6 Best Cheap Foosball Tables for Budget-Friendly Entertainment

A foosball table in your game room can be both a stylish piece of furniture and a fun way to pass the time if you like playing foosball in bars or arcades and want to bring the sport into your home.

If you don’t have a lot of money but still want a foosball table, the best thing to do is choose a cheaper one. Although finding a foosball table that meets your needs while being affordable is hard, good quality is possible.

Here, we’ve compiled a list of the best cheap foosball tables to help you decide which is ideal for you and your space.

These foosball tables are perfect for casual or entertainment and make excellent gifts for anyone wanting to start playing foosball. So get ready as we show you the best affordable foosball tables, giving you endless fun whether you’re a beginner or an experienced player. 

Best Cheap Foosball Table

1. ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

ESPN Arcade Foosball Table

The ESPN Foosball Table will enhance your game room experience because it combines robust construction and classic style. 

With dimensions of 56″ x 28.75″ x 34.5″ and a weight of 92 lbs, this table lasts through countless games. The frame has high-quality wood and a solid metal base, ensuring the shape is stable and balanced.

Because the playing area has MDF with a PVC laminated finish, it is smooth and even for everyone. The 5/8-inch metal bars that are chrome-plated not only make the table look more elegant but also make it last longer.

Due to its extra-large 5-inch levelers with extra panels attached to them, this foosball table is very stable during play. This shape makes it easy to move around without sacrificing stability.

Putting it together is simple and doesn’t need any special equipment. The standard bead scoring system and side ball returns make the game easier to play and keep the action in the spotlight. To suit your tastes, you can pick from two stylish color options. 


  • Leg levelers ensure stability with full panel support. 
  • The classic bead score system makes it easy to keep track of what’s happening.
  • The MDF-built surface with PVC laminating makes it easy to play at a level.
  • Thick chrome-plated rods provide durability.


  • After extended use, the table’s surface may become uneven.
  • Some said that the quality of the ball holding goals is low.

Final Verdict

With its classic look, sturdy legs, and standard scoring system, the ESPN Foosball Table is a must-have for any game room. Even though there are some minor problems, like uneven surfaces and simple goals for holding the ball, it’s still a good choice for game fans because it looks good and works well. This foosball table fits rooms at least 8 feet by 6 feet and will provide hours of fun. 

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2. Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

Sport Squad FX40 Foosball Table

The Sport Squad FX40 is distinguished for its robust construction and portability. Unlike many tabletop foosball tables, which seem like toys, the FX40 provides an actual foosball experience comparable to full-sized tables. This well-built table stands out in the market because it uses high-quality materials.

The FX40 is meticulously crafted with a premium MDF design, ensuring longevity and convenience throughout play.

This tabletop foosball table weighs only 15 lbs and measures 40 by 20 by 8 inches, making it the perfect addition to any party, celebration, or tailgate.

The foosball players are pre-assembled on chrome-plated steel rods with rubber-grooved handles for quick assembly, offering a classic and pleasurable gaming experience for all ages. 

The ergonomic handles on the FX40 fit securely in your hand, resulting in stronger and faster shots, while the easy ball-return feature keeps gameplay fluid.

The table’s protective foam cushion bottoms on each leg prevent surface scratches and damage, and the slidable scoring systems on both ends allow players to keep score. 


  • Chrome-plated telescoping sticks are lighter and safer for kids.
  • Because of its tiny size, it is easier to store and transport.
  • It has ergonomic rubber grips that make it more comfortable to use.
  • Cushions on the legs for safety
  • Dual ball returns on both sides make gaming go smoothly.


  • While it is appropriate for children and casual play, it may not provide the same experience as a full-sized foosball table for adults.

Final Verdict

The Sport Squad FX40 Compact Foosball Table is mainly made for kids and is easier for them to use than it is for experienced adults. Many tabletop foosball choices feel like toys, but the FX40 stands out because it is well-built and made of good materials. Its attractive design provides a fun playing experience that’s ideal for kids on the go, making it an outstanding pick.

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3. Best Choice Products 48in Game Room Size Foosball Table

Best Choice Products 48in Game Room Size Foosball Table

With its 56″ length, 42″ width, 32″ height, and weight of 42 lb, this table is not very heavy or light, and it is easy to transport if needed. The best weight and size ensure it fits well in game rooms, arcades, and other fun places.

The sleek and modern style of the table, with its eye-catching composite wood finish, suits any game room or man cave. The BCP Foosball’s sleek form exudes refinement, while its sturdy construction ensures it will withstand even the most epic of clashes.

Furthermore, the playing surface, surrounded by solid side rails, is smooth and level, allowing the foosball to glide freely. 

It has chrome-finished steel rods and moves quickly and easily in gameplay. They glide effortlessly across the table’s frictionless surface. There are 11 people per team, and each team has four rods.

The Foosball table has robust leg levelers, so you can play without worrying about the table shaking during the game.

This table features a lush green tabletop to help you feel like you are playing in the exciting foosball world. The smooth playing surface and the rounded corners add to the comfort and safety of the gaming environment.


