10 Best Ping Pong Tables To Buy

If you are looking for an indoor ping pong table for fun, entertainment, and competitive games too, you are in the right place. Ping Pong is getting popular these days especially after 2011 when it was announced as a competitive game. Apart from the competitive game, ping pong is a great source of entertainment indoors. Indoor ping pong tables are often found in the sports equipment shops. But it is hard to find the best ping pong table. 

In this article, we are going to review different types of ping pong tables like portable ping pong table, fold up ping pong tables, and so on along with buying tips and FAQs on Indoor ping pong tables. 


Best Ping Pong Tables Review

We have researched hundreds of models of ping pong tables and reviewed them on their features and pros and cons. Here are the top 10 of them that you can buy. 

1. JOOLA Professional Indoor Ping Pong Table (Premium Quality)

best ping pong table

You are just 10 minutes away from playing ping pong once you have this table set. It is that much easier to unfold and set up. Quality materials used in constructing this table and the net you will get along with this set are pretty useful. 

You will get a clamp-style, heavy-duty net with tension adjustments and it is easy to attach too. The steel legs have rubber leg-levelers to keep your floors scratch-free and avoid irritating sounds while moving (if needed). Don’t worry about shifting the table to another place. It has attached wheels too. 

It is a portable ping pong table. You can fold this table into pieces and store it in a corner. Two halves can be stored completely separately. 

Construction Material: The tabletop ping pong of this table is constructed with MDF (Medium-density fiber) board. A premium quality net is provided in the set. 

Set Composition: In this set, you will get one professional indoor ping pong table & one net. 


  • 108″ L x 60″ W x 30″ H (Unfolded). 
  • 60 ” L x 24.5” W x 65.5” H (Folded). 
  • Assembled weight: 140 lbs

Key Features

  • Independent Table Halves
  • Sturdy Undercarriage
  • Stable Steel Legs
  • 3 Inch Locking Casters
  • Safety Latch System


  • Easy to assemble
  • Can be folded and stored in a minimal space
  • Quality construction that ensures durability


  • Adjustable wheeled legs would have been great

Final Thoughts

There is hardly anything that may dissatisfy you in this competition-grade, regulation size JOOLA indoor table. It is perfect for playing indoors like home, office, or recreation center.

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2. STIGA competition-ready pre-assembled indoor ping pong table (Best Choice)

STIGA competition-ready pre-assembled indoor ping pong table (Best Choice) Review

Enjoy hours of fun and competition of ping pong with the STIGA competition-ready pre-assembled indoor ping pong table. It is an excellent quality competition-ready table for ping pong. 

The table dimension is the standard one and it comes 95% preassembled, so you need not spend a lot of time setting up. Fold up ping pong tables are more appreciated for indoor purposes. This is a folding ping pong table with a smooth wheel at the bottom to move the table here and there when needed. It takes just about 10 minutes to fold or unfold and assemble this table. 

The table can be separated into two halves and stored separately or use them accordingly. You can practice by bending one half in front of others to make it a bounce-back wall. 

Construction Material: Premium quality cotton net is provided with the table. 5/8”-thick tabletop with multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping table is constructed with durable materials as well. 

Set Composition: Table and regulation size ping pong net only. 


  • Play Position: W= 60 inch D= 108 inch H= 30 inch.
  • Playback Position: W= 60 inch D= 66 inch H= 64 inch.
  • Storage Position: W= 60 inch D= 28 inch H= 64 inch.

Key Features

  • Preassembled and easy to assemble
  • Foldable
  • Regulation size table with regulation size premium net
  • Locking wheels
  • Safety latch system


  • Sturdy composition
  • The standard size of the table with a standard thickness of the tabletop
  • Easy installation and can be folded easily


  • Not the best of the color from a durability point of view.

Final Thoughts

A highly recommended ping pong table who loves the game and ready to play competitive games. Considering the price this table is one of the best value tables against the money.

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3. JOOLA Rally TL Ping Pong Table with Playback Mode

JOOLA Rally TL Ping Pong Table with Playback Mode Review

JOOLA is a trusted name in the indoor sports equipment industry, they design equipment for all skill levels and regardless of age. This ping pong table, we are discussing here,  is another quality product that you can rely on. 

The black and white color table looks great for playing a game of ping pong and it comes almost pre-assembled so that you can set it up in less than 15 minutes. It is a portable ping pong table. The table has wheels to move around easily, also another steel leg with rubber leg leveler to make it steady when needed. 

It is a fold-up ping pong table too. You can fold it in 2 different halves and store it in a lesser space. Unfold it when you are planning to have a game. You can store your ping pong balls too in a dedicated space under the tabletop. 

Construction Material: The table is constructed with MDF (Medium-density fiber) board for sturdiness along with plain and smooth tabletop. A premium quality net is provided in the set as well.

