Best Badminton Racquets in 2020

Best Badminton Racquets

You can not play badminton without a shuttlecock and racket at least. Right? Rackets are the most important equipment for badminton used to volley the shuttlecock. Badminton has been one of the most popular summertime outdoor activities in recent years. A racket can be composed of steel, carbon fiber, aluminum, wooden body sometimes a combination of few of them with an egg-shaped head filled up with string.

It is a challenging job even for professionals as we as beginners choose the best rackets from a numerous number of brands and variations. Our experts have done the hard work for you. In this article we are going to share our reviews and recommendations on 10 best badminton rackets based on their build quality, features, performance, pros and cons.

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RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set
Premium Pack
Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets
Best Value
Dynamic Shuttle Sports Badminton Racket

Top 10 Best Badminton Rackets

From hundreds of models researched, considered and reviewed these are the 10 best badminton rackets with their features, pros and cons, and our experts’ opinions.

1. Franklin Sports 2 Player Badminton racket

Franklin Sports 2 Player Badminton racket Review

An inexpensive set of badminton rackets comes up with 2 shuttlecocks in the package. Probably the cheapest you will find in the market. Tempered steel frame construction is being used in these rackets.

The strings used here are not so strong but work for hitting the birdie. The package had 2 shuttlecocks made with plastic tips.


  • Tempered Steel Frame
  • Lightweight and the grip is strong
  • Value for money


  • Weak String
  • Loose grip

Final Verdict:

A very simple set for amateur players, the best match for kids to play with a plastic shuttlecock as it has weak string tension and a plastic shuttlecock.

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2. Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton racket

Senston N80 Graphite Single High-Grade Badminton racket Review

A lightweight but more durable racket made with carbon fiber frame and shaft. Carbon fiber materials reduce the risk of frame deformation that enhances its durability. The built-in T-connector is made of special epoxy resin rather than metal that made the racket lightweight, stable and powerful. it’s worth the money.

The package includes two rackets but no shuttlecock. Senston made this racket using isometric square frame head design with the pyramid frame rim.


  • Carbon Fibre Frame
  • Lightweight
  • Single T-connector


  • Only two-piece rackets in the package, no shuttlecocks

Final Verdict:

The features Senston has provided with this racket is a standard in the market. The carbon fiber shaft with special epoxy resin T-connector made this worth buying if you are having a low budget. The only problem you could face is you will need to buy shuttlecock separately as the package doesn’t include any.

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3. BSN Badminton racket

BSN Badminton racket Review

“Prism package” is the most highlighted point of BSN badminton rackets as it includes six rackets of 6 different colors. Durable polyurethane is wrapped in the bottom half of the shaft for a strong hand grip. But most users complain about the string quality and reports of breaking it too often.


  • Durable Grip
  • Six rackets package
  • Twin-shaft


  • Poor String quality

Final Verdict:

Unique twin shaft design with six different colors looks great in a package. The string durability is questionable for its quality. But the grips and body is a strong play for years. This can be a good option to buy for backyard badminton games. 

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4. Senston – 2 Player Badminton rackets Set

Senston – 2 Player Badminton rackets Set Review

Senston made its rackets with carbon fiber or carbon aluminum composite which is strong in quality but light in weight. The carbon fiber body allows a sustainable string tension and reduces the risk of frame deformation. The package includes 2 rackets and 6 shuttlecocks and two overgrips. It’s a one-piece design meaning, there is no joint in the rackets.


  • One-piece Design
  • Graphite shaft
  • Pre-strung


  • Poor string quality

Final Verdict:

A perfect racket for casual entertainment and indoor playing with its stable and precise control performance. Extra 2 overgrips give you the comfort of having an extra grip to hold better if needed. 

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5. Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets

Trained Premium Quality Set of Badminton Rackets Review

Trained premium quality badminton rackets are made of iron alloy; heavier than carbon fiber but not too heavy. The rackets have a slim shaft and sturdy grip. But the best feature it comes is the LED shuttlecocks that have the on and off button at the back of the cork. You can play in the dark as well with the lights on and it looks nice with the lights on. But they don’t lit up constantly and it may cause a distraction for many of you. The rackets also come pre-strung by the manufacturers which are lightweight and durable.


  • LED Shuttlecocks
  • Pre-strung by manufacturer
  • Slim Shaft


  • Heavyweight

Final Verdict:

Definitely a great option to buy to play at night with the LED shuttlecocks that look so bright and beautiful. As the rackets come pre-strung and have LED shuttlecocks you can just buy and play with your significant others.

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6. Fostoy Badminton racket Set

Fostoy Badminton racket Set Review

The orange and black combination body of Fostoy racket look so pretty, the oval shape head of the racket covers a more effective area of hitting the shuttlecock. The package provides you a pair of rackets along with 3 shuttlecocks and 2 extra tapes for the handle, comfortable grip makes your turning easier. One-piece design with graphite joint and carbon fiber body frame makes the good looking racket good at quality as well.