  • Rod movement that is both smooth and fluid, making gameplay more engaging.
  • Ergonomic grips that make gaming more enjoyable.
  • It has built-in sliding scorekeepers for easy scorekeeping.
  • Strong leg levelers keep the floor level and safe for play.
  • People of all ages can enjoy it.


  • The surface can get scratched easily. 
  • Difficulties with assembly because of poor instructions.

Final Verdict

This foosball table is for both children and adults. Although it may not meet professional player standards, it is a great way to introduce kids to foosball and makes a perfect centerpiece for your living space. Even with minor flaws like paint scratches and setup difficulties, this table is still an affordable choice for recreational gaming. Because of its simple setup, smooth rod movement, and sturdy construction, it’s a great gaming table that won’t break the bank.

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4. Giantex Multi Game Table, 3-in-1 48″ Combo Game Table 

Giantex Multi Game Table, 3-in-1 48 Combo Game Table

Everyone wants a multi-game table that you can use for many different games, and this Giantex table is just that. 

It’s 48″ x 23″ x 32.5″ and weighs 45 pounds. It’s a good size, and it will look great in a game room or playroom where kids can play for hours. This 3-in-1 foosball table is strong and will last for a long time.

This table features three gaming surfaces: pool/billiards, soccer, and glide hockey, as well as a pool/billiards base table. By following simple steps, you can quickly switch between games.

The frame and base of this foosball table are made of wood and alloy steel and were carefully assembled from designed wood. It looks classy in any room because of its natural wood color.

The robust steel rods and robot-style players make the game last a long time and run smoothly. The four-leg levelers make it easy to assemble the table and ensure it’s level. 

With its unique leg extenders, the Giantex Multi Game Table stands out among other multi-game tables. Players can adjust the length of each leg independently to create a flat playing field.

Instead of extending the leg, you can adjust a small but durable extension unit attached to the underside of each table’s four legs to make it longer.


  • Enjoy three games in one. 
  • Made from strong engineered wood and alloy steel, it will last a long time and stay stable during heated games.
  • The foosball table’s steel rods ensure it will last for years.


  • Some customers say that assembling the table can take a long time and be complicated.
  • Some people think the pool table is too small.

Final Verdict

The Giantex Multi Game Table is a good choice for people who want a small multi-game experience that won’t break the bank. It might not be the most durable, but it’s affordable and suitable for many different age groups, so it’s an excellent addition to family get-togethers or game rooms. For those who want many options without spending a lot of money, the Giantex table is a good choice.

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5. Hathaway 54 Inch Metropolitan Foosball Table

Hathaway 54 Inch Metropolitan Foosball Table

Hathaway foosball table is a work of art that will captivate you with its beauty and excellence. This 90-pound foosball table is a perfect compromise between sturdiness and maneuverability.

The playing surface is 46-1/4 inches long by 26-3/4 inches wide, and the overall measurements are 54 inches long by 29 inches wide by 34 inches high. 

A unique feature of this foosball table is its curved shape, with smooth edges and natural lines that give any room a touch of class. An elegant cherry wood finish and retro kickers provide a classy, high-end look.

In addition to looking great, the table provides an expert-level foosball experience. The EZ-Spin bearings in the rods allow for fluid motion, making them suitable for competitive play. Each rod has a comfortable grip to reduce fatigue and perspiration during long matches.

The arching table legs are made of engineered oak that has been strengthened with stainless steel to ensure longevity. With built-in levelers, everyone is competing on an even playing field, which improves the overall fairness of the game.

The glossy and silky playing surface increases gaming by allowing smooth ball movement for a constantly paced and entertaining experience. 

Because most of its parts are pre-assembled, setting up the table takes very little time.


  • E z spin bearings allow for effortless rod motion.
  • The arching pedestal base and reinforced legs ensure stability during intense play.
  • Ergonomic, non-slip grips that prevent fatigue and sweating
  • The use of adjustable levelers guarantees a level playing field.


  • Glare from the glossy playing surface may impair visibility.
  • Balls may fall on the floor due to the shallow ball catch area.

Final Verdict

Hathaway foosball table is designed to be solid and durable. It has reinforced legs and an arched pedestal base to withstand intense gameplay. Leg levelers ensure that the playing surface is always level. If you want a foosball table that combines usefulness and style, the Hathaway Metropolitan is a great option.

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6. Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56″ 

Rally and Roar Foosball Table Game – 56 inches

Rally and Roar Cortland 56″ Foosball Table meets all the standards and regulations for a tournament-sized table, making it ideal. The table’s 56-inch playfield is made of high-quality plastic that lasts years.

This professional-sized foosball table, measuring 56 “L x 29.6 “W x 34.5 “H and weighing 74.8 pounds, delivers the excitement of tournament play to the comfort of your home.

This table’s base and frame are made of an indestructible alloy steel. This table is built to last. You can play for as long as you like without worrying about the table’s durability.