Set Composition: The set does not include ping pong paddles but has a tournament quality net in it. 


  • Play Position 108in L x 60in W x 30in H 
  • Storage Positions: 62in H x 74in W x 30in D

Key Features

  • Sturdy 1.5 inch steel legs with rubber leg-leveler
  • Corner ball holders and abacus scorer
  • Foldable
  • Corner ball holders


  • Tournament Grade Net & Post Set
  • Competitive build quality & durable
  • Space for keeping ping pong balls


  • Scorekeeping bar can be improved

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a premium-looking table and you are not much of a price-sensitive person then this ping pong table from JOOLA can be a good choice for you.

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4. STIGA XTR Series Table Tennis Table (Indoor and Outdoor)

STIGA XTR Series Table Tennis Table (Indoor and Outdoor) Review

Like the other tables discussed in this article the STIGA XTR is also foldable and a good looking ping pong table. Plus, you can use it outdoors unlike the previous 3 tables mentioned earlier. You can use this table outdoors because it is made with aluminum composite rather than an MDF board. Specifically designed and manufactured to withstand the elements. It comes 90% pre-assembled so that you can set it up easily. You can easily fold it up and store it in the patio or garage. 

Key Features

  • Simple storage
  • All-weather performance


  • Solid Construction
  • Looks great


  • The ball bounces much higher than regulation tables
  • Components get bend easily
  • Not an easy task to set it up though it came pre-assembled

Final Thoughts

For outdoor and all-weather use this ping pong table is useful. But due to aluminum composite, the ping pong balls bounce higher which hinders you from having regular gameplay. Recommended for outdoor uses, not much for indoor uses.

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5. JOOLA NOVA – Outdoor Portable Ping Pong Table (Waterproof)

JOOLA NOVA - Outdoor Portable Ping Pong Table (Waterproof) Review

Another outdoor ping pong table in the list, but this one is from JOOLA, a renowned brand name in the indoor sports equipment manufacturing industry. It is a high-quality ping pong table that can be used both indoors and outdoors with other regular features like folding in halves, a single-player playing mode, and smooth moving lockable wheels. 

The JOOLA Nova Pro portable ping pong table is produced using a 6mm aluminum plastic composite surface which is water-resistant as a result it can be used outdoors as well. Even though the tabletop is made of aluminum composite, it provides consistent bounce regularly. 

Other than the aforementioned features, the Nova Pro from JOOLA has regular features like adjustable leg levelers, powder-coated steel undercarriage, locking caster, tournament quality net, and many more. The 6-inch locking caster is double in size than the regular one but the enhanced size makes it a better portable ping pong table.  

Construction Material: It is considered as an all-weather table that can be used both indoor and outdoor for a reason. Have a look at the construction materials like powder-coated steel undercarriage, aluminum-plastic composite surface, weatherproof net set with adjustable posts which certainly ensures quality and durability. 


  • Unfolded – 108″ L x 60″ W x 30″ H 
  • Folded – 62” L x 22” W x 67” H 
  • Assembled weight: 166 lbs 
  • Legs thickness – 40mm x 40mm 
  • Apron thickness – 2” 
  • Net length – 72”

Key Features

  • Rust-resistant, powder-coated steel undercarriage with self-opening legs
  • Locking wheels
  • Adjustable leg levelers
  • Independent table halves with Safety latch system


  • Quick assemble
  • Impressive quality and features
  • Hardly any maintenance cost needed


  • Folding the table and storing is a bit of hassle

Final Thoughts

Highly recommended for outdoor use where you will not require folding and storing the table too often. Quality is great, performs as expected, and has better water resistance.

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6. STIGA Advantage Lite Recreational Indoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage Lite Recreational Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

STIGA advantage lite is lightweight, regulation size, and features QuickPlay design. The quickplay design allows you to assemble and remove the net from the table in seconds with a simple squeeze of the clamp and then fold it in two halves. The two halves can be separated completely and stored separately as well (if needed). Or you can place it like a single-player practice position. 

Set Composition: The advantage lite includes a premium, tournament-quality cotton-blend 72” net with a sturdy steel spring clamp post system along with the regulation size table. 


  • Play Position: 60 inch x 108 inch x 30 inch (WxDxH)
  • Playback Position: 60 inch x 66 inch x 64 inch (WxDxH)
  • Storage Position: 60 inch x 28 inch x 64 inch (WxDxH)

Key Features

  • Independent table halves
  • QuickPlay design
  • Lightweight
  • Clamp-style net and post


  • Easy transportability and setup
  • Lightweight
  • 2 halves of the table can be completely separated and used as freestanding multi-use tables


  • Thick tabletop

Final Thoughts

It is a lite version of the table from STIGA in the advantage series, not a professional-grade, so it is recommended for recreational purposes only not for competitive games.

