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Effective Badminton Footwork

After watching the professionals play badminton or even after playing on your own at the starting you may think that smashing gets you points and you can win with smashing only. If you are thinking the same, let me rectify you...

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Best Badminton Set in 2020

Badminton sets are quite handy for recreational players to have as it has been one of the most popular summertime outdoor activities in recent years. The sets include rackets, shuttlecocks, and nets to play with. Few companies...

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Best Badminton Shuttlecock in 2020

Badminton combines hand-eye coordination, power, strength, speed, stamina and decision-making skills. The sport can be played ‘singles’ or you can team up with another player. One of the first equipment you will need is a shuttlecock. Perhaps, you will be…

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