How To Clean Ping Pong Paddle

There is a famous saying that the objective of cleaning is to feel happy not just to remove dust. Do you think it is true? If yes, then you must be keeping your things clean including sports equipment. If no, I suggest you better try using clean equipment. You will love it. Because clean equipment performs better than worn and dusty ones. Especially when it comes to Ping Pong Paddle. A clean ping pong paddle delivers better performance in gameplay and it helps increase its durability as well than a dirty or dusty paddle.

If you wish to maintain your ping pong paddle properly to ensure better outcomes for a long time, this article will help you the most. In this article, we are going to explain why, when, and how to clean ping pong paddle with experts pro-tips.  


Why Cleaning Ping Pong Paddle Is Important?

importance of cleaning ping pong paddle

Have you ever wondered why a new ping pong paddle works better in producing speed and spin and more control than an older one? The reason is better gripping ability and springiness of the rubber on each side of a new ping pong paddle. Which becomes worn by uses and the smoothness, accuracy gets depreciated. If you are looking to get a new pair of best quality ping pong paddle you can check our best ping pong paddle review to have an idea on the top-performing ping pong paddle in recent years. 

But if you don’t wish to buy a new pair of ping pong paddle, no worries. Because with proper maintenance, the durability and duration of new-alike performance can be prolonged. And there is hardly any better way than cleaning the paddle regularly to do so.

How to Clean Ping Pong Paddle

You can clean your ping pong paddle in several ways using different cleaning solutions like rubber cleaning solution, alcohol, detergent. You may use clean water as well. Last, but not least you can wipe the dust on a paddle with a towel only. Cleaning is a regular task as maintenance for the paddle. You should remove dust with a towel after every match is played. Besides this, you can clean your paddle on a weekly or monthly basis. Cleaning can be done with just water and sponge or even a toothbrush and you can use a cleaning solution for better results as well. 

Method 1: For regular cleaning

regular cleaning method for ping pong paddle

Things needed for this method: 

  • Sponge or wet towel
  • Clean water
  • Toothbrush

For routine cleaning, you can use clean water and a sponge. Just soak the sponge in water and wipe out the sides of the paddle with the wet sponge till the dirt gets cleaned. This is the easiest of the methods. Don’t dip the paddle into the water as the paddle is made of wood layers. Just use the wet sponge to remove the dust smoothly. You can use a toothbrush instead of sponge as well if your paddle has any dimples on it. There are specifically designed sponges available in the market as well to clean table tennis paddles. 

Both sponge and toothbrush work well with normal water for regular cleaning. 

Method 2: For monthly maintenance

monthly maintenance for ping pong paddle

Things needed for this method: 

  • Sponge or wet towel
  • Rubber Cleaning Solution (i.e. Butterfly Table Tennis Racket Care Kit) or Detergent

Apart from the regular cleaning you might require to clean the paddles with some cleaning solutions. This can be done once a month. Sometimes normal water can’t clean properly. Then this rubber cleaning solution is needed for better results. There are several brands of cleaning solutions available in the market specially designed for ping pong paddle cleaning. You can use detergent or alcohol instead of a rubber cleaning solution. It will serve the purpose. Don’t use the cleaning solution too often as it can damage the surface of the paddle if used too often. 

If cleaning soap doesn’t bring back the expected outcome, then you may replace the rubber sheet of the paddle and make the ping pong paddle sticky again. 

How Often Should You Clean the Ping Pong Paddle?

The frequency and timing depend on your use, it depends on how often you play the game. If you play regularly on a daily basis then as I mentioned in method 1, you may clean it regularly with a special cleaning in once a month or two at most. 

But if you are not a regular player and play ping pong once in a while then make sure you keep the paddle safe and protected from dust. Just wipe it with water and sponge before playing and do the maintenance cleaning in 3-4 months. 

If you are not sure about the cleaning time or forgot the last time you cleaned it, then check the stickiness of your paddle. If it’s sticky then you may avoid cleaning for that time. But if it is not sticky then cleaning or proper steps to make them sticky again is a must. 

Dos’ and Don’ts in Cleaning Ping Pong Paddle

Cleaning should be done on a regular basis. Too much cleaning may actually damage your ping pong paddle. Here is a list of tasks that you should do and avoid from doing.

keep your paddle covered when it’s not in useLeave your paddle out in the air as it can lead to a faster breakdown of the rubber
Keep it out of the sun and extreme hot/cold temperaturesForget to wipe down the handles
Dip the paddle into the water.
Use a hard sponge that can create scratches


Playing with a clean paddle brings more power and spin from the paddle like a new one. You may try both cleaned and dusty paddle to see the difference of your own. You are most likely to love the clean one. It helps you better your gameplay. Then try the aforementioned methods to take care of your paddle and clean them, it will make them durable as well. Besides this, you might need to replace the rubber of the paddle on a regular basis. I will be sharing that process in our next articles. 

Written by Zach Barnes

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