  • Lightweight
  • Oval head covers more area to play your shot
  • Professional shuttlecocks


  • Flimsy

Final Verdict:

Good elasticity and high-strength string holes made the rackets better protect the strings, and then extend the longevity. Also, the Oval head design suits amateur players to play his shots from the sweet area of rackets.

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7. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7 Professional Carbon Fiber Badminton racket

Dynamic Shuttle Sports Titan G-Force 7 Professional Carbon Fiber Badminton racket Review

It is a balanced racket for different styles of players (both attacking and defensive players). Made of Japanese Toray carbon fiber which makes it very lightweight and strong to sustain up to 30 lbs string pressure though the racket comes pre-strung at 24 lbs that enhances string and head body durability.


  • Lightweight
  • High string pressure
  • Medium shaft flex


  • Loses string tension soon

Final Verdict:

The 82-gram racket that is made of Japanese Toray carbon fiber and pre-strung at 24 lbs is the best in its budget in the market. Medium shaft flex allows you to generate more power with the high string tension. The materials used in this racket are sometimes even good for professional players.

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8. Yonex Astrox FB Badminton Strung Racket

Yonex Astrox FB Badminton Strung Racket Review

The Yonex Astrox is a lightweight badminton racket that has a stiff shaft for precise control. The racket comes pre-strung but can perform better with a better performing string. This racket can deliver you powerful, steep smashes, allowing you to dominate the court.


  • Lightweight
  • Medium flex


  • Poor pre-strung
  • Single racket in package

Final Verdict:

Players who demand angled and devastating smash to score points may love the rackets with the right string. The string provided with the package is not up to the mark but the head body can sustain to a high string tension.

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9. RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set

RiteTrak Sports FiberFlash 7 Badminton Racket Set Review

A complete set with two solid constructed single-piece body rackets and 3 nylon shuttlecocks. The rackets are pre-strung at 22-24 lbs which is good for beginners and makes the product more durable. The weight of a racket is just around 90 grams. The shuttles that come along with the rackets are very basic shuttles that used nylon.


  • Good string tension
  • Nylon Shuttlecock
  • Quality grip helps to get precise shot


  • Slow birdies
  • Little slippery

Final Verdict:

It’s a great racket for beginners for its quality and lightweight. This set comes up with two rackets and 3 shuttlecocks. So you can just buy and play with your partner. The nylon shuttlecocks are lightweight but slow in the air and less durable. But the rackets are a good purchase for entertainment and competitive games with its quality grips.

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10. Dynamic Shuttle Sports Premium Professional Badminton Racket

Dynamic Shuttle Sports Premium Professional Badminton Racket Review

The package comes up with 1 racket and 2 free overgrips along with a cover. The racket is strong with the flexible shaft but lightweight and comes with pre-strung at 24-25 lbs tension, but if you prefer extra string tension nothing to worry, the infused woven titanium technology helps you get extra power loaded at the racket head and reach up to 30 Lbs string tension.


  • Very lightweight
  • Infused woven titanium
  • High repulsion string


  • Sounds weird

Final Verdict:

Quality racket at a reasonable price. Initially may seem a bit heavier than most of the rackets available in this range, but for the quality materials and various features, these rackets are highly recommended to buy. It’s definitely worth buying with the price they are offering.

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Things to Consider Before Buying The Best Badminton Racket

Rackets are considered as the most important equipment to play badminton. Before buying any racket you need to consider the following features:

Weight of racket:

Usually the weight of a badminton racket ranges between 80-100 grams. Lighter weight, easier to control also reduces the chance of wrist and shoulder injury. Heavier rackets bring stability to shots but for indoor games and non-professional players, it is highly recommended to use lightweight rackets.

Balance point:

Balance point can be categorized into 3 categories; i.e. Head-Heavy, Head-Light, Even. The weight of the racket should be balanced for beginner players because it is easy to control.

String tension:

You need a balance of string tension for durability and control of a shot. Higher string tension offers higher control of a shot, on the other side it can be less durable. High string tension may also damage your racket head.


Gripping of the rackets totally depends on your comfort zone.
Body material: Carbon Fibre or better materials are recommended rather than steel or wood.

T-joint material:

One piece of design is more durable.

Features to have

Professional badminton players use heavier and strong rackets but for indoor badminton, you do not need to buy those, yet there should be some features to enjoy the game with comfort. Here are few features to have in a good badminton racket:

String Tension: Most of the rackets come pre-strung. Option to change string or its tension is always an advantage. Higher string tension sometimes adds more control and power but for a beginner player, medium string tension is recommended.

Body Material: You need to have such body material that weighs light but strong enough to generate some power. Carbon Fibre body provides a good combination of strength and durability.

T-Connector: The latest technology is a one-piece design at the at-connector between head and shaft. Graphite T-connector makes the racket weigh light. Joint in T-Connector often falls apart.


One of those only 2 things that you need to play badminton in the backyard is a shuttlecock. So the importance of having a quality shuttlecock is immense. The goose feather is recommended for competitive games or practices but for fun play, you may use plastic composite shuttlecock. You will need to have a shuttlecock very often so put an eye to the durability of shuttlecock and quantity in each package.

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