The Cortland foosball table is made of high-quality materials. It features a 1″ apron with reinforcements, 2/3″ diameter chrome-plated steel rods with solid wood hand grips, and a conventional solid wood bead scorer. The ramped playfield edges ensure continuous ball motion, providing a pro-level experience for players of all skill levels.

It also has huge 5-inch rubber-finished leg levelers that ensure a solid and even playing surface while preventing scratches or damage on your floors. The additional rubber rings protect the playing surfaces during heavy gameplay.

This table is suitable for experienced and inexperienced players, with ergonomic handles, ABS-constructed playing pieces, and a glossy, green playing surface that lends a touch of sophistication to any area.


  • Chrome-plated steel rods with wooden grips for a secure grip;
  • Oversized leg levelers with a rubber finish ensure a steady playing surface
  • Solid alloy steel construction
  • Ramped playfield edges and a traditional solid wood bead scorer add to the fun.
  • The table is incredibly light in weight.


  • It’s not easy to put together. 

Final Verdict

The Rally & Roar Cortland 56″ Foosball Table combines professional-grade quality with an elegant design, providing family and friends with hours of amusement. Its solid build, smooth playability, and oversized leg levelers make it an excellent choice for recreational and competitive gamers. Despite the table’s weight and installation requirements, its overall performance and longevity make it a fantastic addition to any game room or leisure space.

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Factors To Consider Before Buying a Cheap Foosball Table

When shopping for foosball tables, it’s essential to keep a few things in mind that define a standard table. All of these factors must be considered to select the best option. Let’s look at these factors individually, which will help you make the right choice.

Purpose of using the table

If you’re in the market for a cheap foosball table, chances are you have no professional aspirations. Most low-cost tables are safe for children. They can develop a serious passion for the game this way. However, this does not prevent grownups from enjoying them.

Before buying a foosball table, you should clearly know how you plan to use it. Is there a particular occasion in mind for it? Do you prefer to play inside or outside more often, and why? These are significant issues.

Choose the right material. 

Material is essential when looking for the best cheap foosball table. Particle boards, often used in low-cost choices, might not last long. Because they absorb water and bend over time, they are less durable.

If you want better quality, solid wood or composite products are better. It is durable and cheap. MDF tables are a good choice for the price, even though they may break more easily than real wood tables. 

When looking for cheap foosball tables, choose ones made from MDF for good performance at a low cost.

Determine the size.

Size is an important thing to think about when looking for a cheap foosball table because it affects both how you play and how much space you have.

For the best game experience and room use, consider the table’s dimensions when choosing the best cheap foosball table. A regular full-size table is 56 inches long and 30 inches wide, not counting the rods that are fully extended.

Make sure the room you’re playing in is at least 7 feet by 8 feet, so the table can fit easily. If you don’t have a lot of room, a 48×24-inch table or something smaller is perfect. To allow rod extension and player moving, you will need a space more like a 100-inch square. Also, ensure that the table can be easily stored to be put away when not in use.

Think About the Rod and the Handle

When looking for cheap foosball table rods, choose rods made of solid steel. These rods are common in entry-level to mid-level tables. They are robust and suitable for daily play. Even though solid steel rods aren’t as light as hollow ones, they are strong, which makes them suitable for casual games. These are practical choices for people who want to play foosball but don’t want to give up essential features.

Also, choose handles and rods made of long-lasting materials like chrome-plated steel, and for extra safety, think about telescopic choices. Check to see if the tables you’re considering have ergonomically designed handles. These features make mid-level foosball tables with solid steel lines a good choice for adults and kids because they are strong and fun to play.

Material for Playing Surfaces

When shopping for a cheap foosball table, pay attention to the quality of the playing surface. Melamine, a plastic-backed substance that provides a smooth and quick surface, is commonly found in inexpensive choices. 

Using laminate over solid wood in higher-end tables can improve speed and durability. Although laminate is more durable, the choice of material for your foosball table depends on your tastes and budget.

Stability on Any surface

Look for a foosball table with sturdy leg levelers that you can use on various surfaces. Built-in adjustable leg levelers make it easy to set the table to a floor that isn’t level, so it stays stable during intense foosball games. This function benefits outdoor tables because the ground is more likely to be uneven. 

Whether you’re playing foosball inside or outside, good leg levelers ensure the playing field stays even and fair, making the game more fun and reliable.


Foosball tables are the most enjoyable way to spend time with loved ones and close friends. When looking for a foosball table, it’s important to remember that different age groups and skill levels have different needs. 

A foosball table for kids will differ from one for a professional player in how it is made. Therefore, we researched and selected the best budget foosball table available. To help you with this important choice, we have compiled all the information you might need. 

These tables are high-quality for the price, with many elements that improve the game. So try out these foosball tables to have fun and get better at the game. Let’s start playing foosball!

Written by Zach Barnes

Zach Barnes is a sport enthusiast and a sports column writer. He is dedicated to continuously expanding his knowledge and sharing his expertise with others who have a passion for indoor games like foosball, badminton, air hockey etc. Zach Barnes aims to use his expertise to educate new players in improving skills and heighten excitement for these exciting games.

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