7 Best Dartboard Cabinets Review for 2024

Dartboard cabinets are a great addition to any recreation area. Not only do they protect the dartboard and surrounding walls from damage, but they also add a stylish and professional touch to the space. Many dartboard cabinets even have space or slots for storing the darts and other accessories.

With so many different options on the market, it can be difficult to decide which cabinet set is the best for your needs. Thus, we’ll take a closer look at the 7 best dartboard cabinet sets to find the best one for you.

So, grab your darts and get ready to elevate your game room or recreation area with a stylish and functional dartboard cabinet. Let us guide you through the process and assist you in finding the best fit for your space. 

7 Best Dartboard Cabinets Reviews 

Here is a list of 7 best dartboard cabinets. It includes both manual and electronic dartboards. We have reviewed them depending on the price, dartboard and cabinet quality, accessories, storage option, user experience, etc. Let’s know more about it.

1. EastPoint Sports Bristle dartboard and cabinet set

EastPoint Sports Bristle dartboard and cabinet set review

EasyPoint Sport dartboard and cabinet set come with everything you need to start playing dart. This set includes a cabinet, dartboard, steel tip darts, chalk, eraser, and mounting kit. This makes the set good to go for casual play and family game nights. That too at an affordable price.

The dartboard is made of solid material. Besides, the cabinet has 2 chalk scoreboards. It has storage slots for darts too. 


  • An affordable all-in-one set
  • The dartboard is comparatively thick and durable
  • It has the staple-free feature to reduce bounce outs
  • This set includes 6 steel-tip darts


  • The self-healing ability of the board isn’t great
  • Fitting the bullseye screw might be a little difficult 

Final verdict

This set from EastPoint Sports is for those who are looking for a basic all-in-one dartboard and cabinet set for casual play.

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2. Arachnid Marauder 5.0 electronic dartboard cabinet set

Arachnid Marauder 5.0 electronic dartboard cabinet set review

Arachnid Marauder 5.0 gives off a traditional cabinet look from outside. Inside there are 4 displays to show you scores. You can play solo or with friends. There are more than 30 games with more than 130 different levels to choose from. 

It has a loud and clear sound. It also comes with the heckler feature that appreciates good shots and heckles for misses to make the game more interactive. But there are 12 setting buttons. This may also make it more complicated to use for many.


  • The board holds up well
  • More than 100 levels are included
  • It comes with colorful backlit scoring


  • It isn’t suitable for darts weighing more than 18g

Final verdict

This set is for those looking for an electronic dartboard with more than 30 games with 100 over-game variations at an affordable price. Arachnid Marauder 5.0 has a heckler feature too.

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3. Trademark Gameroom Walnut finish cabinet dartboard set

Trademark Gameroom Walnut finish cabinet dartboard set review

This Trademark Gameroom set is a manual dartboard cabinet set. The walnut finish adds character to the game room. This set comes with a dartboard, cabinet, scoring board, mounting kit, 6 steel tip darts, chalk, and eraser. That’s all you need to start playing right away.

In addition, the magnetic system to close the door helps avoid obstructing the area around it and keeps the board clean. A cricket chalkboard for scoring is added to the cabinet as well.


  • A very affordable option
  • The cabinet is of solid quality 
  • Has a magnetic door-closing system


  • The darts don’t easily stick to the bullseye
  • Holes become noticeably visible on the board

Final verdict

This Trademark Gameroom is for those looking for something affordable for their first dartboard cabinet set. But it might not be for you if you are not comfortable with technology.

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4. Viper Hideaway cabinet and dartboard

Viper Hideaway cabinet and dartboard review

Viper Hideaway cabinet and dartboard bring out a classic vibe with its matte black finish. The cabinet works like storage too, with slots to hold up the darts and chalk. It has slots for 6 darts. 

The included dartboard lets you play both traditional and Baseball darts. There are 2 different types of scoreboards on the door as well. One is for ’01 games, and the other is for Cricket.


  • The cabinet is easy to install
  • The board sits tight
  • Suitable for steel tip darts
  • The cabinet has a magnetic door lock


  • Does not include chalk or erasers for the scoreboard
  • The included darts and dartboard aren’t of great quality 

Final verdict

The Viper Hideaway cabinet set is for those looking for an affordable dartboard cabinet with a classic black finish.

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5. Fat Cat Mercury Electronic dartboard and cabinet

Fat Cat Mercury Electronic dartboard and cabinet review

You don’t need to write down your scores when you have a Fat Cat Mercury Electronic dartboard and cabinet set. It tracks your throws and shows the scores. An electric voice says the numbers and turns in a clear voice.

It has 28 games with over 150 scoring options to choose from. There are 11 buttons to set up the game. You can choose to play on the computer too.


  • Pre-assembled
  • Suitable for up to 8 players
  • Built-in dart storage on the doors
  • This set includes an AC adapter 


  • No storage for spare dart tips
  • Comparatively more bounce outs

Final verdict

This set is for those looking for an electronic dart on a comparatively lower budget. The display is easy to read, and functions are pretty easy too. 