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7. STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament-Quality Indoor Table Tennis Table

STIGA Advantage Pro Tournament-Quality Indoor Table Tennis Table Review

Unlike the STIGA advantage lite, the STIGA advantage Pro is regulation size, study, and comparatively heavier ping pong table that also features QuickPlay design. The quickplay design allows you to assemble and remove the net from the table in seconds with a simple squeeze of the clamp and then fold it in two halves. The two halves can be separated completely and stored separately as well (if needed). Or you can place it like a single-player practice position. 

Dimension: While in play position the table dimension is Width 60 inch, Depth 108 inch, Height 30 inch. The dimension changes for storage position to a 60-inch Width, 28-inch Depth, and 64 inch Height.

Key Features

  • ¾”-thick tabletop with multiple roller coat finish and silk-screen striping
  • Safety latch system on the underside of the table
  • 4” premium lockable casters
  • QuickPlay design


  • Fold up and portable ping pong table
  • Effortlessly roll and transport table halves
  • Tournament grade net and post set


  • Ball storing pocket would have been better

Final Thoughts

The advantage pro is a good mid-range ping pong table to have and play competitive games. The features and performance are very much satisfying. Highly recommended.

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8. GoSports Ping Pong Game Set (Midsize ping pong table)

GoSports Ping Pong Game Set (Midsize ping pong table) Review

This midsize table measures 6’x3’ when folded out for play and 3’ x 3’ x 4” when folded for storage, giving you the freedom to play anywhere and store it out of sight. The heavy-duty aluminum frame and legs keep the table sturdy during competitive rallies, yet remains lightweight for convenience and portability. The compact size also makes this table perfect for smaller spaces and a great addition to any game room, apartment, office, or anyone tired of dealing with a full-size table! The set includes everything you need to play: 2 paddles, 4 balls, a game net, and full rules. Now settle the score with GoSports Table Tennis.

Construction Material: Premium construction material used in this set. The heavy-duty aluminum frame keeps the table sturdy yet lightweight and the smooth playing surface gives the perfect bounce for hours of seamless rallies.

Set Composition: The set includes a mid-size 6’ x 3’ table tennis table with 2 paddles, a game net, and 4 balls

Key Features

  • Complete set
  • Premium construction
  • Quickplay Design


  • Instant Setup and Easy Storage
  • Complete set in one package
  • Very affordable price


  • The table is good but the paddle and balls are not.

Final Thoughts

If you are looking for a premium table for fun and a few competitive games then the GoSports Midsize Table Tennis set can be a good choice for you.

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9. Butterfly Personal Ping Pong Table (Kids Ping Pong Table)

Butterfly Personal Ping Pong Table (Kids Ping Pong Table) Review

The table is specially designed for kids. The table can easily be folded and stored in a corner of your room. The table can be folded and turned into a playback mode is available to practice and sharpen your skill. The table has a 19mm thick tabletop. The table features holding space for the ping pong paddles as well as ping pong balls. 

Construction Material: The 19mm thick top is used for a better bounce in this table. And materials provided in the set are durable. 

Set Composition: You will get a free net only with the table. 

Dimension: 60 x 54 x 6 inches when packaged. 

Key Features

  • Foldable Ping Pong table
  • Playback practice mode
  • Wheels to move the table


  • Portability
  • Holders for ping pong paddles and ping pong balls
  • Sturdy and durable


  • Halves can’t be separated
  • Takes more space in storing than most other ping pong tables

Final Thoughts

Firstly, this is a table designed for kids. For kids, this table can be a good source of entertainment. But it takes a lot of space to store the table.

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10. MaxKare Ping Pong Table Table

MaxKare Ping Pong Table Table Review

MaxKare Ping Pong table is a standard size table that comes pre-assembled with a free net in the package. The table is made using a 15mm MDF board and steel legs at the bottom. There are casters to move the table easily and the casters can be locked when needed for stability. Ensuring more stability the table has leg levelers as well.  

Construction Material: The table playing surface is made with a 15mm MDF that provides great ball bounce and longevity. Besides, the sturdy steel frame will give you better game experience.

Dimension: Standard Size

Key Features

  • 15 mm thick tabletop
  • Preassembled
  • Independent Table Halves
  • Stable Steel Legs
  • Locking Casters
  • Safety Latch System


  • Fold up ping pong table and halves can be separated
  • Tabletop remains flat and consistent over time
  • Standard size


  • Even it is preassembled, it takes time to set up and tighten the screws

Final Thoughts

You will get what you pay for. The table is a value for money for its features and performance. If you are low on budget then you can surely try this table as a beginner.

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Things to Consider Before Buying Ping Pong Table

Buying a great ping pong table is not as easy as many of us think. There are lots of features and factors that determine the quality of a buying guide. Our experts have analyzed the table on these features and listed them above. Here are the features that you need to consider before buying a ping pong table. 

