboard.

The necessary materials are given below:


  1. Oak boards
  2. Wood Clamps
  3. Screws
  4. Sand Paper
  5. Plywood
  6. Keyhole router bit
  7. Scotch tape
  8. Drill
  9. Wood finisher



1-inch thick insulation sheet

You can use very hard and durable butt joint oak boards to make dartboard backboards with wood. Each but joint oak boards will be 1 feet by 5 feet. In this case, if you have another solid board, you can use it.

You will choose the board more or less depending on how big you want the backboard to be. You can also take 5 or 7 butt joint oak boards. Here are 6 boards that will be 1 by 5 feet oak boards to start with.


Drill machine creating pocket hole in the back of the board for assembly

Now you will make a hole in the back of the board with the drill machine like a pocket hole, so that you can assemble all the boards together. Then the perforated boards should be glued to each other evenly.


Connecting boards with screws using drill machine and clamps for secure assembly

After gluing evenly, clamp one board with the other and connect it with the screws of the drill machine by which you made the pocket hole. Make sure all boards are clamped properly. Now it has become a big board. Make a board by attaching all the boards together and smooth it out.


Plywood securely positioned against the wall to support the backboard

When you go to put it on the wall, first take a two-quarter inch piece of thin wood and screw it to the back of the dartboard and the other side to the wall.

Set the plywood along the wall in such a way that it holds your backboard well. You can use countering bits to attach the plywood to the backboard. Again you can use glue for this. Use very tight screws to fasten the plywood to the wall. Because this plywood will carry the weight of your big and heavy backboard. So, stick it very tightly to the walls.

Now that your backboard is mounted on the wall, you can set the dartboard on it.

How to Add a Scoreboard to the Backboard

Adding a scoreboard to the backboard

If you want to see the full dartboard setup after setting up the backboard, you need to add a scoreboard. This can be done very easily. First you create a frame. You can use 1 or 1/2 inch oak for this frame. Make a frame of the scoreboard and make a hole in the scoreboard. Then make a hole in the backboard with the key hole router bit to add it. Remember, you will buy the scoreboard separately and frame it and put it on the backboard.

Mark the line with a pencil or scotch tape on the backboard. Then drill some screws in front of the backboard to attach the scoreboard. Now the scoreboard is complete.

How to Add a Dart Tray to Your Dartboard Backboard

You can add a dart tray to hold your darts. Those who sell dartboards give dart trays with dartboards. To make the dart tray, you will take a 4 inch wide oak piece. Make a groove in the center of this piece for markers. Then make a hole 1 ½

inches apart to hold the darts.

You can also do this with a drill press. And make the holes slightly larger than the dart tip. Drill five pilot holes from the back of the backboard to mount the tray.

Adding a dart tray to the dartboard backboard

Then drill the screws on the backboard and place the tray on top of the drilled screws on the backboard to see if the pilot holes are straight. Press on this tray with a piece of wood then, it will screw in place. Then a scoreboard and tray set with the backboard of the dartboard. You can use colors on this backboard if you wish.


The above two methods are mentioned for making backboards. In addition to the materials used in these two methods, there are many other materials that can be used to make backboards. Whether you are skilled or a beginner, you can use this backboard to create and play games.

This article tries to explain the strategy of making good quality backboards as an alternative to buying expensive backboards. Hopefully, you can find something important in the article to support your efforts.

Feel free to comment here if you have any suggestions we can add here.

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