How to Make Ping Pong Paddle Sticky Again

A competitive game of ping pong lies a lot on speed and spins generated by the paddle. Sticky paddle allows better grip and spins to generate more speed and provide better gameplay. The difference between a sticky ping pong paddle and the non-sticky paddle is well and truly visible while watching a game of ping pong as well as playing it. If you are an aggressive player in nature it would be very hard for you to play with a non-sticky paddle. 

If you are aware of the anatomy of a ping pong paddle, you know the paddle is composed of several layers of wood and other materials that include a rubber surface on both sides. Stickiness depends a lot on those rubber surfaces. Though the stickiness fades away after uses, you can make the paddle sticky again with proper care but may not for a lifetime. 

In this article, we will be sharing the tips and tricks to make your ping pong paddle sticky again. In the latter part, we will also include some tips to keep the stickiness for a long time. If you do not know the anatomy of a ping pong paddle yet but wish to explore, read this article with patience, we are going to explain that too.


3 Popular Method of Making Ping Pong Paddle Sticky Again

The secret tip behind keeping the stickiness for a longer time is to clean the paddle regularly and properly. Now, cleaning can be done in a few ways. There are cleaning solutions available in the market but you can clean the paddle without the solution as well. The frequency of cleaning the paddle is crucial. Cleaning it too often might backfire actually. Similarly using the wrong material or cleaning solution might cause you trouble. No need to be worried about this. We are here to help you. 

Method 1: With cleaning solutions (easiest and effective method)

This is probably the easiest method of all. There are several companies that manufacture and market cleaning solutions particularly designed for ping pong paddle. Find the best cleaning solution for better results. Don’t sacrifice with the cleaning solution quality hence it may hamper your paddle durability and performance in the long run. 

Go for the trusted brands rather than local products, take help from the experts if necessary. Keep an eye on our website as well. We will be posting a detailed review article on the best cleaning solution for ping pong paddle soon. 

You need a few items i.e. Cleaning kit, Wiper along with a cleaning solution to bring back the stickiness again. Once you have them follow the following steps to clean the paddle and make it sticky again. 

Step 1: Apply the cleaning solution on the paddle gently in a proper way. Read the user manual before applying it. 

Step 2: Take a sponge wiper or clean fiber cloth and wipe it up and down to remove the dust. Note, there are available solutions that suggest you pour the solution on a wiper or fiber cloth rather than directly to the paddle. 

Step 3: Let the paddle dry out normally. Put it in a clean place and let it dry. Don’t try to push the dry out process by shaking the paddle in the air or using an air blower. This might grab dust rather than cleaning them.   

Method 2: Replacing the rubber layer

This is a little complex method but worth trying. When the rubber layer is replaced, the paddle looks almost new. And as you are already used to the grip of the paddle you need not adjust yourself to this again. In this method, you will require two replacement rubber sheets, adhesive glue for rubber, a roller, and a side protector. Gather these items and follow the steps written below: 

  1. Peel off / remove the side protector.
  2. Slowly peel off the worn paddle rubber layer. Be careful in this step and make sure you don’t damage the wooden surface. It should be easy to peel off with your hands only but if you find it difficult you may take the help of any sharp metal object like a blade. 
  3. Clean the wooden surface of the paddle with soft sandpaper or you can use your hand as well. Just make sure it has no dried glue or dust on it. Repeat the process for the other side of the paddle too. 
  4. Put some glue on the back of the rubber sheet and the paddle wooden surface now. Rub the glue throughout the surface making sure that the glue is distributed properly. 
  5. Let the glue dry for some time (approximately 10 minutes). And then, place the rubber sheet on the wooden surface.
  6. Roll the roller on the newly attached rubber sheet ensuring that there is no air in between the wooden surface and rubber sheet. Air (like a bubble) will cause problems later if exists. Repeat the process on both sides. 
  7. Wait for some time then cut the extra rubber around the paddle with a scissor or knife. 
  8. Attach the side protector like sticking a sticker.  

Now your paddle is ready to use. Watch the video for more help.

Method 3: Using Sunflower Oil (most popular but less effective)

This is the most popular method to make your ping pong paddle sticky again. The process is just like the first method we discussed earlier in this article but, with sunflower oil instead of a cleaning solution. Brush some oil on the worn rubber side properly and it will gain the stickiness again. But it will be a temporary solution. You can try this method when you are in a hurry. 

How to Test Stickiness of the Ping Pong Paddle?

Testing stickiness of the ping pong paddle regularly is crucial. You can check it once in a week if you are a regular player. The stickiness of the ping pong paddle can be tested in various ways. Few popular and effective methods are as follows: 

With Ping Pong Ball

Testing the bounce of the ball is a common practice in most ping pong players. The bounce test gives an idea of the stickiness of the paddle too. If your paddle has enough stickiness the ball will bounce a little and the sound will be less. If the stickiness is not good enough you will get more of a woody sound and the ball will bounce higher.

Apart from the bounce test, you can just rub the ball to the paddle and check the stickiness of the paddle. After rubbing if the balls stay on the paddle it has enough else it does not have the proper stickiness. 

With Paper

You can test the stickiness with paper too. Just stick a paper to the paddle and have some natural swing that you do in a game of ping pong. If the papers remain stick to the paddle you are good to play with the paddle. Else, you know the answer. This is another common practice of testing the stickiness. 

With Ping Pong Table

Last but not least is using a ping pong table. You need to sense or feel the stickiness while using this method. Stick your paddle in a corner of the ping pong table. And remove it after a while from the table. If you need considerable energy to remove the paddle then the paddle has stickiness. 

FAQs on Ping Pong Paddle Stickiness

Apart from the major topics covered in this article, our experts are often asked a few questions on ping pong paddle stickiness. You may have the same queries too. Check this section first, if you have any queries still, then drop your question below our experts will write back to you. 

How often should you clean Ping Pong Paddle? 

You should clean your ping pong paddle daily prior to using it (if you are a regular player). Just remove the dust with a towel or soft fiber cloth. But if you often keep you ping pong table stored somewhere else and play once in a while then make sure you keep them covered and clean them once a week or ten days at most. This would help you to have an added durability on ping pong paddles. 

Cleaning a ping pong rubber should be done with the proper cleaning solution created for paddle rubber. Be aware of using other materials like dish detergent or alcohol in cleaning, because they may actually do more damage than good.

Why should you clean Ping Pong Paddle?

Dusty and dirty paddle won’t last long, that is why it is recommended that you clean the paddles regularly. Dirt and dust damage the grip quality of the paddle and the stickiness affects your gameplay. Cleaning the ping pong paddle is important to maintain the quality of the rubber on your paddle. 

What’s the best way to clean the paddle?

Cleaning with the proper cleaning solution for ping pong paddle is the best practice to clean the paddle and make the paddle sticky again. In this article, we mentioned all 3 popular methods. You can choose your preferred one. 


If you have just begun to play ping pong you may not feel the difference between a sticky paddle and a non-sticky paddle much. But it is crucial for an advanced level of playing. There is no other way than cleaning and replacing the rubber to make the paddle sticky again. Once you take the game seriously and play often, make sure you take care of the paddle and table properly. Proper care will result in more durability. If you are not playing the game regularly then, store the equipment covered. 

If you have any queries regarding ping pong paddle and its care check our other articles. If it doesn’t answer your query just drop your question and we will get back to you.

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