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6. Barrington Collection dartboard and cabinet

Barrington Collection dartboard and cabinet review

Barrington Collection dartboard and cabinet set to have a classic design. There are scoreboards on both sides. It has a dry-erase marker system instead of a chalk scoring board.

This set includes a dartboard, cabinet, mounting kit, marker, scoreboard, steel darts, and flights. You don’t need to assemble it. Just mount it on the wall. This comes with clear and straightforward instructions to mount it. But it might give off a smell in the beginning.


  • Pre-assembled cabinet
  • Comes with quality bristle board
  • The cabinet is sturdy
  • Has staple-free bullseye


  • The wires of the board might cause bounce outs
  • The LED lights aren’t that bright

Final verdict

This one is for those looking for a classic-style dartboard with a dry-erase system to add to the game room or garage.

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7. Hathaway Centerpoint solid wood dartboard cabinet set

Hathaway Centerpoint solid wood dartboard cabinet set review

This wooden dartboard cabinet set includes an electronic dartboard. It has more than 29 games with over 80 variations. It has a sound system too. You need an AC adapter or batteries to play with this dartboard. This set includes an AC adapter for that.

The wood construction and the melamine coating combined give off a classic vibe as well. This standup dart board cabinet has enough space to store the accessories.


  • Suitable for up to 8 players
  • Over 20 game options
  • Has full-size shelves with doors
  • It comes with 6 darts


  • It is quite expensive
  • It doesn’t have doors for the dartboard 

Final verdict

Centerpoint solid wood dartboard cabinet set is for those looking for an electronic dartboard with a standup cabinet.

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Buying Guide: How To Find The Best Dartboard Cabinets?

The best dart board cabinet for you will depend on your personal preferences, size and style of your space, and your budget. By considering these key features, you’ll be able to find the perfect cabinet to elevate your game room or recreation area.

Apart from that, check the material, finish, size, shape, storage option, scorekeeping, type of cabinet, and dartboard as well.

1. Material and finish

Dartboard cabinets come in various materials, including solid wood, plywood, aluminum, steel, etc. Plywood dartboard cabinets are an affordable choice. But in terms of quality, solid wood is better than plywood. Sanded and polished wood makes the cabinet last long. In addition, polymer coating makes solid wood cabinets more durable by saving them from moisture.

Consider what type of finish you prefer, such as a traditional mahogany or a modern black finish. Materials like aluminum, steel give the cabinet a modern look. The style of your room and what will match the overall aesthetic is an important factor too.

2. Size and shape

Dartboard cabinets come in different sizes and shapes. Measure your space before you start shopping. Measure the length and width of the space where you plan to put the dartboard cabinet. The regulation size for hard-tip dartboards is 17’75″.

Whereas, it is 15’5″ for soft-tip boards. However, there isn’t any standard size for a dartboard cabinet. It just needs to be big enough to protect the dartboard and the wall around it. 

Keep in mind that you will also need space around the cabinet for players to stand and move comfortably. Also, consider whether you prefer a square or rectangle shape or something more unique. This will be helpful in deciding the size and shape of the cabinet that will fit best in your space.

3. Quality mounting kit

A quality mounting kit with proper instructions is an essential piece of equipment. The mounting kit securely attaches the dartboard to the cabinet, ensuring it remains in place during play.

You need to make sure to set up the dartboard and cabinet with the right measurements. The mounting kit should include all the necessary hardware, as well as instructions for proper installation.

4. Built-in storage

Many dart board cabinets come with built-in storage for darts and accessories. This can be an extremely beneficial feature, especially if you’re looking to keep your space organized or want to avoid misplacing the accessories. This decreases the chances of losing the darts.

5. Scorekeeping

Dartboard cabinets come with built-in scorekeeping features, such as a dry-erase or chalkboard scoreboard are quite convenient. Consider which one is more convenient for you and your playing group. 

6. Electronic or Manual

Some dartboard cabinets come with electronic scorekeeping and other features, while others are manual. In the manual or traditional ones, you just add the score with a marker or chalk under the players’ initials. These don’t require batteries and are very easy to use. But it becomes complicated when the number of players and matches increases. It can get harder to track the score.

In comparison, the electric ones help to track your scores easily. You just need to set the game and input the scores. It might come with the heckler feature too. This feature makes the game more engaging by praising good shots and passing comments on the bad ones. Many even have ranking features. Consider whether you prefer the advanced electronic features or the simplicity and the traditional feel of a manual dartboard cabinet.

7. Price

Dartboard cabinets can range in price from budget-friendly options to costly, high-end models. Make a list of the features that are most important to you when deciding how much to spend. For example, electronic dartboards or ones with standup cabinets can cost more. Then, compare your options and choose accordingly.

Frequently Asked Questions

What do you put behind a dart board?

A dartboard cabinet is the best way to protect the wall behind and around the dartboard. The dartboard backboard is also a good way to save the wall from steel-tip darts. In addition, backboards are more effective than dartboard surrounds in reducing damage. You can build a dartboard backboard yourself too.


We hope this buying guide and reviews have been helpful in your quest for the best dartboard cabinet.

Whether you’re looking for a traditional wooden dartboard cabinet or a modern option, there’s something for everyone. Just remember to measure your space, consider the style and features essential to you.

Happy darting!

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