Folding and Portability 

If you need to fold your ping pong table frequently you should look for a table that can be folded and unfolded easily. And that table should be lightweight and easy to move around with casters. Because casters or rollers can easily move by a person. Premium casters have features of locking so that you can stable the table when needed. Though it is recommended to have a caster one even if you are planning to put the table in a fixed position. 

Play Surface

The play surface is crucial in selecting a ping pong table. There are various types of surfaces available in the market. Know them and find which one suits your playing style most. The major differences from one tabletop to another is the thickness and sturdiness of the materials. Thickness and sturdiness determine the bounce of the ball. Proper bounce eases the gameplay where low or high bounce makes it difficult to play. MDF table tops are often suggested as they are proper in thickness and produce a good bounce. 

  • Wood or Aluminum Play Surfaces:  As mentioned earlier decide first where you are planning to set up your ping pong table. Because if you are thinking of using it outdoors then wooden tables will not be a wise option. You better buy an aluminum tabletop. But note that, aluminum play surface produces more bounce off the surface than wooden ones. The following image will help you know the 2 types of tops better. 

Frame, Chassis or Under-Carriage

Not only the tabletop, but the frame is also important too. It plays a vital role in the durability of the table. Steel legs are required for durable tables. Don’t get biased with good looking aluminum or galvanized tubing. They look good but perform poorly. They will eventually be shaky over time and may even collapse in a few months. The oval or square tube legs are in strength and stability. The number of cross beams used and connection points to the playing surface also affect the solidness of the table.

True Playback feature 

The best source of practicing ping pong is a fold-up ping pong table with a playback feature. This feature makes your competitive ping pong table into a practice table within a few minutes. You can use the net and the other half of the table a little far for better practice. There are a few tables that feature folding within a range, you can’t separate both halves and there are many models that allow separating completely. It doesn’t matter much in your practice. 

Other than these aforementioned features you must check the following facts as well. 

  1. Ping Pong tables should have transportation wheels along with steel legs to move around. The casters should have locking mechanisms so that you can lock it when necessary. 
  2. Look for tables that come preassembled in the package and have an easy net and post system to work with. You won’t love to take the hassle of setting it up if it takes a lot more time and effort. Would you?
  3. The budget plays a crucial role in buying decisions. And quality products cost much. Decide your need and objective of having a ping pong table and spend according to that. There are ping pong tables available that cost just around $150 and more. 

Frequently Asked Questions

The following questions are mostly searched on the internet on different platforms. 

What are the dimensions of a ping pong table?

9’ long and 5’ wide is the standard size of a ping pong table, so your ping pong room needs to be at least this size. For solo practice, folded table length is only around 5′. Have a look at the image that explains better.

How much does a ping pong table cost?

A Ping Pong table can cost you as low as $150 and even it can take up to $1000. Most of the tables are found within $500. Only the premium quality charges higher than this. We will be classifying ping pong tables in different price brackets soon to better answer your queries. Have an eye on our website till then. 

How to clean a ping pong table?

You can clean your ping pong table with a cloth on a regular basis. Normally it is suggested that you clean the tabletop once in a week. MDF (Medium-density fiberboard) is prone to scratches, stains, and needs to be regularly cleaned to maintain its natural properties. As the Ping Pong table is made of MDF you should clean it regularly as well. On a regular basis, you can just clean your table with a cloth. 

Besides, there are cleaning solutions available in the market. You can take help from them. If you don’t want to buy a solution, no worries.you can make yourself a solution with just water and vinegar. Read here for more details. 

How much space do you require for a ping pong table?

The space requirement for a ping pong table varies with the table size. It will take quite some space to move easily and play around the table on each side. For example, for a full-size table that is 9 feet long and 5 feet wide, clear space at least 19 feet long and 11 feet wide is required for play without feeling too cramped.

Is ping pong the same as table tennis?

The answer is No. From the year 2011, ping pong and table tennis are considered as different sports. Earlier than 2011, they were considered the same game. There are very few differences between these 2 sports. Apart from scoring and service, there is hardly any difference between them. 


Once you are determined to buy a ping pong table this article will surely help you make the right decision. In this article, we have reviewed 10 best ping pong tables with their features, advantages, and disadvantages. Besides we have included our experts’ tips to choose the best ping pong table. And concluded with answers to the most searched questions about ping pong tables.

If you still have any query let us know. Our experts will write back to you soon. Apart from Ping Pong Table, if you have any query on any indoor game equipment let us know. 

Written by Zach Barnes

Zach Barnes is a sport enthusiast and a sports column writer. He is dedicated to continuously expanding his knowledge and sharing his expertise with others who have a passion for indoor games like foosball, badminton, air hockey etc. Zach Barnes aims to use his expertise to educate new players in improving skills and heighten excitement for these exciting games.

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