Discovering the World of Darts: 11 Interesting Dart Facts

Darts has a rich and fascinating history. From its ancient origin to its current status as a professional sport worldwide, the dart is considered one of the timeless games.

New things are constantly being added to make it more interesting and entertaining.

Here are 11 interesting facts to spark your curiosity about darts:

  1. Soldiers throwing arrows at the bottom of wine barrels in medieval times are identified as the origins of darts.
  1. The minimum distance from the dartboard’s front to the throwing line is 7 feet 9.25 inches (2.37 meters) for a standard game.
  1. The First World Darts Championship was organized by BDO in 1978. 
  1. Leighton Rees of Wales was the First World Darts Champion.
  1. The World Darts Federation (WDF) and BDO approved the dartboard height reduction from 1.73 meters to 1.37 meters for wheelchair players.
  1. Sales of all lawn darts were banned in the USA in 1988 after the death of 3 children owing to lawn darts. 
  1. The standard dartboards are made from sisal fibers. Sisal fiber is known to have a ‘self-healing’ ability, meaning when tightly packed the holes caused by darts close off after removing darts from the board.
  1. A standard dartboard has 20 numbered sections and triple-20 is the highest-scoring section getting 60 points at once.
  1. The term “bullseye” actually came from archery. Bullseye in darts is the center of the dartboard that gets 50 points.
  1. You need a minimum of 9 dart throws to finish a single game of Darts 501. Known as 9 dart finish, it is quite famous among dart players, and many play for years to achieve it.
  1. Darts have different variations with their own rule sets and scoring systems. Some are 301, 501, 701, cricket, baseball, golf, killer, etc.

Summing it up

There is always something new to discover in darts, which sparks interest and makes you want to know more about the game. These 11 facts are just a few of them.

Feel free to share any dart fact in the comment that isn’t mentioned above. If you intend to take your dart game more seriously, our ultimate guide on playing dart for beginners can be helpful. Happy darting!


Written by Zach Barnes

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